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  1. He's cute with great body but he just doesn't do anything for me. He's like a really jacked 15 year old twink.
  2. I've never bought into the "shelved album" idea. I could be wrong but the way I see it is that Britney started recording during the Onyx Hotel Tour (Mona Lisa) and then kept recording songs after. The sound was more raw and less pop. She went on the radio to debut the Mona Lisa demo and gave the tentative title of the 5th album. She kept recording and in 2006 she worked with Danja and the direction of the album completely changed after she recorded his songs and the 5th album turned into the club/dance album Blackout. There's never been any evidence that she and her label prepared an entire album called Original Doll and it was finished ready to go and everything but then they didn't release it for whatever reason. Albums change directions and titles all the time. The sound of the Original Doll songs wouldn't have been commercially successful anyway. It would have been a treat to her fans to have something different and more artistic but that's not what the public is interested in from Britney. I still believe that it was all recording for the "5th album" that changed direction once producers like Danja stepped in.
  3. I feel like she's had a really rough life. I used to make fun of Chris Crocker because I do think he brought it on himself often - he did something weird and outlandish and got a lot of fame for it. Then the fame went to his head and it prob really messed him up. I hope she finds happiness.
  4. I LOVE this song!! I love a lot of Britney's more experimental songs. I get why they didn't include it on ITZ and I get why standard albums are only 12 tracks, but I really wish people would release more than 12. It's a gift to the fans and it's a chance to include some really great songs that get left out. If artists released "deluxe" albums back then I bet it would have been a bonus track! I'd love an EP of these b-sides and unreleased tracks from ITZ for the 20th anniversary!
  5. I think the world is ready for a Britney comeback - the love is there and people are aware of FreeBritney and want to see her on top again. I think she's finally getting some of the respect she deserved all these years. But for it to really work and stick, Britney just needs to "bring it" - everything needs to be on - the song (with amazing production, maybe even an A-list collab), a great video, great performances, promo, maybe even attempting to sing it live. And I'm pretty sure she's capable of dancing hard again - we've seen it in rehearsal videos. I would love to see her with an amazing routine, something she's capable of, and rehearsing so hard that she just nails it and is fierce af onstage again. Maybe do something crazy at an award show like the old days. And I don't think Britney would want to do all that until she's out of the c-ship. Unless she's free, the passion won't be there.
  6. Actually Britney used Madonna... I don't think Madonna used Britney. Madonna is definitely a smart business woman and collaborates with "hot" artists at the time for relevancy but doesn't everyone do that?? It would be stupid not to. If she only collaborated with other older artists then nobody would care. And she does some damn good collabs so it's mutually beneficial. As far as I know, Britney was really the first time she did this. Britney was overly vocal about her love for Madonna since day 1. She covered her songs on the BOMT Tour and they were seen wearing each other's t-shirts. It was really cute. I thought it was sweet that Madonna acknowledged Britney's admiration for her. Madonna had the idea to "pass the torch" to other pop girls for the VMAs 03 and it helped Britney's career just as much if not more than Madonna's. Then Britney is the one that asked her to be on MATM and it wasn't exactly a huge hit so I don't like when people say that Madonna "used" Britney. If anything it could be said it was the opposite - Britney's label didn't want MATM as the first single from ITZ so Britney got Madonna to put vocals on to make her label release it and it worked. So actually Britney used Madonna. But I really do think they both just appreciated each other. They're barely relevant. If any of us became a famous singer we would die for a collab with Britney, our fave and inspiration, and it would be unfair to say that Britney "used" us to get fame if she agreed. If anything, Britney could take a page from Madonna's book. If she collaborated with more relevant/successful artists she would prob benefit from it. Her collab with Rihanna went #1 but her collabs with G-Easy and Tinashe (who don't have huge followings) were flops. But imagine Make Me... ft. Drake or Slumber Party with JLo or any other truly successful artists that get attention. Those songs prob would have been hits bc they're amazing songs but nobody cared that Britney had a song with G-Easy or Tinashe. Also, we don't know what people did or didn't do during Britney's breakdown. And these people are wildly busy and don't follow Britney as closely as we did. Talking about mental health wasn't as big of a thing back then so I just think it's unfair to assume Madonna did nothing or didn't care. She was very supportive of her after the breakdown. She was very kind in For The Record and invited Britney to perform with her at her show. It was Britney's first time onstage since VMAs 07 and honestly Madonna didn't have much to gain from that - it was just a stop on her tour that wasn't filmed or anything (minus Britney's FTR crew) and the show was already sold-out bc she's Madonna.
  7. Re-recording albums, even in Taylor's case, is obnoxious unless it's acoustic or orchestral or something different.
  8. Does it annoy anyone else that "Good 4 U" and "Enough For You" are side by side and that they're spelled differently lol
  9. I don't think it's the fact that she dates a lot of guys bc a lot of people do that people shouldn't care. I wonder if it's more of the fact that she publicly blasts them in songs afterwards. That part is more controversial.
  10. I don't like when artists refer to their work as "ahead of its time" - it feels condescending lol, like the audience "just didn't get it" or whatever. And you hear artists say that a lot when their work flopped. But I thought most people hated ArtPop? I actually really liked it. In fact, it's probably my favorite album as a whole by Gaga. But I don't really think artists should put out "part 2" of any album. Do something amazing but different and unique.
  11. I really like Jewel and her 0304 album. I'm not too familiar with her other albums besides the singles. 0304 is definitely not as good as her 90s hits but it's an enjoyable album, at least for the time. And 2 Become 1 is a very beautiful song - my fave Jewel song! Also love Stand, Run 2 Me, Intuition, Leave the Lights On, 2 Find U, and Becoming!
  12. Jessica's had a hard road but unfortunately she's kind of seen as a joke. There are many reasons for this and some I think were a little deserving of the title and others weren't. But Jessica only really contributed a few mediocre pop hits and a popular reality show to pop culture. She has a beautiful and powerful voice but it's not like it's "the voice of a generation" or anything and her silly antics and failed ventures overshadowed it. Billie is more of a true artist and she's been very critically acclaimed. She hasn't done anything "iconic" per se but does anyone in music anymore? Performances/videos used to be about gimmicks. Let's face it, all of Britney's iconic moments were gimmicks - the snake, the kiss, etc. People don't really do that anymore. So "iconic" is kind of a weird word to use for either of these girls. However, I do think Billie contributes more to pop culture and as of now, will be remembered as a true talent vs. a joke.
  13. Then maybe you should stop. I understand your concern but this forum has turned into people writing and speculating about people they don't know all day every day. We don't know everyone's side of the story and it's not worth getting sued over.
  14. That whole family is pretty much famous bc they each paid so much money to literally change their bodies and faces so they have to expect scrutiny for their physical appearances. They don't promote a healthy lifestyle or even a natural one. Cry me a river.
  15. Awesome, love the random love for her deep cuts like when Rolling Stone praised How I Roll. IMO there are better deep cuts from the Britney album though - Lonely, Cinderella, That's Where You Take Me. But Anticipating is very cute and fun!
  16. She's always dragging someone but then gets mad when people make jokes that she does it and tries to drag them too
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