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  1. 'Leave Britney Alone': The creator behind the 2007 viral video reflects on why people ignored them Chris Crocker, the creator of the "Leave Britney Alone" video, spoke to Insider about Free Britney. "I was defending her as a person, not a pop star," Crocker said of their Britney Spears video. Crocker said they believed homophobia and transphobia played a role in the video's reception. FULL STORY: Insider Aww they really were ahead of their time and the story about their mother is so sad. I hope they are finally happy and that they keep supporting the #FreeBritney movement. Btw they made $40.000 by selling the Leave Britney Alone video. Still not clear how that works since they used NFT, whatever that is.
  2. Lemme start I remember trading posters (usually Bravo and OK (I dont know if they exist anymore btw) of JLO and other singers to get Britney ones. Also I'd take other classmates magazines to cut out britney articles for my memorabilia- basically we would take the nicest, thickest notebook and we would put articles, pics and stickers of our faves in them Idk do kids do that anymore now that they have Ig, Twitter---digital storage basically 2 trading songs- this way I got my hands on Girl In The Mirror, My Only Wish, You Got It All.... those bonuses and exclusives not available to everyone. Keep in mind this was before the internet and you tube 3 hearing her songs in the malls and radios- I havent heard them in so long. The last britney song I heard was in the store and it was S&S 4 being shamed for being a britney stan- us stans were kinda cultish (hidden) because if you stanned britney you were bullied af. But being in a secret, brit stanning group was AMAZING 5 Being hyped up for VMAs every single year!!! No explanations needed 6 Being able to buy her merch EVERYWHERE - t shirts, barbies, lunch bags, bomt and oops school packs, bags, stickers.... 7 Having a small heart attack every single time you saw her on TV performing
  3. Her smile! She looks so pretty with her earrings! Also the dog walking about in the background She looked like she was REALLY feeling this song, the dancing and the passionate lip syncing to it! I really enjoyed this video, seemed very performance like, especially the ending! Related:
  4. So you guys know how Taylor is re-recording all her records in order to own them what if Britney did this too! It would be a great way for her to introduce her natural voice to us with songs we already know and love and I’m certain that when Britney is freed from this conservatorship they’re gonna fight nail and tooth to hold on to her masters
  5. Of all the conspiracies and controversies linked to Britney, the unreleased original doll album is by far the most fascinating. Many fans think that her record company refused to let her release it, which in turn contributed to her downward spiral. It’s been suggested that the album is locked away in the basement of Jive Records, never to see the light of day. Im starting to think that we have all been wrong. Original Doll may have actually been repurposed into Blackout and Circus. Although Britney claimed that the album was “halfway done” on the famous radio interview, it’s possible that might not have been precisely true. Perhaps, she had just recorded demos of some songs and was being more experimental but had not done anything solid. Even the radio version of Mona Lisa was very raw. Blackout and Circus captured the themes that Britney was trying to convey. The music and feel of these albums were much more edgy and original than anything she had done in the past. I’m guessing that songs like Freakshow, Radar, Get Back, Circus, and Mannequin were songs that might have been intended for original doll. The real reason why very little has been revealed about original doll is because there isn’t much information on it to begin with. If this story was similar to the Smile album by The Beach Boys, people would have leaked the details. If Original doll came to fruition it would have been a combination of Circus and Blackout. In this respect, we might have been looking at Original Doll this whole time! I mean there’s a reason why those albums have received so much praise. It’s what she probably envisioned when she was planning original doll. What do you all think?
