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Found 5 results

  1. If I was Justin Timberlake, I might wanna hide, if Framing Britney spears wasn't enough to tarnish his image, it's about to get worse, much worse.. The creators behind Framing Britney spears and The New York times and Hulu on FX is doing a 2 hour documentary on the infamous 2004 Super bowl halftime show (which also explains the Wayne Scott Lukas interview coming out) appropriately titled Framing Janet Jackson. I would hate to be Justin Timberlake after this one two sucker punch to his reputation and image, cos you know they're gonna show through the archives all the stuff he did against Janet during the time she needed him the most l.
  2. Do you believe/think Justin Timberlake grabbed Kylie Minogue's butt in 2003 without consent/permission? The tweet says Kylie told him to not do so prior. He then bragged the day after. Based on this article from PopDirt which is quoting The Mirror or The Sun: https://popdirt.com/justin-timberlake-justifies-kylie-minogue-***-grab-request/13412/ "Timberlake was turned down after asking to grab Kylie's bottom" Do you think it's rehearsed? Some point out how Kylie said there "were a lot of jealous girls" meaning she consented but we can't tell if she said that to avoid starting beef with JT at that time in her career, we know she's quite non confrontational. He also joked how he grabbed her butt because she was about to fall thinking there was a chair. Watch the video and judge yourself...but he still bragged about winning a best bum grab. "Justin Timberlake has joked he should have scooped a "best bum grab" prize for his performance with Kylie Minogue at the 2003 BRIT Awards...During Justin and Kylie's infamous duet, the actor-and-singer grabbed his co-star's bottom on stage, which became one of the most talked about pictures of the year." [What actually happened is that] she was falling down and I was grabbing her to stop her falling," Justin joked to BBC Radio One. "She sat down because she thought there was a chair on stage. I was like I'm not going to let her fall down... so I should have won some sort of prize for that, like the 'best bum grab'."" https://www.mtv.be/nieuws/mteakf/25866-justin-timberlake-wants-butt-grab-prize He also asked if he could grab her butt again at the GRAMMYs but some say it was a skit:
  3. I recently listened to the podcast Eat, Pray, Britney episode titled "*********" that exposes all the shady things JT has done over the course of his career-- Much of it trashing Britney any chance he gets and being a general narcissistic phony. There's no denying he has had some big hits and has had a significant cultural impact but is highly problematic. Source Did you know that Shriner Children's Hospital cut ties with him after a golfing event because he *allegedly* did not seem interested in interacting with the hospital/patients when the cameras weren't on him? "Justin's a wonderful person," tournament chairman Raoul Frevel told the Las Vegas Review Journal. Frevel coordinated the pop/movie star's involvement with the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open in Las Vegas and his corresponding concerts, aimed at raising money for the group's well-regarded hospitals.Frevel says the Shriners tried to get the former N'Sync star to become more involved with the hospitals and the patients they serve. "But it seemed that when the TV cameras weren't on, he disappeared." Source What are your thoughts? Are you willing to put the past in the past? Or is he still the same unchanged snake?
  4. https://www.facebook.com/1524555994/posts/10222311369682842/?sfnsn=mo&extid=ddnRforwMS7Mi9k5 Justin Timberlake is in a major backlash with parents all over the US. When asked the one thing he misses the most. A tone deaf comment came out. "He misses not parenting His son 24 hours a day.". To say the backlash isn't earned is a mistake. Immediately he got dragged for missing the point of being a parent and that it nust be nice to have nannies whenever you want free time to yourself Some even mentioned that while he has his kid. His ex is fighting to have more time with her sons. Saying here's someone who shouldn't be a dad. While his ex basically sacrificed her global domination just to be a mom to her kids.
