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A collective of Britney Spears fans collaborating and engaging in ongoing research topics. #JusticeForBritney
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  2. How is any of this legal? You can't represent someone then go against your client!? This whole c.ship was a money grab & the state of California shld be sued from Britney. If I were her lawyer I'd drag all these lawyers into court on indictments! Judges & all! Then sue for Billions. Racketeering, money laundering, wire fraud, embezzlement! This case definitely falls under the Rico ACT. I've spent 3yrs on Britney's case, tracking money, LLC'S & Shell companies. It's insane that the FBI, DOJ, L.A. SHERIFF DEPT, & IRS haven't done anything. Everything is in plane site. Out of 63 companies traced to Lou Taylor, Larry Rudolph, Jamie Lynn, her husband Jamie, Jamie Spears Brother. All but 6 have the same P.O. BOX NO. traced to Panamas largest LAW Firm. Registered in Nevada. I'm Guessing Laura Wasser is involved in this too along with other lawyers. It's not 600 million missing it's more Like Billions! Britney's fragrance line is up 155% bringing in at least 800,000 a mo. Not kidding. There all Currupt! Britney is worth a fortune! I don't even think she realizes how much she's worth & how much danger she's actually in. I had to walk away. It was consuming me. But I did submit proof to those who can do something about it. I'm still waiting.......
  3. I haven't had the time to read through this properly but I have to say thank you for compiling this and keeping the research club alive. I was skimming one of the uspto.report links and noticed Employee Name GOODMAN, WENDY BETH "Wendy Goodman" is also the name of Dina LaPolt's wife. They are not the same person, but in determining that they are indeed, not the same, I refreshed my memory on Dina's wife's career. 10 Questions with ... Wendy Goodman BRIEF CAREER SYNOPSIS: 1995 - Maverick Records/Los Angeles (Intern) 1995 - Maverick Records/Los Angeles (Promotion Assistant, Rock & Alternative) 1997 - Maverick Records/Dallas, TX (Southwest Regional Promotion Manager) 1999 -2000 - C2 Records/Dallas, TX (Southwest Regional Promotion Manager) 2000-Present -- RCA Records: 2000-2004 - J Records/Dallas, TX (Southwest Regional Promotion Manager) 2004-2006- J Records/Los Angeles, CA (National Director, Adult Promotion) 2006- Present - RCA Records/Los Angeles, CA (VP Promotion, Adult Formats) Monday, February 24, 2020: GOODMAN SAYS GOODBYE TO RCA "Longtime RCA exec and current SVP Promotion Wendy Goodman announced in an email to label staff that she’ll be exiting her position at the end of this week, concluding a 20-year career at the label...Along with praising her years at RCA, Goodman added that she is forever grateful to Richard Palmese and Clive Davis for hiring her at J Records 20 years ago, providing her with a life-changing opportunity. Goodman's last day at RCA will be 2/28/20." LaPolt & Goodman's involvement in Britney's career: when did this begin?
  4. This thread could very well explain why Team CON doesn't want to wrap up the Twelfth Account Current. If Britney's IP wasn't valued by the court, and they were using the proceeds of her IP to fund other ventures or cover up wrong doings, then they're not going to want to open those books up for scrutiny.
  5. So, theoretically, if Tri Star borrowed money from Sony to launch the promo for the Domination residency, and the Domination residency didn't happen, then Tri Star would need to scramble to find the funds to pay Sony back? And paying that back could come from things like pop-ups and Broadway shows and perfumes?
  6. I had never considered that theory, but it's a solid one. I doubt we could find receipts for that, but I'd be willing to bet that B's legal team has Kroll working on that right now.
  7. Hahaha I noticed this the other day. I was like what? Yes, according to the docs, she does not directly benefit nor is she in direct control of these companies. By default, from what I can see in these documents, whatever royalties gets paid out to BB goes to MK, and he decides from there what to do with it. (theory alert) We dont have invoices or anything like that but Im willing to bet the money is being used to pay off debt that Jamie owes to Tri-Star or That Lou And Jamie owe RCA.