  6. Source: https://pagesix.com/2021/04/16/britney-spears-resurfaces-for-malibu-shopping-spree/ Related:
  7. I haven’t seen this reported anywhere else, but according to That Surprise Witness, Lynne has just filed an objection to Vivian’s legal fees?! UPDATE: Lynne's attorney says if Vivian's 'media matters' were not done in good faith for the benefit of the Conservatee (Britney) the costs she is requesting should be disallowed and immediately be re-paid to Britney's estate. Lynne's attorney also states it appears Vivian's fees were paid without question. They request the fees are closely examined. They also state that Jamie hired Vivian for litigation purposes and on her instruction there was no mention of her also dealing with media matters, so why is Vivian charging for media appearances that may not even been needed in the first place. They also question why the rates are so high and why over $200k was for media matters. They make a big emphasis on the fees being high and to be returned immediately to Britney's estate and for these bills to be closely examined. They state these high fees do NOT benefit Britney's estate. Lynne has also said that Vivian's media tour had NO benefit to Britney and was not authorised by the court. Related:
  8. 20 years, yes, we are waiting so long for that one, if we consider we have most recent tracks' acapellas. I've just found a clip from what seems to be an official acapella, the high res quality is there and it's not coming from the famous "create your own Oops' low def clips" we got in 2000 on Britney's website (what a great time). Time to go straight to the point, notice we have the "Oh baby"'s words that confirm it's really out, somewhere.
  9. Part 6 is on YouTube now I just watched it... its things we already knew of course but still lays everything out so nicely Many of my FB Friends have become interested in the movement from me sharing these videos I did notice at the very end in the credits tho that Sam Lutfi is a patron of Deep Dive which I found interesting
  10. Just heard this remix for the first time tonight! I actually really like it! I can’t believe I didn’t know it existed!
  11. On April 18, 2000, Britney Spears appeared on VIVA Interaktiv, a German TV Show. She performed Oops!... I Did It Again. There's also the interview of the show: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 On April 18, 2002, she performed a showcase at Pepsi Chart Australia that included I'm a Slave 4 U, Boys and I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman. Thanks to Britney-Online for the HQ videos of the performances @CJMCH Related:
  12. I felt that having a corner to discuss the impact of Britney's career and conservatorship and #FreeBritney on us, the fans and our own mental health was an important topic. Personally, Britney's trajectory has steered me clear of ever wanting to be famous. While I once grew up idolizing Britney the performer/star....seeing how things ended up for her made me think twice about persuing the entertainment industry further. Now as for this past 2 years of #FreeBritney era. The confusion and uncertainty have been hell for someone with anxiety and depression like me. It has been day after day after day of disturbing revelations about a woman I've never met but grew up idolizing, loving, and respecting. Every time a new topic is posted with some tidbit of information regarding the mistreatment of Miss Spears coming from ALL SIDES, I feel more anxious, frustrated, helpless, and jaded. Britney was once the highlight of a day: a 4 minute performance being a ray of sunshine amidst the dreary teenage years. But now every mention of Britney triggers depression/anxiety/confusion/anger. At this point I would prefer to flip a switch and no longer care. But that isn't a possibility. The worst part is with every piece of evidence we have gathered, there's still a slight fear that Britney is perfectly content, hates her fans, and would prefer we stream her Greatest Hits and stay out of her private life. It's been frazzling and tiring. I hope everyone has a good support network and the ability to care about Britney without it affecting your daily life. A lot of the conclusions we have drawn are deeply disturbing: Corrupt state courts, corrupt family members, absolutely ghoulishly evil "team members"....these are just such dark subjects for a fan base founded by such a vibrant, bright, upbeat soul. I'm interested to know how this has affected the other members here, in your daily lives, your mental health, and your vision of the world in general.
