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Just now, PRIVATE.SHOW. said:

To be honest, I didn't like it the second it started playing. Nobody wants to watch Britney and her gal pals flirting with a guy and acting like she's being so bad. She's acting like she's 11 and it's so dirty to even kiss a boy. She did the same thing in Ooh la la and Perfume and Pretty Girls and I'm so ******* sick of it.

She's an entertainer and it's her job to entertain. Her fan base hates her new video and that has to really suck, but they had a good video and decided to release this monstrosity instead.

She's an artist and so is David he should have been open to suggestion if she wanted to edit some **** for a more coherent storyline. 

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7 minutes ago, derick said:

No the meltdowns u ******* had is hurting the ****** song cuz ppl who haven't seen it will watch it with the mindset hat they won't like it most ppl are ****** followers 

Well sorry, we truly love Britney and this video is NOT acceptable. It's tarnishing her legacy. It's cheap, cheesy, and embarrassing :rihit:

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