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  1. I dont think and in fact I know that the songs from Original Doll were not repurposed for Blackout at all, first most of Blackout was recorded between 2006 and 2007. Original Doll was recorded between 2004 and 2005. Original Doll was an album meant to show her rebellion against her previous image with songs like Mona Lisa and Dramatic. Blackout on the other hand doesnt take a clear stance on that, though is ha a lot of sass and acknowledge her legendary status. Britney had more involvement in the writing process of Original Doll, probably because she was in a better state emotionally than during the recording of Blackout. She was very professional and involved in Blackout, but not as much as during Original Doll. Im not saying OD would be a huge commercial success, maybe it wouldnt. But it does show Britneys artistry and a different side of her.
  2. She really doesnt, and it isnt just about not dancing. Whitney, Celine and Mariah had great performances even without dancing.
  3. Yep, i believe she wrote in all of those. Imo her unreleased material from the 2004-2007 period prove how great of an artist she is. Songs like Mona Lisa were done against the will of her label and most of the Blackout era songs were recorded in her house proving she's a great artist even without the assistence from her label.
  4. Wow it's disgusting that they would charge Britney for media appearances aimed solely on keeping Britney under a conservatorship against her will, that a judge would approve those charges make me suspect even more that there is corruption going on in this.
  5. You dont really need to ask body langiage experts anything, thats a pseudoscience. Anyone can tell she has social anxiety, she displays symptoms of anxiety in many post-07 interviews. But in this video her anxiety seems to be more in control than in previous ones ocer the last few years and she looms great and so youthfull.
  6. Not really tbh, Gaga was perhaps the closest thing, but Britney is and will always be the princess of pop and I never thought anyone would take her tittle away from her, same as Madonna will always be the queen of pop and MJ the king. Nothing will change tbh, they broke too many barriers and inspired too many people.
  7. Imo since dancing became so rigid for her with all the choreo learning and precision, what shes doing here is precisely trying to find love and passion for it again, by making it freer. Also its stupid to criticize her for doing what she wants to do, she doesnt own you anything and I bet your fat *** have hard time getting out of the tub! ;)
  8. She was so done with everything in 2003, appearing in an award show she was also presenting with no professional make up and drinking coke lol
  9. Tbh it does feel very Britney like to say this in a sarcastic way, it muat be pretty awful to have the world prying and making many times baseless comments on your life. Or naybe she cant change the situation so she might as well learn to find some gratitude for it.
  10. She also said she wanted more kids in her carpool interview, imo thats why she decided to fight back against the cship after all these years. They clearly did not want her to be in a relationship with Sam, let alone have kids with him.
  11. The thing that really sets Britney apart from all the rest of the recent girls is not only the magnitude of her fame, but mainly the level of influence she has had on the newer artists and the music industry as a whole. Remember prior to Britney, solo teen female artists did not sell, it was a time of mature vocalists, like Celine, or bands/groups, like Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls. Britney really changed that, Christina herself said she only got a deal because of how sucessfull Britney was with BOMT, from then on all labels tried to have their own young female artists, like Jessica, Mandy, and even the counter Britney like Avril, was by in large inspired by Britney herself. I think pretty much every single artist of the present day mentioned being influenced by Britney, including Gaga, Miley, Demi, Taylor, Selena, and even Adele and Billie Eilish. Its impossible to know for sure, but without Britney we possibly wouldnt even have Rihanna, maybe Beyonce would've never left Destiny's Child. Britney left her mark and revolutionalize the music industry which is why shes there with the greats like Madonna and MJ, it's stupid to compare her to artists like Taylor and Ariana.
  12. I think nerves really play a huge part, hence why we have gotten some amazing rehersel videos since 2008 that were not really translated in the shows.
  13. Imo what broke a lot of her confidence was the 2007 VMA performance and the backlash, and I think she just looks back a lot of what happened in 2007 and feels shame, what she shouldnt feel. The world was cruel, she was dealing with a lot. Also, a lot of days in POM she was amazing, what proves that the knee isnt the whole story. Its important to note that youre energy will change when youre 21 and 40 with 2 kids, its pretty unrealistic to expect Britney to dance like she did when she was so young and didnt have the insecurities she has now.
  14. When I was younger I used to blame the knee injury and k-fed for the change of direcrion in her career, but now, looking back at older interviews, how she always talks about wanting chidren, how she seemed to be done with the industry and how she was protrayed, looking at how she was desperately seeking love, I think she would've taken the same decisions no matter what. Britney said herself in FTR that she had in her this need to rebel, she was tired of being miss nice girl and still only getting backlash for everything, and imo she blamed her team and family a lot for that, hence why she had her complete falling out with them by 2007. Thats what a lot of it came from, her need to rebel against this miss perfect, she wrote it to us in MonaLisa, we just werent paying attention.
  15. Sorry babe, my mom was also the guardian for mu uncle who had schizophrenia until he passed away. But I think our situations are so different from Britney's, if youre able to perform in front of thousands and learn hours of coreography, then youre not someone who needs a c-ship.
  16. Imo the video would've been much better without the first scene. It's just cringey. Her body looked amazing in the video tho
  17. It's hard to be a Britney fan lol. I hope she means something is coming out like an interview or something and on the plus side she did look beautiful that day.
  18. We dont like anything, we just dont pretend we know something that we actually dont know, like some fans do. Whoever is a Britney fan from the early 2000s knows how close her relationship with her sister is. We dont pretend we know more of th relationship than the actual two
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