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The G-Eazy shots are the same...


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They've just been put into high contrast and black and white to remove evidence of the bedroom from the original shoot.

Explains why he unbuttons his shirt in both and why he's leering at the camera for no apparent reason in the 'Official Video'. 


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He probably wasn't available for the re-shoot lol... wonder how they got the rights for that part of the video yet not the album cover photo.  I noticed she looked a bit uncomfortable or upset in some of the scenes as well... like in the original video she looked more into it.... but I feel after she saw the completed scenes they were too trashy.  (which I agree).

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Also lets make this clear...they delayed the single from being released at BBMAs in order to film the video with both of them. Then scrapped the video they'd waited for and then inserted him into the video cheaply. 

Only Team Britney! 


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The worse isn't the time mark :gloria:

It's the way he's taking off his shirt :jackk:


The first time I watched it I was like


Seriously it's truly the worse apparition in a MV :selenerz:

A few days ago I was asking if it's not too late for having a nomination for the VMA :queenie:

But now even a razzie award would be too prestigious for that piece of **** :moorangu:

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6 hours ago, ItsGodneyB**ch said:

He must feel embarrassed with the final video


No we don't know at all how the original one would have turned out. Sure it looks hot - but I've never understood since day one how they would fit all those scenes and stuff going on to make a storyline that makes sense.

It is what it is, and she looks amazing in both!

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