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  1. here we go.. Britney Spears sparks concerns after she dances to ex Justin Timberlake's song in bizarre video https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/britney-spears-concerns-dances-justin-timberlake-song-video?cmpid=prn_newsstand
  2. to be honest that is one of the less things I can actually imagine looking good from that era. Either HIAM beginning scene outfit or the scene with the microphones and the red nails. OR IWG outfit white outfit with a microphone dangling and red eye shadow. They would actually look good!
  3. I came across this podcast documentary yesterday night. I kind of missed it when it was released or forgot about it. it actually has pretty good points and is done well. It talks about how Britney was always been made fun about and never taken seriously as an artist. And that a lot of ***ism is involved in her story. There’s not a lot of news in it for us fans, but it is refreshing to hear about the story from a non fans perspective. it has interviews with the writer of The Rolling Stones article “inside the American tragedy” and puts her on the spot for calling her an “in-bred swamp thing” if the media treated her wrongly and if it would have been different today. Also that many other male celebrities have done much worse, yet she gets stamped crazy and is not given a second chance. one major flaw is that he says that Britney trashed Kevin’s car with a baseball bat but otherwise it’s a good listen.
  4. Sam didn’t want anything from her? how we sure bout that. It would be Charlie, that obviously didn’t want anything from her. or David. The rest we can doubt to have some kind of ulterior motives, due to being in the same field or wanting to be...
  5. You never know what you got.. till its gone gone gone... gone gone goooone
  6. Xtina still has more money to her name. Her net worth is more than double of Britney’s. What a joke..
  7. I’m kinda bad in stuff like this and was distracted by her iconicness.
  8. I never realized she had black sneakers Exhale bursting bubbles since 2004
  9. true.. but I think 2007 was arguably the biggest in regards to media attention, interest and search. “The photo agency X17, which has a team trailing her 24-7, estimates that Britney accounts for 30 percent of its revenue: It sold $2.5 million worth of Britney photos in 2007 alone, including $500,000 for its exclusive Bald Britney pics. Competitor Splash News says that Britney accounts for 10 to 15 percent of its business, boosted this year by $200,000 for photos of Britney in a hot tub. All told, Britney probably makes up a full 20 percent of the paparazzi business. Estimated average annual take: $4 million The Media If it seems like every time you see a newsstand, Britney is on the cover of another magazine, that's only because.she is. A celebrity tabloid with Britney Spears on the cover sells 1.28 million newsstand copies, some 33 percent more than the average. Between January 2006 and July 2007, Britney was a cover subject of People, Us Weekly, In Touch, Life & Style, OK!, or Star a total of 175 times in just 78 weeks. During that period, newsstand sales of issues with her on the cover amounted to a staggering $360 million. She's also topped the annual Yahoo Search rankings in six of the past seven years, slipping to No. 2 only in 2004, when Paris Hilton briefly stole her crown. Searches for Britney were up 60 percent in 2007, the year of her divorce, shaved head, and car wreck. "If there was no Britney, would all Web traffic stop?" asks Vera Chan, senior editor at Yahoo. "I would hesitate to give her that much power, but it's hard to argue with the facts." Estimated average annual take: $75 million”
  10. Peak single sales is circus. Look at the numbers. Womanizer and circus sold more than TTWE+HIAM+IWG in numbers worldwide
  11. Mostly In the US though.. She was charting higher in Europe when she was flopping in the US and later it was the other way round. so not sure when her charting peak was... in terms of longevity and WW. I mean... HIAM a was a total front loader hit #1 and fell off the charts almost immediately. whereas MATM was a #1 on the world charts back then for example.. It would need to be assessed if FF was her best charting worldwide
  12. Don't think I agree.. her charts were better during other eras. Longevity and album charts used to be better but yeah that's too much work to research that.
  13. This came to my mind and is really hard to beat.. this is a goddess walking on Earth. it's 02 though. but I see 01-02 as the same era. you mean to say beauty peak was in 00?
  14. I think there are different peaks in Britneys timeline.. Peak in popularity/sales: I agree with you is 2000 peak in beauty: probably 2001 Peak in artistry and dance is: 2003 Peak in media interest: 2000 or 2007 Peak in tour gross: 2009 sadly all her peaks are pre-2010... :(
  15. They could have made the chorus better I agree. but I love the lying in bed touching my skin and the raspy **** voice over the rest of the song
  16. OMG.. this story is spreading. it's on CNN now and it says she revisited the initial post and says she did not run over any cats
  17. The underwater mermaid song. Are they drowning her in the studio?
  18. someone is really trying to promote her. this is the second thing I'm seeing without even searching for her. yesterday it was Jamie Lynne "scorches" Instagram with her hot pics on the kitchen counter and today this... Yeah. let Jamie be the cash cow for a bit and let Britney free. get those 20 bucks with baby bottle pop. yasss!!
  19. ikr she's doing absolutely nothing (or making her wear peasant shirts and feed her meds she doesn't need). that's a nice paying job...
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