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  1. Why did I put myself through this? I mean, pressing play and watching it through the end was a personal choice... I guess I really hate myself...
  2. I love The Parent Trap! Such a good film! No, seriously! She looks adorable!
  3. Happy birthday, Jordan! I appreciate you for giving us this place to us as a small safe zone to discuss the Angel that is Britney Spears, as well as other topics. You may not realize, but it is great to have somewhere to go and forget about how disgusting real life can get sometimes. This kind of space can help you distract your mind from certain thoughts that can eat you alive. My best wishes to you!
  4. I would get my whole life if they started exposing Lou with actual documents.
  5. Okay, but that meme you posted on facebook using the video of Brit's gym story was great.
  6. What confuses me is that after the documentary aired, some of her comments expressed gratitude towards people who were supporting her. Sam said she felt the support and appreciated it. This doesn't make sense to me, but who knows.
  7. He's a young artist trying to build his brand. Of course the intention is to sell, but I do see the symbolism in his video and I think it's cool. Don't like it? Fair enough, don't buy his **** and don't support his stuff. And to say that a music video and a ******* shoe are what's destroying people's minds, that's simply stupid. His answers show his level of maturity, though, and the way she expressed her opinion was respectful. I guess it's just an age thing.
  8. Can't wait to find out what appliance she chooses next!
  9. I wish she would take some time off to find new inspiration sources so she can stop re-recording the same ******* song over and over again.
  10. I hope he uses some of that money to go to fashion design school because his clothes are awful.
  11. Being gay is not all about ***, and not everyone who finds out they're gay at an early age has been exposed to ***. Kids start discovering their ***uality by instinct, but yes, their ways to explore are different. Gender and ***uality are part of identity, so it is normal for some kids to start discovering it by themselves. Some start earlier than others, and that's it.
  12. I knew I would be underwhelmed, but I still gave it a listen. I just don't think she has the spark for the type of music she went for. I wish she would've done something more pop, it would suit her way better. Anyways, reading the comments I'm glad are enjoying it. I'll be looking forward to her future projects, to see if she releases something I like.
  13. Idk, man. Britney changed the pop world with her debut single, while Doja made a song saying "*****, I'm a cow"... She has some cool music, and I wish her all the success in the world, but I don't see her changing the game in any way.
  14. I remember that too. The guy is just an ******* with a platform. The world doesn't need people with such negative energy and attitude, so I'm glad he's killing his career.
  15. Can't wait for her to release this EP so she can forget about it in a week and focus on releasing some pop songs in english, which is what I actually enjoy from her.
  16. The headline reminds me of the man that beats his wife and controls everything she does "because he loves her". Such a classic line to justify abuse. Disgusting.
  17. The comments on this thread say otherwise. People are still complaining about those things, which is why I wrote my comment. But I do agree with your other statements. I didn't watch all the other rehearsal videos because I wasn't a fan of the POM performances, and I was expecting something similar. And tbh, I wouldn't be surprised if Britney herself requested this type of choreo, given the changes in her style. Maybe they were going to do something more theatrical with the stage, or special effects to enhance the performance. We'll never know, I guess.
  18. I find this believable, but this guy talking about this now seems odd. And the statements from her parents... These people are a mess.
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