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  1. Of course. You are totally right. And not only the lungs, it does change your microbiome as well. Science has just started scratching on how, but it does.
  2. Right? The color looks great on her, the length is cool, but why do they do her hair as if she were driving her kids to soccer practice in 1995?
  3. Indeed. And apparently, I also have brain damage. Jesus Christ, the writing and spelling in my answer is absolutely terrible. Haha.
  4. I just want to answer this because it's very important that people stop perpetuating the lie of "w**d is not addictive". Such a claim is not science based and shows a lack of understanding of the processes in which the brain becomes addicted. Yes, there are differences in the length in which the psychoactive acts on neurons, but it DOESN'T MEAN IT DOESN'T CREATE ADDICTIVE PATTERNS. I have seen clear personality changes and behavioral modifications in subjects with long term use of w**d. To say it does nothing, is to not understand what it is to put a foreign substance in your body. For a hard core addict like Lovato, this behavior is totally high risk, because it alters the biochemistry of her brain and entire organism. This doesn't help a subject like her with her sobriety. If you want to read more about the subject, you can find research, but I will leave this 2018 study that talks more in depth about what w**d does to you. Now, yes, w**d has a lot of medical applications and under the right circumstances, it can be of great help. I repeat, under the right circumstances. The study https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6223748/
  5. I watched little parts and read about it. I found it terrible and just came to show what I suspected, there is a very entitled, self- absorbed and not a very bright person behind those empty little eyes. Her whole comment of "working together with them" was so.... As of she knew what good messaging is haha! Nonetheless, thanks so much for answering my post and taking the time to explain to me what you meant.
  6. Am I a terrible moron for being super bored of this kind of posts by "her"? I don't know, I don't see the appeal and specially now that we are in the 4000 gazillion video of her doing the same. I really wanted to enjoy it but nah.
  7. So, according to this, if I were an alcoholic and I went to, let's say, Walmart (and I have no interest in defending Walmart, trust me) and they have bottles of wine advertised next to the alcohol isle and discounted, does this mean I can call them out for being triggering for me? Or if I went to a restaurant a the person next to me is drinking and celebrating with a drink, should I call her out on social media for being "triggering" and making me feel personally offended and in danger of relapsing?
  8. Wait. There is a fine line between not promoting something and being people's parents. People also need to work on themselves. Brands do have terrible behaviors sometimes, but we are in charge of ourselves at the end of the day. Also, her claim here is idiotic as f... I have been angered by brands many times, but seriously, she feels outraged by this? Boy is she still confused with life. No, it's not a diet obsession, it's a perfection obsession that the world has and its a cycle that feeds off the Kardashians, the tiktokers, the Instagrammers of the world that petend to be something they aren't and also many times promote not this you call "diet culture" (a term I find highly debatable) but unreachable beauty standards. I don't see any wrong with healthy eating, the danger is the obsession. But sorry, I don't see how this is damaging and I fail to understand Demi's "what is your favorite dish. It's a mug." Lovato outrage.
  9. Sorry, moron Demi, I am not diabetic yet I try to eat sugar free stuff whenever I decide to go for the sweets. I have not been confused once 8n my life. What the heck is wrong with this woman?
  10. I see your point, but people also need a little bit of self awareness, you know? Why should a millionaire entitled celebrity be forgiven repeatedly for toxic, damaging behaviors? I mean, she feels offended for not being catered to constantly, but did she stop for one freaking second to think this is someone's livelihood? That families depend on this and that with her huge plataform she can hurt people? Did she take a break from her idiotic rant where she feels like a savior and "triggered"??? Good lord, God forgive those people who offend the poor idiot because this moron doesn't have any freaking restraint, not even with sugar.
  11. Indeed. I agree. Sorry for my double post. I couldn't delete it. I was trying to fix it and put it in my other post but failed. Haha!
  12. So, I have noticed and increasingly divisive dialogue between pretty much everyone on social media, reaching a peak with the pandemic. So, I was curious, how do you guys keep a balance? How do you conceptualize the difference between a valid questioning and a "conspiracy theory"? Have you stumbled upon something too crazy?
  13. And she is not, I repeat, she is not wearing a crop top. Praise the laaard
  14. So was Harvey Weinstein. Extemely powerful compared to old Lou Lou. You never know when life has the wolves of karma ready to swallow and chew you whole.
  15. Totally. That is why I mentioned it at the end, because without dedication and work ethic, not even all the privilege in the world would do. I don't think anyone can take away from her the fact that she has built this, whether she received lots of help or not, not everyone would be able to carry on for almost 20 years.
