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  1. The Gucci family condemns biopic calling it Hollywood seeking profit over a family tragedy, that they don't want to revisit. The Gucci family is basically like: Everybody knows what happened, why make us who went thru revisit this hell? None of you guys went through a murder of a beloved one, imagine our shoes how it feels to see it in film. I kinda see their point, it's like now they will have to relive it forever cos of this film. And it seems that's what bothers them the film only centers on the events leading up to the murder instead of his life story. It's actually disrespectful if you ask me, to make a biopic of a fashion dynasty and only focus on the crime, more than his entire life. I understand why they don't want this type of tabloid film. To exist. So it's officially unauthorized as they have no input.
  2. A petition for Gaga to release an ARTPOP volume II made waves. It even caught the attention of Gaga herself, who has low-key distanced herself from the album over the years. Update: On April 14th, ARTPOP hit #1 worldwide on iTunes!
  3. In The fame, gaga Thanked Madonna, Michael Jackson , Prince, david Bowie, and Freddy Mercury. 3 out of 4 hated her. I have no idea if Freddy would embrace her. Michael got her and understood she was a little bit of everyone, and wanted her to open for his This is it tour. Madonna initially said nice things, saw the similarities and felt her impact. But The whole express yourself born thus way media feud ignited her to start hating, and some people noticed Gaga barely recovered from having her biggest female influence who initially championed her to basically reject her cos of the comparisons and Madonna hated it. Madonna even said Dr4ss like Britney spears, think like me when it came to Britney comparisons. But she championed Both Britney and Kylie minogue, so I feel she didn't think she needed gaga when she had two girls covering markets and gays anyway. Prince he was very hella shady. When asked about gaga, "Different strokes for different folks" and if that didn't sting. "The thing I do is make music" that had to hurt from a self taught prodigy to denounce a fellow musician. And David Bowie which according to his son in an infamous interview was not a fan of her at all. So a lot of her pop idols never cared for her at all. In one way she was already denied by a lot of her influences. @ChromaticaGlory @Jordan Miller
  4. Gaga released a teaser of The Queendom film today as a pair-up with Dom Pérignon. She said it's an exclusive first look as for what's to come.
  5. Charli XCX says producer Bloodpop asked her to craft a remix to "911," but it never ended up happening. Super curious what this would've sounded like. Related:
  6. New Chromatica embossed crewnecks, and the Chromatica tri-fold vinyl are available for pre-order, and ordering on Gaga's online shop. ⚔️❤️ It's safe to say that the era is restarting! https://shop.ladygaga.com/
  7. Lady Gaga's bass player/bassist Johnny Good comes out as homophobic and drags Lil Nas X. He also already disabled his Twitter account Related:
  8. Lady Gaga's dog walker Ryan was released from the hospital a month after being shot while walking Gaga's three French bulldogs and left for dead. Ryan was in the hospital for so long because one of his lungs kept collapsing. Doctors were forced to remove a portion of his lung. “I was prepared to quietly start a path to healing from the emotional trauma and continue on my way,” Fischer wrote. “Life would be back to normal soon enough,” he wrote. “Unfortunately, the strange hissing and glugging coming from my chest every time I took a breath begged to differ with that assessment.” Unfortunately, no arrests have been made yet. Related:
  9. Wishing Lady Gaga a happy birthday today! Legendga turns 35-years-old. Exhale, let's show Gaga some love in the comments shall we? Good karma if you do!
  10. https://wwd.com/beauty-industry-news/beauty-features/lady-gaga-opens-creative-hub-in-l-a-with-klarna-providing-10000-grant-and-mentorship-1234787324/?utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=Twitter-WWD&utm_source=Twitter
  11. Hey Exhale! First off, love y'all. Second, my article about Lady Gaga teaching me the power of vulnerability was picked up by a Medium publication called The Ascent and published this weekend. Medium is a self-publishing writing platform who gives writers the opportunity to be picked up by major publications and have their piece promoted to a wider audience. It's pretty difficult to get published in, so I'm feeling super honored. In this article I actually practice being vulnerable. You'll have to read it to see what I mean. Would love for you guys to check it out and tell me what you think! Tap here 👇 I Interviewed Lady Gaga and This Is What She Taught Me
  12. I know this is posted a day late, but it's better late than never. https://www.papermag.com/lady-gaga-chromatica-2645479910.html In this interview with Paper Mag, Gaga talked about Chromatica, about how hackers leaked Stupid Love before it came out, and explained that was the main reason she wanted to go ahead, and make it the lead single from Chromatica among other things like fibromyalgia, healing power of music, mental health, and so much more. The photoshoot, she did with Paper Mag, is also one of the best ones she's done thus far.
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/cubs-announce-2021-dates-for-wrigley-field-concerts-postponed-due-to-covid/2463262/%3famp
  14. Serving up the looks in Rome, Italy! She's there filming the new Ridley Scott film Gucci. Let's update this topic with new updates from Gaga's time filming.
