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Watch Britney's Bizarre Filming Of 'Make Me'

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3 minutes ago, Jeanius said:

The director or whoever yelling "Oooh Oooh Oooh Oooh!" has me a little worried. It sounded exactly in the same tune and melody as Work From Home's "Werk Werk Werk Werk". 

Lets just hope they were doing things slowly lol


All i could think about was that tehyw ere filminga really shitty **** with all the "ooh, ooh, ooh" and "harder, harder, harder"

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5 minutes ago, praisecheesus said:

does anyone else hear her scream "fix it"" "i dont like this!" and "youre an *******" or is it just me? 

also, what the hell is going on in this music video? 

The diector yeels the "ooh" then he yells "harder" then Brit yells "I dont like it" then The Director says something and eveyone up the Bulldozer starts getting the hell out and Britney is left with one guy inside that for me they looked like they didnt know what to do, then words are exchanged and she just gets pissed off cause theyw erent listening o her.


Also around the  20 sec mark i can hear Brit sayin either "I cant sing it" or i cant hear it" I really dont know

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Guest willysilva
3 minutes ago, Body ache said:

Not the mexican mom fan girling more than the girl who would rather go shopping. Ha demographic :moorangu:

she even tagged #makeme she's a fan, ask her is she's here  nigjam2.gif

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