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Watch Britney's Bizarre Filming Of 'Make Me'

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Okay, so unless I'm wrong it seems that once the guys started grinding Britney was supposed to do something and the guy yelling tells her something like "Come on man!", to which she screams "I don't like it" twice. So he's yelling more and she's yelling, but of course because the morons filming felt the need to interrupt with their unimportant existences AND TALK, it's hard to hear everything they are saying. She finally starts leaning out the bulldozer and says  something something"...you *******".


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Guest willysilva
1 minute ago, praisecheesus said:

does anyone else hear her scream "fix it"" "i dont like this!" and "youre an *******" or is it just me? 

also, what the hell is going on in this music video? 

i can't  praisecheesus


the sounds the director is doing :orangu2: 

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