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Watch Britney's Bizarre Filming Of 'Make Me'

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13 minutes ago, sjok said:

Wait, I realized that in your avatar, the screen is without any advertisements and is probably the raw file. How did you get it? :umomg:

Mmmh I get it from the internet. Btw in the video that leaked there's no advertisement on the television, why are you asking?

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It makes me sad how the video/single ruined the entire era:

- we won't get a documentary probably because they can't put the video footage in

- we got her worst lead single video and possibly her worst video ever

- the vma performance was probably supposed to be MM original 2.0

- she'll never work with Lachapelle again

- sales were probably lower because of the meltdowns

- the single flopped because of it all ^


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6 minutes ago, sciama said:

Btw I still don't understand this video, I mean I don't know what the f is going on. This makes me think she argued with David, I don't know... I hope she is going to talk about it and tell us the reason why they deleted it.


Im not sure the one screaming was britney. Do you thin its her voice?

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i dont think shes uncomfortable with being ****, we know how sometimes shes VERY herself having OMG moments on stage of PoM

the thing is that she just doesnt want to push the boundries and avoid of embarrasing moments thats she gonna encounter in sometime in the future with her kids...

And i believe there are some other things we dont know about the video and it could be it that some scenes wevent seen yet or the scenes that havent been shot is the problem where she thinks its too much...

this video was just what weve always wanted and asked for... it could be one of her last iconic moments in a video.

Anyway i want to see the leaks in HD so bad


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Take a look at this two twitter accounts: @slave4toxic or this @djamisuzuki. These are the kind of people that makes me angry and I can't get over the video cause they give me hopes. I don't know what to think anymore. The best for the song and album would be to release the video on VEVO I think, Make Me... will bump up the charts I think, but they're not smart enough and also I think the reason they don't is bigger as I said before.

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