  15. https://www.etonline.com/lady-gagas-dognapping-to-be-featured-on-americas-most-wanted-exclusive-162367 America's Most Wanted is putting additional eyes on Lady Gaga's dognapping. ET has exclusively learned Monday's premiere of America's Most Wanted will solicit America's help in finding the shooter of Gaga's dog walker, Ryan Fischer. The episode will also investigate the recent spree of violent dognappings happening from coast to coast. Fischer was shot last month while walking Gaga's three French bulldogs -- Gustav, Koji and Asia -- in Los Angeles. Gustav and Koji were taken at the site, but Asia managed to escape. Fischer is recovering from his injuries, and the dogs have since been recovered and reunited with Gaga's team. On America's Most Wanted, host Elizabeth Vargas will show viewers surveillance footage and provide tips on what to look out for when looking for these dangerous fugitives, with the show’s goal having always been solving crimes with America’s help. Gaga offered a reward of $500,000 for the safe return of her dogs. It is unknown whether the person who returned her dogs received the reward. While speaking with ET before the dogs' return, Gaga's father, Joe Germanotta, said he was praying "that the dogs are safe and that they don't experience any harm, and we thank God that Ryan is going to be OK. We hope that we get through this and everyone can put this behind them." "It's unfortunate that these guys are down on their luck and they needed money, but to shoot someone for dogs is really a disgusting act," he added. "The entire family is keeping in touch." America'sMost Wanted premieres Monday, March 15 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.
  16. The BTS Army is going in on Lady Gaga for her win with Ariana Grande for Best Pop Duo/Group at the 2021 Grammys. This is the first time in Grammy history that an all female line up has won this award. This should be a time of celebration, not only for Gaga and Ariana, but for all women. Unfortunately, the BTS fanbase thinks otherwise. The Army has been leaving deplorable, hateful, homophobic rants on Lady Gaga's socials as well as other pages congratulating them. The fandom is claiming the Grammys are corrupt as they would pick two white women over People Of Color. Thoughts? Related:
  17. Alright folks... I hate Clubs .... but after a year of talking to people, I’m ready to grind. so ..... What’s your club mix! I’ll start: Betoko / Gemma Hayes — Wicked Game Le Youth — Cool Lady Gaga — Free Woman Empire of The Sun — Alive Bearson — Want You Years & Years — Desire Dua Lipa — Levitating Fountain of youth — improvement San Holo — Light Ofenbach— be Mine Kygo / Selena Gomez — It Ain’t Me (AFTR:HRS mix) Little Mix — Sweet Melody Armin Van Buuren / Garibay — I Need You (feat. Olaf Blackwood) Daft Punk — Doin It Right (feat. Panda Bear) Dillon Francis / DJ SNAKE — Get Low Martin Solveig / Good Times Ahead — Intoxicated Dragonette — Let It Go Glass Animals — Heat Waves Tove Lo — True Disaster
  18. They did that! Rain On Me" is the first all-female collaboration to ever win Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. Lol I love what Ariana Tweeted Gaga (scroll to the first comment to read).
  19. I see constant hate for her around here. Honest question, Why?
  20. Patrizia Reggiani, whom Lady Gaga is playing in Ridley Scott's new film House of Gucci, is venting her frustrations that Gaga is playing her. This is a rough translation, but she said: "I am quite annoyed by the fact that Lady Gaga is playing me in the new Ridley Scott film without even having the foresight and sensitivity to come and meet me. It is not for an economic question, I will not take a single penny from the film, but of common sense and respect." Well, this is awkward. Thoughts, Exhale? Should Gaga have met Reggiani prior to filming? Related:
  21. Whose retirement would you gladly bake a cake for and help in packing their bags? I’m baking a few cakes and packing a few bags, but I bid Katy Perry and Drake a Bon Voyage. Y’all had a good run and I hope you like chocolate cake
  22. BURNS did an AMA on the r/electronicmusic subreddit yesterday, and a lot of the questions that were asked were about Chromatica. Here are some of the questions? QUESTION: Could I ask about what working on LG6/chromatica was like in terms of designing the themes and sound? Did you have any specific ideas and inspirations going in or were you following LG’s plan for the world you were creating sonically? QUESTION: For those who are unfamiliar with your work- If you had to pick 3 songs by yourself as a way to introduce yourself, which 3 would you pick? Is there a song that you've made over the course of your career that you're most proud of? QUESTION: Loved your work on Chromatica last year. How was it like the making of the album? Were there many changes from the initial ideas until the final product, like was it a completely different genre or style? How was it like to work with Lady Gaga? Did you also work in Chromatica tracks that didn't make the cut? QUESTION: What production of yours are you most proud of? QUESTION: I wanted to ask how you came up with the idea of sampling Diana Ross' "It's My House" on Replay. Was it something that was present since you first began working on the song or was it added later in the mix? BURNS also talked about the making of Make Me... with Britney. QUESTION: Hi Burns, loved your production with the pop girlies. I would love to hear your process with working on Make Me with Britney.
  23. Can we just talk about Britney's version of Telephone? We only got these crappy *** full on autotuned robot vocals, so we cant really enjoy it But it would be amazing if Britney was featured on with Gaga! the vocals, the music video... This version has her raw vocals mixed with the robotic demo track:
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