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  1. I can't wait! Sacrifice is a major house bop, so I'm excited to hear what Sabotage sounds like
  2. This thread really took a turn for the worst, huh? We get that some of you don't like Gaga, but can't you just tone it down a little, and cut the woman some slack? She's been through a lot over the last several years, and making fun of her issues isn't cute. It's rude, and arrogant, and it makes you look like a clown
  3. To be honest, here are what the messages of the song are like because you seem to have a one-sided view of those songs. 1. Applause is a song about loving how much her fans adore her, and about how all she wants to do is entertain her fans, and make them happy. 2. Do What U Want is indeed a ***ual song, and shouldn't have had R. Kelly on it in the first place. However, the song is also striking back at the media for criticizing her every move. They could take everything they wanted to away from her, but they couldn't take away her mind, or own her life because she wanted to control the narrative of it for a change. 3. As for G.U.Y., it's more than just a song about submitting to someone. It's about being confident in yourself, in what you do, and living in your truth of things. You might be biased, and I might be too, but the song meanings don't lie, honey.
  4. Update: DJ White Shadow made another post on IG about ARTPOP: Act II. He, and Gaga made a plan to talk about it after she gets back from Italy, and discuss their wishes. No promises are being made at the moment, but who knows? Our wish might just come true
  5. Same here. I find it very difficult to make genuine connections with other people too, and I regret not doing so in the past. However, I feel like I'm learning from that, and I'm making the connections that I know I need to make.
  6. I really can't wait to hear ARTPOP: Act II if Gaga decides to release it. If not, then I look forward to what she's doing next
  7. I mean... where's the lie? I'm just now starting to appreciate it, and love it too, but I had to re-listen to it first, and explore a dark time in my life again
  8. A petition for Gaga to release an ARTPOP volume II made waves. It even caught the attention of Gaga herself, who has low-key distanced herself from the album over the years. Update: On April 14th, ARTPOP hit #1 worldwide on iTunes!
  9. Also, I guess I could try out doing an empathic reading if anyone's interested. I haven't done one, but I'd like to practice
  10. I'm just ignoring his work, and refusing to give him attention. I don't want to give him the energy of even disliking his videos because it will give him the attention he craves, and yearns for
  11. The focus of your reading: I drew the card that says "Be true to yourself". You're looking for the approval of other people rather than focusing on what you do, and feel. You have to stop abandoning yourself as a result. Stay true to you regardless of what other people think. Express how you feel, and stand strong, and courageous in the face of opposition. The energy I sense from you: On this one, I drew the card that says "Change tracks". I'm getting the feeling that you feel stuck in one place, stagnant. Right now, you're going through a major learning curve, so you need to change tracks, and raise your consciousness to a higher level. Your path is changing because you're prepared for growth, and freedom on many levels. View these obstacles as an invitation to align yourself in a new direction with your authentic self. Your past: I drew the "Imagine solutions" card. You felt overwhelmed by situations where you couldn't find an answer to, and you were trapped by circumstances you had no control over. God (my spirit guide) wanted to tell you that you needed to look from within you to find creative answers to the problems you faced. Don't agree to anything that doesn't serve your highest good. Your current situation: I drew the "focus on success" card. God, through me, wants me to tell you that in order to be successful in the outer world, you have to find success in your inner world. Observe what's happening around you without taking it to heart. Decide what you want to do differently once you learn from your present conditions. Control your own responses instead of what other people say. The outcome of your current situation: I drew the "Love yourself" card. You're going to be able to learn how to practice self-love, and love, listen, and gently communicate with other people, so you can come to a clear sense of peace, and understanding with them. Don't put expectations on people that are too high. Learn to love in relationships, starting with yourself. How you see yourself: I drew the "Seek hidden treasure" card. You feel like you're seeing things, for what they are, on the surface, but not looking deeper into them. It makes you frustrated because you feel like you're not understanding those things well. God wants me to tell you to slow down, and take a deep look at the current situation you're in. Overcome your need to jump to conclusions so quickly, and miss what's really true. Beyond life's surface lies hidden treasure. How other people see you: I drew the "Go with the flow" card. They see you as someone who's being disappointed because life has been unpredictable. Don't let the unexpected things shake you up. Recognize, respect, and embrace everything in the flow of life. Just know that you don't have influence over outer events, but you do have control over how you respond to them. Your helper hindrance: I drew the "Forgive and forget" card. You've had trouble with betrayals either recently, or in the distant past. You guard yourself from others because of your trust issues. You've learned not to be so trusting in other people, and you insist on being completed independent. Just know that a major life change is coming, and you'll have to open up, and connect intimately with people in order to move forward with your life. It's going to be rough, but I know you can do it. Knock down those walls, so you can receive love, and support from people. The general outcome: I drew the "Do what you love" card. You're going to be able to do what you love doing. You'll come back to who you truly are, and focus on your heart's true desire. You're going to have fun, so make the time to do it because your inner child is calling your name. Sing, cook, paint, daydream, dance, do whatever it is that brings a strong sense of happiness to you. Also, I can sense your energy, and I'm getting chills. You feel distant, but deep down, you just want to be listened to, heard, and loved on. I suggest listening to this song, but please listen to it from a different point of view this time. ❤️
  12. I'll add some more to it. I've just had to deal with a lot of stuff. If you want, you can send some emoji requests as to what you'd like for me to add
  13. Rina is set to release a remix of her song, Chosen Family, with Elton John on April 14th. Update: It's out now! Related:
  14. Exactly this! It's not always healthy to obsess over your past, and future. Focus on what's in front of you, at that moment, and just go with the flow of life
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