  5. https://sli.mg/a/rlv5O It was sweltering hot day in Picayune, MS as my sister and I watched MTV cribs i exclaimed,"We will never meet anyone famous" . The phone rings yea it was a house phone lol i answer to my mom telling me she won a trip for 4 days and 3 nights to meet some band called NSYNC i thought she was lying. She then asked,"what are they something special?" I explained it WAS ONLY THE BIGGEST TEENY BOPPER BAND EVER. Well then you and your sister can go... I was way more excited than i should have let on being that i wasnt gay then lol wink wink but one thought kept repeating in my mind ...Britney SPEARS is with Justin TImberlake maybe she will be there. We arrive as a part of 2 groups i was sept7-10 another group 8-11. I went on an excursion and noticed a familiar face and asked if she was an actress. Indeed it was Azra Spye who was Chloe in 28 days with Sandra Bullock, she gave me her autograph and then let me know that she was there with Melissa Joan Heart and Tori Spelling. I freaked out bc i had watched my first gay VHS called TRICK and i did it after everyone was asleep and watched it so enamored at my first glimpse of gay culture. The scene in the diner was epic i watched it over and over so when i heard she was there i set out looking. I got lost and found myself behind the buildings and see 3 suv mercedes with hazards on i got the feeling i was not suppose to be back there. Well I see 2 rather large black men built like mack trucks walking towards me with a stern expression i asked am i not supppose to be back here they barked NO! then saw my face and laughed as they walked around me my mouth hit the floor JC was walking right towards me i laughed and pointed and said youre that guy knowing full and well who he was. The security saw him trying to lift the door handle several times glancing over his shoulder to make sure i wasnt a psycho they laughed heartily at his unease. I ran my *** to our suite to tell my sister i had found them and to change into her swim suit. We made it to the pool where Joey was and he was awesome very cool guy took pics chatted and flirted with my gorgeous sister. he told us JUstin was at the beach so we made our way over to hopefully get a pic. My sister tried to get a pic with J but as she touched him the security guard told her maam hes on vacation she replied ummm so am i you know what **** it and let out a string of curse words aimed at the security as i snapped a pic of Justin shirtless he looks at me and says That was "SNEAKY"we walked back up the path we ran into Joey and he gives me a look asking if it was something he did i said no . He laughed asking if she was always like this i informed him it actually got worse. ON the way back to the room i hear my sisters flip flops clopping as she shuffles sideways in front of a woman telling her omg my brother loves you. i look up to see its TOri!! well i EXCLAIM the first thing that came to mind. WHERE THE **** IS THE CHEESE ON THESE GODDAM CHEESE FRIES!!!! she looked startled but still took pics with me. Later she did a show about the crazy things people say to her and there was a scene just like this leaving me to believe that it had to have been me considering most would have said i really loved your monolouge in Trick lol wellll not me. So i still had melissa joan heart on my radar bc i loved Sabrina the teenage Witch. the next night we heard that *NSYNC was having a private party me thinking Britney could be there started plotting. I went into a Donut store next to where they were settting up and was trying to tell the Jamaican lady that I won a contest to meet Nsync but she just said ohhhh you with the baaaaand. I nodded and smiled. later that night I asked who was coming with me and one girl volunteered so I said go put on your best outfit. Geled my hair put on my TOMMY polo sprayed my Aqua Di. Saw the girl who had put on a black dress with white polka dots looking like Olive Oil off Popeyes's but whatever. I walked into the donut place arm n arm we saw the my friend from earlier smile real big I waved and went behind the counter thru the double doors took a right and was in the party. The plan was to make our way to the back, sir and observe. Next thing I know Olive Oil is climbing me like a pole cat freaking out screaming omg calm down there they are, I had to forcibly remove her, she got hemmed up immediately. I backed it up on the first woman I saw and blended in. Everything was cool until I got a picture of her lol really a pic of JusTin I circled him. He saw me and sent his PA to kick me out Bc he remembered me from the beach earlier. She came grabbed my arm said oh no who do you think you are like u can just come in here like this and I was escorted out. Well outside I had people waiting to hear all about it. As I told the part about the PA I got pissed and walked back inside.saw my friend and she asked why I was kicked out and told her I didn't have a wristband . She led me to the door thinking I was getting kicked out again but she scored me a wristband. So now I was officially in!!!! I danced with Christina Milians mom and her together. Then with JC and his girkfriend me in front of her and him behind her. Saw JOEY and he walked up gave me a shoulder hug asked where my crazy sister was... iPeed next to Lance bass was too scared to catch a peak tho lol and sad to say but Britney was not there i flew back home and went to school to tell everyone and two planes crashed into the twin towers. Even more crazy but the airline we flew into from the Turks and Caicos islands into FL was the one the planes dissapeared from isnane once in a lifetime event. i was so sure me and the Queen was going to meet....next time https://sli.mg/a/rlv5Oe
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