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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Exhalers! My lovely friends Stephanie and Rachel just dropped an episode on their podcast Lifewine (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/45-britney-ever-after/id1494997230?i=1000500191462) that I thought y'all might enjoy. The episode breaks down their thoughts and reactions to Britney Ever After. Some controversial opinions in there no doubt but all around an entertaining bunch to listen to. If you like podCATS or buzzballz, this is also the episode for you. Bonus: I'm a brief guest on the show -- Most of us are familiar with the renowned singer, songwriter, dancer, and all-around popstar icon that is Britney Spears. But what is her origin story? Join us as we discuss a movie that doesn’t even come close to answering that question with BRITNEY EVER AFTER (2017), starring Natasha Bassett, Nathan Keyes, and Peter Benson. Trust us when we say it’s Britney as you’ve never seen her before! We also celebrate Rachel’s birthday eve, see Stephanie’s clumsiness reach new levels by defying gravity, and have a chat with a dear friend of the show and certified Britney stan to provide her take on this apparent biopic. Listener warning: We’re not that innocent!
  2. https://ew.com/tv/lorena-bobbitt-movie-lifetime-first-photos/?amp=true&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=social-share-article&__twitter_impression=true It's one of the most infamous crimes ever. Lorena Bobbitt spent a decade in jail for infamously cutting off her husband's full erect member. She accused him of ****. Doctors determine that was false. He has been medically diagnosed with an unusual high *** drive. She actually did admit. That he wanted too much ***. She was more comfortable with once or twice a month. The family of the victim felt like ten years was too light of a sentence that she got away with a serious crime. That could have killed him if he bled out..FYI. he had surgery unfortunately it's not the original size. He lost about 7 inches of a 12 inch member. He was suggested by adult film legend Rom Jeremy to do adult films. They marketed the helluva of it. "FRANKEN*****" IS ONE of his films. Lorena however was praised by the press for moving from the whole situation whereas her ex husband was ridiculed and shamed for going down the path he took. After the movie. She's will give a two hour interview with Feminist news reporter Diane Sawyer..
  3. https://youtu.be/ixh2qcf9OwA Edit: OMG it's a week old, im sorry if AP Edit2: Anyway, kill me, is just the one we already know haha, just translated Im thirsty
  4. So, I watched the movie...and it was BAD. It makes me want Britney and her team to start production on a big screen Britney movie. The fact that they couldn't use any of Britney's music and had to settle for cover songs, and it was just inaccurate when it came to the performances. BUT, the in sight on what her personal life may have been like was interesting. In the movie they show Britney being a lovable, sweet, generous, but she comes off bratty. Granted, she was still a young teenage/woman. According to the film, Britney lost her virginity when she went on tour with NSync to Justin Timberlake(obviously) years before they went public and/or moved in together. According to the film, Britney did NOT like having people speak for her, constantly touch her, tell her what to do, etc which made her rebel. She felt like she was this robot and people were just after her and her money. Now that's the sad part because we know that was true. Britney was constantly looking for love, she loved the idea of being in love, she's a hopeless romantic from the south. I feel like Britney had children so that she can love someone unconditionally and they'll love her back the same way. Her "meltdown" was so inaccurate...the umbrella scene, the photo shoot scene, they never showed her going to stores; at one point Sam or Adnan(they both looked a like) told Lynn there's a CVS two blocks away...If you've been to LA you'd know that a CVS is rare to find out on the skirts of LA and its more like 10 minutes by car, not two blocks..that bothered me. STILL, I did like how they showed how mature she became after her dark period. Mature, awoke, and sure of what she wants. When Britney says she doesn't remember something and we're like "What?" it could be true. If you think of it, she was constantly on the move, doing press after press, being shoved in and out and to the next. She was on the outside looking in at this rush of constant in her life. I feel like now she can chill, relax, perform, be with her boys, date her Sam. She's living somewhat of a normal life...good for her. If you haven't seen the film, don't watch it. Unless you're really bored and want to get annoyed then go for it. Sorry if a topic about the movie was posted. BLESSED DAY TO ALL
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