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Which Scrapped Music Video Idea Had You Screaming In Rage?


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  • Born To Make You Happy: Originally, Britney was meant to portray a pregnant teenager who dreamt of her boyfriend while asleep. Jive shut it down due to her young fanbase (ironically, the song itself was originally ****** until Britney asked for it to be toned down). Scenes of this original storyline can be seen when Britney is lying in her bed.


  • Everytime: Originally Britney was going to drown as a result of having taken sleeping pills before bathing, accidentally falling asleep in the tub. After this video treatment was made public, Britney was controversially accused of glamorizing suicide. The final video later shows her still drowning, but as a result of head trauma caused by a paparazzi's camera.


  • Outrageous: Enough said.


  • Gimme More: The original video's treatment is so ******* complicated to boil down in one sentence, so just read about it HERE. But basically the Stripper Britney we got was only a fraction of what was filmed, and Blonde Bob Britney was presumably filmed at the last minute after the original video was scrapped. And NO, black Britney did not kill blonde Britney or vice-versa.


  • Radar: Before "Break The Ice" was chosen as the 3rd single, Radar had been chosen, and its original video treatment was that Britney and her girls are clubbing in London, see a really fine *** guy, and stalk him through multiple clubs. Once BTI was officially chosen, Radar was scrapped, put on Circus and released as a 4-minute commercial for Britney's Candies line.


  • Break The Ice: Originally supposed to be released in a remixed form featuring rapper Fabulous (like GM featured Lil' Kim in a remix, and POM did with Cherine), Britney was going to dance in a dark room with a chair. Sounds familiar, right? (Hint: It's from 2001.) When Britney went into full-on crisis mode, the remix was dropped and she then decided to request the officially released video and asked for the heroine to be based off of her own character from Toxic, making the animated feature part of the Joseph Khan Super-Spy series (Stronger, Toxic, Womanizer and Perfume as confirmed by Khan and Britney on multiple occasions).​


  • Perfume: The leaked director's cut script from almost a full year ago was confirmed 100% legitimate by Joseph Khan and confirmed to have been 98% shot (only missing one CGI scene where Britney crumbles into ashes). The only thing remaining from the original storyline are the scenes of Britney alone in her motel room, Britney driving her car and noticeably worried, and Alex looking longingly out of a window. That original script can be read HERE.


  • When Your Eyes Say It: It was filmed, it was confirmed by the directors, then scrapped from being OIDIA's 4th single when DLMBTLTK was picked instead. No footage has ever come to light.

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Perfume and Outrageous.

But I vote for Perfume because it SHOULD have been released, but Britney and her team were a bunch of ******* too afraid to take risks. Which is annoying as ****.

Outrageous has a good excuse not to exist. Perfume doesn't and I'm pressed.

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Perfume and Gimme More but I voted for Perfume mainly because we were SO close to getting the original version since it was fully edited and completed.

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Gimme More, but Perfume & Outrageous were both almost my choices!!

& lmfao I've never heard about that original idea for BTMYH, why would they think making a teenage girl pregnant would do well with the media/parents? Lol


It's multiple choice. :zoomzoom:


And it was Britney who had the original idea for the video. Y'know, back when she cared?

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