  13. NO Mean comments please. But cant stop thinking what Britney need to do to dominate charts again. I think she still can do it but curious what you all think
  14. I never paid so much attention to this song until a few months ago, kinda mad that this is a hidden gem among the fanbase and britney's discography The synth at 1:58 is soo catchy omg. I'd always thought that And Then We Kiss was the little sister of Touch Of My Hand and Breath On Me, but I was so wrong, now I realized this is real trilogy: Touch Of My Hand, Breathe On Me and Girls & Boys Do you like this? ('Cause I lie awake) I thought you would ('Cause I lie awake) Do you wanna touch me? ('Cause I lie awake) Can you handle this? ('Cause I lie awake) Can I slow it down? Just a little bit
  15. On April 17, 2000, Britney Spears appeared on Top of the Pops Germany, hosting the show along with Oliver Geissen. At the end she talks a little bit about what she does for Easter and her album Oops!... I Did It Again. She also recorded a performance of Oops!... I Did It Again, though I ignore if it was broadcasted that day in Germany, because apparently it was also shown in the UK through BBC in May. Those TOTP performances are always so confusing to track @CJMCH
  16. As a Vocal Coach i discuss her airflow control https://vocaroo.com/1jVyYk3WAhsz
  17. In an interview she gave Bustle she was asked what she thought about the “Framing Britney Spears” documentary to which she replied “I definitely can see how that is an overwhelming life.” “People do come up with narratives around you that aren’t necessarily true,” she continued. “I’ve kind of dealt with that a lot, people being really involved in really personal aspects of your life.” Rae responded while referencing Britney's claim that she “was embarrassed by the light they put me in” and that she “cried for two weeks." But social media was not having it and some users posted. Trisha Paytas also slammed Addison for this. The hashtag #RIPAddisonRae started trending again after the statements she made. What are your thoughts my Britney stans? Do you think people were a little too harsh?
  18. Hey guys Title says it all really! I’ve always thought Tina O’Brien (UK Soap Star) has a strong resemblance to Britney, do you guys see it too? Let me know what you think and any others you think look like Britney!
  19. so this is going to sound extremely random lmao but i so vividly remember there being a bootleg audio of the full oops tour in detroit. during crazy in the breakdown where she shouts out the city’s name and gets the crowd to sing back to her, she rapped the sin city rap instead aka the rap from her episode of punk’d on mtv in 2003. it was a little bizarre too because she didn’t even censor it. i’m 99% sure she still dropped the f bomb in it. i so desperately want to find that audio again because i remember having it soooo long ago on an old computer back when britney boards was a big thing. does anyone else know what i’m talking about or am i completely insane and making this up? lol
  20. I’m sure a lot of it is just joking around but saying things like ‘They’ll protect her’ or ‘They’re save her’ or ‘I hope they help her get out of the conservatorship’ is terrible. We can’t have expectations of two teenage boys and they probably prefer to stay out of this whole legal nonsense (as they should). I’m legit worried that when her kids grow up and choose their professions we’ll be complaining about it and comparing them to K-Fed. Or if they post pictures of them partying with their friends, we’ll grumble about how they ‘aren’t fighting for their mother’s freedom’. This was inspired by a few posts I saw saying that ‘they’ll save her’ and ‘I hope they fight for their mother’. While I completely hope someone helps her, don’t try to expect too much of her children. I know to an extent us exhalers feel like they’re our children too but let’s leave them alone and out of this whole narrative.
  21. Now that I think about it is Jamie the reason Britney didn't release The original video for Make Me? Because she couldn't? I always found it strange that Britney got David Lachapelle to come out of retirement to film her new video and then doesn't use his footage? Certainly while she was filming the video she was watching it back and if she didn't like it, why finish the video? The whole thing doesn't make sense to me and I never bought that excuse that Brit gave us back in 2016. What do you guys think? Idc what anyone says this video is EPIC EPIC EPIC and would have done a lot more justice for Make Me than the original video did. Britney looked GREAT, I like the dancing, the scenary etc everything about it was great! I personally think Jamie seen the video and wouldn't let Britney put it out thus making her record a whole new video. This could also be the reason why we only got 1 other single/video from this era. The money they used the 2nd Make Me video could have been used for a 3rd video/single.
  22. Inspired by this old PopJustice thread debating Britney versus Rihanna in 2008 Idk about Rihanna, but I know a bunch of Britney fans switched to Little Monsters when Just Dance blew up. Curious to hear if there were any other notable ones
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