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  1. I definitely had no idea she did that rap in 2000 on tour. That is news to me. I always thought it was from 2003. I guess it makes a little sense. The Dumb and Dumber reference would have been a little more relevant in that years. And definitely the Lauryn Hill reference. Wow. I never even put that together. I just figured she liked those things and that stuck with her.
  2. It's so obvious that this is fake. You don't even have to look at it that closely. The things this fanbase chooses to focus on sometimes… Billy B posted it for goodness' sake.
  3. .... lol can someone just explain the inside joke I'm apparently missing? I can't find anything about it. Like, I think I know what's behind it but... enlighten me! Lol
  4. This right here is the reason why going on video won't work. More often than not, she has this appearance when she's speaking on video.
  5. Why would anyone believe it on Instagram when everyone believes she doesn't write her own captions?
  6. I'm glad that not everyone is instantly believing this. He said " Of course watching certain things that are now so far in HER past...can be #emotional for sure." OK, "emotional" was used in the caption to. It seems to contradict to me. I still follow him but his ever growing unreliability has forced me to mute him. Also, the founder of a company is not running the day-to-day operations. So please, learn how companies work and stop saying Cassie is running Britney's Insta. There are dedicated social media managers who run celebrity's social media. That's like saying Tim Cook is sorting through people's MacBook issues.
  7. It's always interesting to see people's perception of her quotes about people being positive and not wanting to be a prisoner person from For the Record.
  8. I understand. And I suppose it's fair considering iconic means widely recognized. But I still think upholding it as such a big pop cultural moment — reenactments and all — is wading into dangerous territory since "iconic" has a positive connotation.
  9. Right. He's a teenager and no matter how we see Britney, she's still his mom. For all we know, he could have unfollowed her because she was being a mom and told him to do something he didn't want to. This fanbase sometimes…
  10. I agree with this for the most part. Particularly the part about seeing footage from that period being a trigger. But I am firmly not in that camp of fans who sees 2006/07-early 2008 as "iconic." Especially in 2007, I was worried that I'd turn on the news and see that she'd died. I feared that's what I was seeing when I turned it on in 2008 and saw that she was strapped in a gurney getting wheeled out of her home. I panicked because it wasn't all that dissimilar to what we saw when Anna Nicole Smith died. There's nothing iconic about that. It was a frightening thing to witness.
  11. So Britney has never liked Steven Tyler or Aerosmith though? We know Britney doesn't post herself but… what in the flawed logic. There are other maybe better examples of her talking about his/the band's music but that's all I can find so far.
  12. "I didn't watch the documentary but from what I did see of it I was embarrassed by the light they put me in."
  13. Also, she's said before that not only does she not like pity but she doesn't like for other people to tell her story. So I don't think the caption is totally off base. She's also said she does not like looking back so I doubt seeing bits and pieces of her life at such a hard time would be welcome. They even covered the media coverage of her as a mom. If she saw that, there's no doubt that it would sting.
  14. I don't get all the "she needs to make a video and say this" stuff. If she went on video telling everyone to quit the #FreeBritney movement and voice the same concerns from the caption, no one would believe her. More conspiracies would come up saying she was put up to it. Maybe if she spoke the way she does in this video (swipe) but definitely not otherwise.
  15. Thanks! Ok, I did see that. Has no one thought that she maybe wanted the post archived? I think one of her sons follows her account from what I've seen.
  16. Wait, did I miss that?? I don't always get notifications for her posts like I should. Does anyone have a YouTube link?
  17. Ahh! Omg! Do y'all remember this? I was late but this is the era that I joined the fan club! https://web.archive.org/web/20060326115830/https://www.britneyspears.musictoday.com/fanclub/templates/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fFanClub%2fTemplates%2fHome.aspx%3fNRMODE%3dPublished%26NRORIGINALURL%3d%2ffc%2fbritneyspears%26NRNODEGUID%3d%7b3A535E32-29B6-4B75-9067-271C51709B11%7d%26NRCACHEHINT%3dNoModifyGuest&NRMODE=Published&NRORIGINALURL=%2ffc%2fbritneyspears&NRNODEGUID={3A535E32-29B6-4B75-9067-271C51709B11}&NRCACHEHINT=NoModifyGuest
  18. Yesss! I've been a fan since BOMT era but this is when I went on her website!
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