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A collective of Britney Spears fans collaborating and engaging in ongoing research topics. #JusticeForBritney
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  2. Los Angeles Superior Court has one record of a contract for Jamie Lynn. No documents available to download. Jamie L Spears.pdf - Google Drive DRIVE.GOOGLE.COM
  3. We've seen Travis P's name come up a number of times over the years.
  4. Did I already post that somewhere? I found it online somewhere but Im almost positive I downloaded the docs. Its a lot of irrelevant stuff, but they use Britney as an example, citing that they didn't own all of the stuff she released. They referred to her music and some other stuff.
  5. “Andrea Mitchell is an American television journalist, anchor, and commentator for NBC News, based in Washington, D.C.” Do we have any way to verify if this is the same person? It sounds absurd she would have anything to do with the situation, however, she apparently has been involved in some shady business before that might suggest she would be involved with shady figured such as the Spears clan.
  6. Larry and Bryan had a company together in New York around this time as well. Urban Cowboy?? Urban Hick?
  7. Great point! I haven’t seen this person in any other Britney documents
  8. Ive been doing research quietly on the *****Cat dolls and that Andrea Mitchell lady ALSO came up in the incorporation of GRL Productions LLC. I wonder who she is? Surely it cant be this journalist lady that comes up when you google the name? Why in the flying hail would she be involved Source: Secretary of State BIZFILEONLINE.SOS.CA.GOV (Search GRL Productions LLC)
  9. This is an interesting article and tangentially related to the Maloofs Warriors emulate Maloof Brothers by getting into music and entertainment The Warriors announced that they’ve getting into “storytelling” and apparently, producing and releasing Korean pop music Following in the footsteps of former Sacramento Kings owners Gavin and Joe Maloof, the Golden State Warriors announced today that they would be expanding into the world of entertainment. Golden State Warriors to release music, documentaries for some reason WWW.GOLDENSTATEOFMIND.COM NBA news: Warriors to branch out into entertainment with K-Pop release.
  10. Three versions of the same press release about JL releasing a country music album in 2009. https://www.music-news.com/news/UK/25022/Read https://www.femalefirst.co.uk/celebrity/Jamie+Lynn+Spears-25279.html Country singer Jamie Lynn Spears WWW.IOL.CO.ZA Jamie Lynn Spears is keen to make the move from acting to singing and has begun work on a series of country tracks in Nashville.
  11. Right! That's why it seems majorly floptastic for JL's trademark to mostly cover streaming video.
  12. Hahaha 🤭 can’t dance is funny. Shamie Lynne did make money from the show, so it is theoretically possible she paid for the entourage.
  13. You should see the ridiculous amount of things Britney Spears is trademarked use for. Clocks... watches... jewlery.. shampoo... body glitter... hundreds of extremely random ****. Whoever comes up with these ideas are absolutely milking them. I can see why they would try to control Bs trademarks or would rush to get them before she is out of the Cship. I had a feeling they saw it coming. I bet thats why they wanted to do that.
  14. She's really hoping to make that film or music career happen. You'd think she'd lean into the product promotion like her MLM peddling mother. Mark For: JAMIE LYNN SPEARS® trademark registration is intended to cover the categories of entertainment in the nature of providing information by means of a global computer network in the fields of music, entertainment and pop culture; entertainment services in the nature of live musical performances and personal appearances by a musical artist, actor and celebrity; entertainment services, namely, providing a website featuring non-downloadable videos of musical performances, musical videos, film clips, photographs, and multimedia files containing videos and sound recordings featuring a musical artist actor and celebrity.
  15. That makes sense. Are you familiar with the other record companies listed under "Got the Boy" in this CMT awards poster in 2016? GOT THE BOY Connie Harrington Tim Nichols Jamie Lynn Spears All For This Music Made For This Music Sweet Jamie Music, Inc. Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp https://worldradiohistory.com/hd2/IDX-Business/Music/Billboard-Index/IDX/2016/Billboard-2016-11-12-(Double-Issue)-OCR-Page-0016.pdf
  16. I haven't found a JL contract (nor do I have much hope) but I did find this hilarious 2005 Girls' Life magazine article. Probably the only actually interesting factoid in this article: Bryan is referred to as her manager. I wonder if all of these people were being paid by Britney? Sharing this because it's been a long day and this made me laugh. Whole article if anyone is interested! 2005 Girls' Life Magazine.pdf - Google Drive DRIVE.GOOGLE.COM
  17. Here are the documents for incorporation of the company called Miss Britney Recording. Theres not much I have found on this comp so far (also busy with research for something about her TMS) but I believe the company may have control over aspects of her past releases and maybe even her masters. It is now under direction of Micheal Kane. UMG stated in a lawsuit with a streaming service it did not own all of Britneys music and musical works. I posted that lawsuit on another thread (I will try to find it again, I did buy the court docs) Theres a few new names here.. even a name that brings up some reporter? I dont even think thats who this is. The company was actually established by someone named Andrea Mitchell, in 2010. Heres the docs for those who have not already seen them: MISS BRITNEY RECORDING - Google Drive DRIVE.GOOGLE.COM Would love to see if anyone has found/can find more.
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