  16. First and foremost, I think her work ethic is the main factor. She has noticeably worked on improving things about her that truly sucked at the beginning. Second, she has a talent to put primal feelings into words. I have said it many times, I hated and still hate her earlier stuff, it is very silly, but it is clear many people connected with it. Still, she has a way with words and melody. Third, she has not been scared of showing her vulnerabilities and sticking to herself. It could have been easy to follow the "every popstar route" with over***ualized image and lyrics. Even to this day, she has never done it, which makes her success more poignant. And finally, ENORMOUS PRIVILEGE. People say she has been a smart business woman, which is true, but she had that chance, at least early on, thanks to having had her dad be one of the owners of her record label and giving her all the leverage. I mean, look at early Britney, in spite of being so young, she knew what she was doing. She refused to do a stupid Power Rangers-esque video for BOMT, she chose and fought for songs and singles. She wanted to come out with Original Doll, which apparently had a totally different style, but they did not let her. Imagine if a record label crushed Taylor's choice of creating and releasing Folklore? It is those key choices that make a huge difference. But why was Britney crushed by a bunch of powerful decision makers? Cause she did not come from the same privilege Taylor came from. It is not the same to be a young girl in the business, but have your daddy buy part of the record label and become the partial owner, help and support you, guiding you with business choices (having been an investment banker) than being a poor girl from Louisiana, with an abusive, alcoholic father and an abused mom with no education, no job, a damily in bankruptcy. I bet many women, Britney included, could have been way savier about their careers, if only they had the same Opportunity Taylor did. And I am not taking away the fact that Taylor's biggest talent is, arguably, her capacity to build her brand up. But she was able to do that cause she came from a privileged background very few people have.
  17. It's quite not my thing to claim or pretend to diagnose anyone who I don't work with, but he seems pretty close to a NPD (narcissistic personality disorder)
  18. Totally. She was a better marketer than anything else. She was bland and generic and very paint by the numbers kind of creator. Still, one of her greatest advantages was that it was her writing what she sung and her willingness to speak of emotions while everyone else was talking about grinding in the club. I have to give that to her. She was talking about lullabies and princes while everyone was more and more about the same old, tired topics of one night stands and stuff like that. She followed her own compass. I have to say, these last 2 albums were different. Her writing really moved from generic to powerful. And this comes from someone who, even to this day, can't find the grandiosity in All Too Well or anything pre Folklore except for a few bops scattered here and there.
  19. I see a discussion over who is better, Taylor or Britney. I mean, could we be comparing more different artists? Is as if you told me, who is better, Queen or The Beatles? C'mon, you are comparing vastly different artists, with very different skills and in totally different contexts. Comparing numbers like that is absurd. Britney was huge, but the leeches around her and her bad choices led her to a de-escalation of her massive reach. In a utopic world, if she had a better team, more loving people and family, she could have easily reached a Michael Jackson legend level. In 5 years of career she was this close. Taylor is totally different but not less bright in her own terms. Honestly, Taylor has been an incredibly good marketer, brand builder and a prolific writer. For me she was very hit and miss in her first 6 albums, but I have to admit I was blown away by the last 2. Britney put too much power into other people's hands, but she was a far superior performer. It has taken Taylor a lifetime to stop looking awkward when she was trying to look cool. I mean, we could compare forever and ever and nit-pick at this and that, but they are totally different animals. And the only thing that has stopped Britney from growing was the turmoil, the pain and the exploitation. Taylor has had solid ground to grow and explore. I really see no point in trying to bring one or the other down. Some people will prefer one over the other and.... So?
  20. 3 years ago I saw this live and I was just mesmerized. I do not currently live in the US and Hulu is not available here. I was wondering if anyone knows how can I watch the movie? I really, really want to watch it! ADVERTISING Skip Ads by × Thanks in advance to whomever stumbles upon this
  21. Really? You buy one word of that? This was very clearly planned and what she said was a total spin engineered by (not very bright, may I say) professional, but very lost spin doctors. Janet and idiot Justin thought they were going to go on the history books and they did, but definitely not as they planned. And of course, Janet took all the blame, given the fact that it's a very chauvinistic environment and she was raised like that too, sadly. Justin was a true coward. He handled this so terribly, that it hurts. These statements by Janet were most likely, ill advised by people who wanted her to save face, but had no idea what the heck they were doing.
  22. Thank you for your answer. I heard about it literally being on fire, but with this psycho woman, you never know. I hope baby Jesus can forgive her.
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