  8. The glory vinyl also mentions in Britney’s thank you note that she would like to thank tri star. I found that odd regardless of whether that was authentic or not. anyway, so to summarize: all the merch and her name… she makes nothing off of it besides songwriting credits
  9. I am so proud of you! This is a beautifully written and well-researched thread. A++
  10. Over the past few months, I have been very busy with research and activism related to Eat Predators. I am grateful for all the support I have received from you guys! It means a lot as Ive been discouraged by negativity. Without your encouragement, I wouldn't have been able to pursue this venture. There's also a podcast with me out there and the information I had was a bit outdated. I've had the chance to speak with people with more expertise and similar concerns now so I have a more solid idea about how her brand works and why I think it should be relevant with the movement, and is an artists rights and abuse of conservatorship issue that is unique and lands in a (what I believe to be very intentional) grey area. An artists brand is an intellectual "Thing" which has a structure that, for artists with strong brands, like a business. Britney Brands Britney Brands(BB) is a company responsible for the production of her merchandise, such as toys and games, clothing and memorabilia. If you look at some of your Britney merchandise, you will see the name Britney Brands on the packaging. From what it appears, is separate from her actual music, including CDs and Vinyls, which appears to be handled by RCA according to what I see on my vinyl of Glory. (I will make a separate thread for this.) BB would get the royalties agreed upon by Epic Rights & Manufacturer/Producer of merchandise. As of 02/15 Micheal Kane remains sole director of the company, and all branches, according to public records (Reference) Britney Spears is not in a position of power at Britney Brands according to public record. "Functions assigned to the business officer role may include financial management, personnel administration/management, payroll, purchasing, inventory control, facilities coordination/planning, information technology assessment/planning, and closely related work." (source) A quote from Britneys former Marketing manager, Kim Kaiman "..all of that money that is spent on [brand marketing] has to be paid back, which is called a recoup/recoupment. So, the artist doesn't realize that if the label spends a quarter of a million dollars on the initial marketing of [release; such as an album being released] that the artist is going to have to pay that back. And if they don't pay it back by streams or touring or by merchandising or by a brand sponsorship tie-in, they're going to be in the poor house, and a lot of times an artist will ultimately get dropped from the label and they'll still owe the label a lot of money." Chantelle Marcelle, Developing Britney Spears’ Brand: An Interview with Kim Kaiman (Source) A quote from Micheal Jackson (FYI- I am placing this quote here solely due to its apparent relevance to the quote above, I do stand with survivors who have allegedly been abused by Micheal Jackson) "...These artists are always on tour, because if they stop touring they would totally go broken.. record companies really do conspire against their artists, especially the black artists... Sony.. Tommy Mottolla.... Tommy Mottolla is the president of the Record Division. He is a mean (sic), he is a racist, and he is very very very devilish." -Micheal Jackson in 2010. (source) Baby One More Mark Baby One More Mark (BOMM) is a company registered in Delaware which holds the full rights to the trademarks for Britney Spears name since 2017. (source) They are represented by Lapolt Law. *Artists usually trademark their names to have a sense of control and security over how their name is used. While we cannot see the owner directly from the state of Delaware.... BUT *crowd gasps* this information can be found in her trademark records.(source) A Change Of Address Or Representation Form (source) lists Kane as the manager of BOMM, a position previously held by Jamie Spears and Andrew Wallet according to the 2017; documents represent him as the Owner. (same doc) The document above was filed by MK proposing the removal of Irene Y. Lee and replacing her with Brent D Sokol. In 2017, ownership of the trademarks would be taken away from Britneys estate and moved to BOMM.Jamie Spears acted in his capacity as conservator when he did this. The document lists Andrew Wallet and Jamie Spears as managers of BOMM, without mentioning his conservator position, indicating that this company did not belong to Britney Spears' estate. (source) For a list of all of the word marks active and in ownership of BOMM, and the categories they cover, check here Documents state "Britney Spears is a real person who's consent is of record" however the consent on record was Jamie Spears and Andrew Wallet acting on her behalf. The musical "Once Upon A One More Time" has been used as specimen to prove the trademarks are in use by BOMM. (source) When Britney was allegedly forced to rehab in 2019, 'her' press statement was sent to the USPTO to show proof of reasonable nonuse (Which is the excuse of why they cant use the trademarks actively, but still need to retain ownership) (source) The Gatekeeper Allegation According to articles from 2020, Britney has claimed that her father, Jamie Spears, hired Micheal Kane to act as a gatekeeper. (source) the use of BB and BOMM does, hypothetically, act as a wall between Britney the person and control over her brand and public image due to her lack of direct ownership and authority over these companies managing her name and likeness. At the time of the article, Jamie was in control of Britney Brands, and presumably held onto a position of power at BOMM. At that time, ot appeared to be set up so he could retain that power even after the conservatorship ends. If the trademarks die out before Kane/BOMM can renew them, she can get her trademarks back. But she would need to act quickly before someone else does. Sony/RCA may be tied to Kane and BOMM; (My Glory on vinyl mentions "RCA Trademark Management"
  11. Definitely separating theories from facts and if so maybe considering having those documents or said evidence? Also avoid the “drama” going on between fans and activists in these threads when possible. I think that stuff is put out their to diminish what we are talking about
  12. I admire you for keeping faith in the research threads. I think they keep on being buried, though, I've lost my faith. I do hope it works and they can be resurrected, though! Maybe a good strategy to follow would be to label post, or trying to have a structure to them, for example including sections in the posts: i.e. start the post by writing "THEORY" or "OPINION" or "QUESTION": then write what we want to say. then "BASED ON": explain why we're saying it. then "SOURCES": cite our sources or just write "none" if we don't have them (I know sometimes I theorize based on thing I can't link or prove) I'm just brainstorming here, but I think some sort of structure to posts could help avoid threads go off the rails. On the other hand, I'm afraid this won't help mods believe these aren't crackpot conspiracy theories, because even the BAnons can claim to have "sources" to back their nonsense.
