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This Kiss Is Britney's Worst Song

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9 hours ago, $elfish said:

I despise that song

I agree it's ****:onpoint:

Not even gonna lie, the instrumental is cute (even though it sounds like a ******* video game from the 90's...) It's her horrible vocals in it that get on my nerves. And the fact that she's not singing in sync with the music at points, it's off-putting.

4 hours ago, Mantequilla said:

i can't with you. She's busting her ***, recording her songs underwater, and you give her no credit. Shame on you. :lemmetellu:


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On 31/07/2016 at 0:52 AM, JustLuvMe said:

It's such a sweet song though, I like it.

This kiss, this kiss, this kiss
Just wants you again
This kiss, this kiss, this kiss
Just loves you, my friend


I can't wait for this songs to come out for next year 2018 now Britney will be back in Las Vegas for the show in till end of this year 2017 

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to be quite honest most of her unreleased songs are kinda overrated, there was a reason they were unreleased. If they were on albums people wouldn't even have them as their favorites. Of course there are a few exceptions but people here act like her unreleased stuff is the best music she's ever done.

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