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  1. This. The cop never had a fair chance in trial due the constant threats of protests. His trial has happened unfair.
  2. Time to quit your job and leave the world police-less as criminals with a certain colour get away with murder, drugs dealing and more. at this point it's better to live as a criminal.
  3. But it IS when considering she puts stores on a blast for sugar free cookies, for constantly talking about her addicition and now she's PROMOTING w**d? Come on. This girl belongs in an institution already, she's clearly not capable of taking care of herself.
  4. OneRepublic: 1. Love Runs Out 2. Counting Stars 3. Stop and Stare/Secrets 4. Wherever I Go 5. Rescue Me 6. Apologize
  5. Taylor Swift: Marching band intro as the BBMA opening 1. ME! 2. Blank Space 3. I Knew You Were Trouble 4. Love Story/You Belong With Me/Back to December medley 5. Look What You Made Me Do 6. Cardigan/Willow ending at the piano. No dancers. Just her closing the show elegant and simple behind her piano.
  6. Would a gay at heart person stalk a woman? Makes me question if he's really gay after all....
  7. If you stream 1 song 100 times, it count as that 1 song being sold. If you play all the album songs 100 times, it counts as an album sold. I could be off a few streams but I know it's around 100 and 600 for Spotify. That's why, when Britney released Mood Ring, I let it play all NIGHT with wifi off (to save data) and sound off because it DOES count when the sound is off and the streaming data is send whenever you reconnect with wifi/4G again. My overview last year said my most streamed song was Mood Ring with 1 day having more than a 1.000 streams so yeah it really does count and I gave Britney 10 sold copies with this on 1 day.
  8. Queen of Vegas, Celine Dion, teased a video of her in a gamble machine on her Facebook. She said she has some big news to share on April 21st. Most likely a return to Las Vegas where she stayed for years.
  9. I mean bigger artists like Britney still make big bucks with this, it are the less known artists that suffer from this. But to be honest, paying the artist more would result in a price change to their subscribers. I already pay 15€ a month so I can share it with my brother. Imagine having to pay 30€ a month do that artists get paid more. I know a LOT of users wouldn't continue their subscription and free users take more streams to count as a record being sold compared to premium users. Per example; Spotify free users have to stream a whopping 600 times in order to have it count as 1 sale. Whereas premium users have to stream it only 100 times.*approx. Anyway, artists make their money mostly of commercial deals such as fragrance/beauty lines, advertising products and touring. They shouldn't need streaming to live. Britney could EASILY live off her fragrance line alone.
  10. Imagine having the #1 albums she will have if ALL RERECORDINGS GO #1. Like she will beat Eminem's record! Queen.
  11. Slaylor. Godler. Legendler. Those who dare to undermine her powers will suffer for their ignorance. No but really SHE IS POWERFUL!!
  12. It isn't fair to compare them overall since Britney had the golden days of music...the thirst back then was bigger and there were a lot less of other idols but these days, everyone is an idol to people. Performing, promoting, ... she had the best days of music while Taylor became really big when things were changing. I can't compare the both overal but now it's definitely Swifties
  13. Hmm I think Swifties are more powerful as they're simply with a LOT and don't try making them mad cause they DRAG you. I am both a Britney and Taylor fan but we barely made the Glory re-release go #1 on iTunes. It was really close and almost didn't happen. So I "like" to think the Barmy has lost a LOT of power. Same with streaming. Glory has soooo little streams and her YouTube is even worse. I mean not that it's bad but for a powerful fandom, I'd say that's quite disapointing. BTS also has a powerful fandom.
  14. He's a hot daddy AND has good taste? Blake, you betta watch out gurl cuz we about to steal your fine a.. man!
  15. I am 25 and there are only a fzw dozens of confirmed cases of trombosis out of thousands vaccinated. The odds are really not that high and people are overreacting
  16. I got AstraZeneca (first shot only so far) and wasn't sick but a LOT of my colleugues had fever, strain muscles and woke up bathing in sweat for like 2 days/nights. I was scared to go through hell flr 2 days but I had nothing and they say Astrazeneca's first shot is the most vile one.
  17. I think she CAN rap but the things she raps about are soooooooo cliché and boring. WAP and UP are literally like alllllll the other rap songs. Though I like her voice but I wish she'd rap about something else rather than s.x
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