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  1. Wendel and her toxic mentality are so 1850, we shouldn't even be paying attention tbh
  2. What an interesting chart: the planets are spread all over and you barely have two planets in the same sign (were it not for Moon & Saturn in Pisces, Uranus & Neptune in Cap don't impress me much 'cause they're slow moving so when they meet, they do stay together for a while (as a matter of fact, I also have them in the same sign ) and the Asc is technically a point in the sky, it's not a planet). On top of that, Saturn (retrograde) at 0'19!!! in Pisces loosely opposite Mars in Leo, which is an out of sign aspect but it's on the 1st/7th axis (two of the 4 key houses in a chart) and it also engages the 4th! house (another key house; in your chart it's ruled by Mars) since Pluto (retrograde) squares both Saturn & Mars. Mars square Pluto is your tightest aspect, so that's one of the first aspects I'd look into. To sum it all up, I'm guessing, inner tension and power struggles? Mars is also ***tile the Sun so ambition and determination? Fear of ridicule, big ego? Then you've got Jupiter in Libra oppose Moon in Pisces (and that's another out of sign aspect, wtf ). The Moon is in the 8th and it also squares your Gemini Sun (which I'm sure af it's a pain in the asz, since there might be a disconnection between the ego and the emotional, primal needs) so I'd say mood swings? Overall, a spiritual and thoughtful character but maybe at times pleasure-seeking and, hmm, elusive? Things to keep in mind (if you ever feel like diving into this mess which I'm sure you don't but watch me work ): 1. Your chart ruler is the Sun (it sits in Gemini in the 11th house) and your chart co-ruler is Mercury (in Cancer also in 11th, although it's extremely close to the 12th' cusp and many astrologers would count it as being in the 12th) 2. You've got a diurnal chart (that means the Sun is above the horizon) so Jupiter's your greater benefic (it also sits in Libra, below the horizon, and that's to be desired in a diurnal chart) while Mars is your more challenging malefic and the triplicity rulers are Saturn & Mercury (assisted by Jupiter) 3. Your final depositor is Venus (that means every planet in your chart can be tracked down to Venus) and it rules the 10th house (the forth key house) aaaand it's loosely conjunct the Medium Coeli. It'd be more powerful if it were in the 10th, but it's in a position of power nonetheless. I'd give it the proper research it deserves. (Btw Venus in Taurus is legit delicious, the best Venus to have imo ) That being said, I'm by no means an expert and I'm waiting for the op to come correct my assumptions. I'm not trying to substitute op either, so take this as an snack while you're waiting for your reading. Anyway, my point is: I see you're from Mexico. I need to know. Is / was INNA (ever) a thing there? Or is it a myth cultivated by her fans from home?
  3. Mary J. Goddess Mariah & Sade are my #1s. In a cruel world where they were not an option, my fave would be Annie Lennox (Eurythmics included ofc ). She's already #2 on my list. I also absolutely adore Chanté Moore & Brandy but Annie would 100% be my queen
  4. I believe this. And I bet his other girlfriend is Christin Aguilera, I hear she's having an affair.
  5. I'm pretty positive it's bound to happen sooner or later. What goes around... does come around, after all
  6. Gays men got the #FB movement erect, now it's on straight men to get an explosion So don't worry about it
  7. Nobody was listening to Rita Oral in 2014, nobody is listening to Rita Oral in 2021
  8. What in the name of trap is on with all these Lil Somethings? Lil Uzi Vet, Lil Nas X, Lil Peep, Lil Yachty, Lil Please God Make It Stop wtf did I miss something? Why is everyone and their mother lil?
  9. Add to that they're 17, 20 and 21 I feel like I was invited to the kindergarten to watch the kids putting up a stupid show
  10. My face when I got to Mega, aber auch skurril... I mean... you could've highlighted the translation
  11. E-Mail My Lou Chillin Witchu (ft. Jamie Leech) How I Kitty Cat (Be My Fvkc 2nite) [explicit] Mmm Papaspears My Tiny Hands (I Smell the Breath) (Drop Dead) Vegetable Brave New Island Fantasy Crazy (ft. Kelvin "Toy Soldier" Federlane) Tik Tik PETA (Smex Siren) [explicit] SMS (ft. Mildred Cyrus)
  12. Favourite things??? Brave of you to assume I pay attention to Justin Timberflake.
  13. I don't believe in the so-called Latino explosion when it comes to movies music. Jennifer Lopez Selena Gomez doesn't have an accent. She grew up in New York Dallas speaking English, not Spanish. Her success is very important because she represents a different culture, but it doesn't help me Latinos.
  14. I just love how - now that Capitol Records officially buried Katy's career Smile six feet under - queen Jamie Lynn is putting in so much work to be our private clown It's a full time job, the Army gotta laugh
  15. Such a good balance of music taste, yet she still manages to be the most boring & underwhelming popstar wannabe out there how come
  16. I'm still pressed af this Lil Nose X undeservedly broke Mimi's record. And now he's working with Katy Berry??? May shameful FLOPAGE come their way.
  17. Hmm, it looks like she didn't make it through the wilderness of being a crypt keeper's daughter. Oh how sad but how predictable
  18. I adore our girl Brit, but I gotta be honest and give it to Lorna. She took TTWE to a whole other level yas queen And let us not forget her iconic cover of Toxic
  19. What does she have to say about people accusing her she can't sing? Now that's what I'd like to know but she won't ever address that, I assume, since you can't really fight the truth
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