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This Kiss Is Britney's Worst Song

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Not really, i like the idea of a song with a ''sweet'' vibe and a sad ''meaning'', i remember at the time when that song came i was going trough something very alike so it was kind of weird but cool at the same time, and the underwater effect, it's a very different summer song but yet very original

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2 hours ago, BrittonJeanSpears said:

:grimace: Most outtakes are beautiful, hidden gems. This one should've stayed hidden, though.

And what about ISBE / Rock Boy? :frenchy:

1 hour ago, Brad Adamson said:

As a demo I think it has potential... rhe effect that makes her sound like she is singing underwater is weird, though 


15 minutes ago, Freakshow__ said:

I ******* love that song tbh. 

"...and right when I saw the door, you walked in and I felt to the flooooaaoor yeahh" 


This as piano ballad yes!

But 90% of embarrassment make instrumental part & layered vocals....and PrivateShowney voice a bit tbh.

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2 hours ago, IsraelByotch said:

I give you pthat the song is bad, but that title goes to Scream & Shout or Hold On Tite.

*****, Scream and Shout is an iconic ******* hit. :NYschool: And Hold On Tite makes my boy ******* leak milk from how good it is. :Kesha: 

1 hour ago, USlayedMe said:

And what about ISBE / Rock Boy? :frenchy:

I said OUTTAKES, *****. :lessons: ISBE is a standard edition track and RB is a bonus track. LEARN YOUR TERMS. We can all agree that the worst standard track on any album is Body Ache, and the worst bonus track is... :thinkney: You're probably right, it's Rock Boy. But I can't stand DKMW. :grimace: 

1 hour ago, colormefresh said:

Girls & Boys waves hello and that was an official release not a demo :receipts1:

Did you just come for the iconic and flawless Girls & Boys? :zoomzoom: *****, Primeney could do (mostly) no wrong, not counting BNG of course.

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