  13. Yes! I believe B-Anon is being influenced by an ongoing misinformation campaign. I'm currently reading this book to learn more about it: Social Engineering: How Crowdmasters, Phreaks, Hackers, and Trolls Created a New Form of Manipulative Communication | Books Gateway | MIT Press DIRECT.MIT.EDU Manipulative communication—from early twentieth-century propaganda to today's online con artistry—examined through the lens of social engineering. The United St There's also a difference between "conspiracy theory" and a "conspiracy" which we should be mindful of: A conspiracy, also known as a plot, is a secret plan or agreement between persons (called conspirers or conspirators) for an unlawful or harmful purpose, such as ****** or treason, especially with political motivation, while keeping their agreement secret from the public or from other people affected by it. In a political sense, conspiracy refers to a group of people united in the goal of usurping, altering or overthrowing an established political power. Depending on the circumstances, a conspiracy may also be a crime, or a civil wrong. The term generally implies wrongdoing or illegality on the part of the conspirators, as people would not need to conspire to engage in activities that were lawful and ethical, or to which no one would object. Conspiracy - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG Maybe we can re-structure the Research Club to help determine if a B-Anon topic focuses on a "conspiracy" or a "conspiracy theory"? Some of the hot topics out there (e.g. Does Britney control her Instagram?) can actually benefit from some properly cited research!
  14. Conspiracy theory - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG Working with this definition, perhaps we can differentiate between B-Anon and sleuthing?
  15. I just thought of another possible guideline: Stick to the topic of the thread. Instead of going off on tangents, maybe we should make a better effort to keep all of our topics separate. It makes finding previous posts a lot easier!
  16. Thank you! It's great to have you here with us! We've done some great work...But currently, the Research Threads are spread across several different sections of BH. Some threads have now been locked, which means we can no longer add to them. I'm thinking that if we could come up with some ground rules going forward, and show that we can behave ourselves (by citing our sources, etc.) maybe we would no longer be considered "trolls" or "conspiracy theorists" by particular mods? Maybe we could have all of the research threads moved to this section? Maybe they could be unlocked? If the Research Threads are causing legal issues for Jordan (which I totally understand, given the current climate) maybe we can come to some sort of a compromise (e.g. changing the settings on the Research Club so that it's not open to the public to view)? Does anyone have any ideas for how we can make this work?
  17. I'm not a super sleuth but these are the threads that I actually look forward to read in here. I'm sure they have been very helpful and that Rosengart is keeping an eye on them. You really do a great job!
  18. Dearest Super Sleuths, How have you all been? It's been quiet of late in the "Research Club." The research threads are now located in a section of Exhale that is more difficult to find than the "Britney Spears Community," which has been limiting collaboration. However... Perhaps we can view this as an opportunity? Should we be developing some community guidelines or rules for the Research Club that can help us to ensure that we don't fall into the territory of "conspiracy theory"? Here's what I've come up with so far: Club Rules: Cite your sources. Can your allegations be proven through multiple sources? If not, please indicate that you are stating a theory that has yet to be proven. What else could we add to this list? Can we tweak the wording of these rules so that everyone who posts understands that they must provide some sort of evidence for their allegations? Collectively, we've developed quite an extensive body of work here on Exhale. How can we continue to add to our body of knowledge while keeping our work to the highest standards? Let me know your thoughts. Happy Holidays! Steel Magnolia
  19. I often wonder if this was done with or without her consent, when "she" signed to produce this, was it really her who was on board, even if others had to sign on her behalf because she was still conserved, or did the conservator sign against her wishes? Honestly, I could see it both ways. I hope she is on board because I like musicals and this one seems like it has a lot of potential, but the fact that she hasn't said anything about it makes me think perhaps she resents the project because they didn't take her opinion of things into account? On the other hand, she clearly hates doing promo and couldn't care less about those kinds of things so I'll have to wait until she bashes or praises the show herself at some point. On the timing aspect and the delay I don't think it's important, musicals often take a long time to develop and the covid situation caused a whole mess everywhere. Edit to add: Even if she doesn't like the project I assume she'll benefit from it since she's back in control of her brand, no?
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