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  1. I haven’t seen this reported anywhere else, but according to That Surprise Witness, Lynne has just filed an objection to Vivian’s legal fees?! https://twitter.com/surprisewitnes/status/1383276785865924614?s=21
  2. Britney's father Jamie claims he's "working extensively" to "minimize any harm" the Free Britney movement has done to Britney's career. Even though Britney's streams are way, way up... In new court docs, Mr. Spears lists his monthly salary at a whopping $16,000 a month salary and an extra $2,000 a month to maintain an office. He says he works “extensively with Ms. Spears’ team and my attorneys to monitor social media and address negative and potentially destructive publicity, and minimise any harm to Ms. Spears’ brand”. He also claims being Britney's full-time conservator requires him to “keep current regarding the music, advertising, and entertainment business, in the areas of financial investing and investments, and in legal matters, for Ms. Spears’ benefit”. In addition, he has spent a “significant amount of time” on her “investments”, adding: “I participated in extensive communications with various advisors and industry experts in analysing and modifying investment strategies to address changes in Ms. Spears’ working status and fluctuations in the economy.” The conservatorship case also takes up his time. “I spoke regularly with my conservatorship counsel to stay informed of the matters in the ongoing conservatorship proceeding, including reviewing all pleadings filed in the conservatorship, and preparing for and appearing at all hearings.” Jamie is asking the judge to approve the compensation for his work. Related:
  3. Whoever Judges Britney, shall be judged back with cheap shots, sent with love and humility, cos that's how I am.
  4. Part 6 is on YouTube now I just watched it... its things we already knew of course but still lays everything out so nicely Many of my FB Friends have become interested in the movement from me sharing these videos I did notice at the very end in the credits tho that Sam Lutfi is a patron of Deep Dive which I found interesting
  5. In an interview she gave Bustle she was asked what she thought about the “Framing Britney Spears” documentary to which she replied “I definitely can see how that is an overwhelming life.” “People do come up with narratives around you that aren’t necessarily true,” she continued. “I’ve kind of dealt with that a lot, people being really involved in really personal aspects of your life.” Rae responded while referencing Britney's claim that she “was embarrassed by the light they put me in” and that she “cried for two weeks." But social media was not having it and some users posted. Trisha Paytas also slammed Addison for this. The hashtag #RIPAddisonRae started trending again after the statements she made. What are your thoughts my Britney stans? Do you think people were a little too harsh?
  6. According to official court documents, Britney Spears’s net worth is between 50-60 million dollars. Although this is still a considerable amount, it’s much lower than expected for a pop star and performer with a successful career spanning over 2 decades. I mean Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga have not been in the industry as long as her and yet, they have all accumulated a net worth of over 100 million dollars. Britney has sold many records, the majority of which have been certified gold multiple times. The albums she released between 1999-2003 broke the charts. I remember that her second album was sold out at my local wal-mart the week that it was released! Her fragrances and endorsement deals (e.g. Pepsi) were also very lucrative. Bryan Spears said that her fragrance line apparently made $100 billion...although, he probably exaggerated and meant to say 100 million. All those concert tours were extremely popular...more so than her rivals like Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake(boo!). I remember that she performed in my hometown as part of the dream within a dream tour and tickets sold out 6 months before the scheduled concert (I managed to get a ticket and see it!). Of course, there’s the Vegas residency. This was one of the more lucrative endeavors for Britney. She spent 4 years performing in Vegas and also landed more concerts and performances across the country. Britney must have been earning 500,000 per show. She should have earned over 100 million from the residency alone. I mean, Celine Dion performed exclusively in Vegas for 16 years and now has a net worth of 600 million. Now, taking all this into consideration, how is her net worth only 50-60 million. Given all that she has accomplished over her career, Britney’s net worth should be well over 300 million. I simply don’t understand where the money has gone. I believe she signed a pre-nup when she married Kevin Federaline. He definitely did not get much from her. Even if she’s paying him spousal and child support, it shouldn’t be a huge dent in her bank account. Britney is known for her shopping sprees...but she tends to spend her money at stores like Target and JCPenny. It’s not like she’s buying $100,000 fur coats and jewelry. People claim that the conservatorship has drained her finances...I don’t believe it. Isn’t the goal of this whole thing to preserve her fortune and help it grow? This could be another conspiracy...where is her money going? Who is getting it? I’m very shocked and sad for her. She has worked so hard for so long. Britney deserves to have a net worth that represents all the time, effort, and success in this crazy entertainment industry.
