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Would You Be Down For ' Lean On ' Type Of A Track For Brit?

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Well I like Passenger, but this **** is another level 2694170-8999963729-0LswM.gif


With her stiff legs, she could slay that choreo 2694170-8999963729-0LswM.gif


Brinny please! 2694170-8999963729-0LswM.gif

I hate the choreo in this video tbgfh


Whoever that chick is, is dancing like she's in the Bronx and not following the indian dancers   :mcwut:

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Guest TheSingingAnimal

My Cat could do that stupid choreo !!

Aren't you the one that screams bloody murder when someone is being "mean" or "perverted" like aren't you going against your morals now? :mariahstare:

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Guest TheSingingAnimal

WHat a bop!!! :breathemariah: :breathemariah: :breathemariah:

I know :mcry: if artsy fartsy Britney did something like this :breathemariah:

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On 7/9/2015 at 8:12 PM, chris_fives said:




I would die and go to heaven 2694170-8999963729-0LswM.gif


Imagine her performance in Vegas with similar choreo 2694170-8999963729-0LswM.gif


MATM Circus Bollywood RMX teas 2694170-8999963729-0LswM.gif


Snatching weaves from left to right 2694170-8999963729-0LswM.gif

I can't at Britney reading my thread and granting me my wish with 'Better'  :dead:

What kind of a slayage!!! :dead:




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