  7. NO Mean comments please. But cant stop thinking what Britney need to do to dominate charts again. I think she still can do it but curious what you all think
  8. I don't mean streaming when I say ''powerful'', we all know Britney doesn't need that, she achieved almost everything a pop star can achieve before streaming era when it was harder to do that than now, obvi with help of her fans We stan powerful queen so it's obvious we are powerful as well, we are on our way to change the law I'm a fan since 2019/2020 maybe so it's hard to speak for myself but at this point it's obvious that our fandom has been through a lot. Britney has been through a lot. We are also the most bullied fandom by powerful people. But we are still strong and loud I'm sure our fandom will help save and free our queen Edit: Saying ''powerful and loyal'' I mean our fandom overall, not only now.
  9. Inspired by this old PopJustice thread debating Britney versus Rihanna in 2008 Idk about Rihanna, but I know a bunch of Britney fans switched to Little Monsters when Just Dance blew up. Curious to hear if there were any other notable ones
  10. VIDEO: https://pagesix.com/2021/04/16/britney-spears-resurfaces-for-malibu-shopping-spree/
  11. Nobody has seen this until now! Destiny's child praises Britney for selling tons of records but still being nice and keeping that southern hospitality at heart. I've heard from people from the south they stay there, cos they visit every other place and it feels very different and rude to them. Between LA And New York, southern people are like no, thank you. Get me outta here.. Related:
  12. So you guys know how Taylor is re-recording all her records in order to own them what if Britney did this too! It would be a great way for her to introduce her natural voice to us with songs we already know and love and I’m certain that when Britney is freed from this conservatorship they’re gonna fight nail and tooth to hold on to her masters
  13. so this is going to sound extremely random lmao but i so vividly remember there being a bootleg audio of the full oops tour in detroit. during crazy in the breakdown where she shouts out the city’s name and gets the crowd to sing back to her, she rapped the sin city rap instead aka the rap from her episode of punk’d on mtv in 2003. it was a little bizarre too because she didn’t even censor it. i’m 99% sure she still dropped the f bomb in it. i so desperately want to find that audio again because i remember having it soooo long ago on an old computer back when britney boards was a big thing. does anyone else know what i’m talking about or am i completely insane and making this up? lol
  14. Interestingly the image shows that the book's author is a New York Times Best selling author! The blurb about the book:
  15. Welsh singer-songwriter and producer Marina Diamandis known mononymously as Marina released her new single Purge The Poison and it’s music video today. The song is the second single off her fifth studio album titled Ancient Dreams In a Modern Land The song was teased May 2020 and included references to Britney. “2007 when size zero was the rage Britney shaved her head and all we did was call her crazed Harvey Weinsten’s gone to jail ‘Me Too’ went on to unveil Truth in all it’s glory The ending of a story It’s a new world order Everything just falls away Our life as we knew it Now belongs to yesterday” It gives me The Family Jewels (her underrated debut album) vibes and I’m here for it. Not too thrilled we are still discussing that incident, but I do appreciate she mentions people just worrying about calling her crazy and not actually seeing the person suffering underneath. Anyways, what do we think? Any other Marina stans on here? Let’s talk Related:
  16. Do you ever go like Okay i am so bored and have a favorite Britney video to play for when you are bored?
  17. Two years ago today, I learned about the #FREEBRITNEY episode of Britney’s Gram right here on Exhale (and finally created an account). So proud of all the progress the movement has made toward Britney’s freedom and probate court reform!
  18. That’s the thread. 💖 Britney’s unreleased songs are superior to 99 percent of other artists work.
  19. Literally same song, same outfit change/reveal and my GOD those abs on Cher at the time. I wonder if this inspired Brit. It had to of and maybe she’s mentioned that but I’ve never heard her say anything about it. Thoughts?
  20. Vacciney. A day after Britney shared a video saying she was vaccinated, and that she didn't feel a thing when the needle went in, the US broke the record for single-day vaccines with 4.6 million. Skinny as a needle didn't feel the needle we love to see it. Queen of saving America I know this is a kii but the numbers don't lie Related:
  21. These days I wanted to listen to her REAL voice, obviously her debut at MMC is a must ! ENJOY again and again I live for this omg, her voice, her starpower, her beauty, everything !!! This one is so iconic too little bonus
  22. Now that I think about it is Jamie the reason Britney didn't release The original video for Make Me? Because she couldn't? I always found it strange that Britney got David Lachapelle to come out of retirement to film her new video and then doesn't use his footage? Certainly while she was filming the video she was watching it back and if she didn't like it, why finish the video? The whole thing doesn't make sense to me and I never bought that excuse that Brit gave us back in 2016. What do you guys think? Idc what anyone says this video is EPIC EPIC EPIC and would have done a lot more justice for Make Me than the original video did. Britney looked GREAT, I like the dancing, the scenary etc everything about it was great! I personally think Jamie seen the video and wouldn't let Britney put it out thus making her record a whole new video. This could also be the reason why we only got 1 other single/video from this era. The money they used the 2nd Make Me video could have been used for a 3rd video/single.
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