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  1. I was chill until that user started stalk posting about me when all I did was answer a question he asked. He misread my post and started insulting me writing me essays when I never said a bad word about him, it was to another user. I wish him reading skills and a new non-rotten a ss for Xmas hope my wish come true @MyahJeanSpears
  2. I paid attention to the post you quote, are you smoking crack? You lied and rightfully got called out. My post makes perfect sense. You said Britney hasn’t filed to terminate the cship cause they were trying to gather more info on Jamie when that’s not true, all the evidence in this world against Jamie will not get her out of the cship, nor does it help her. Proving her dad is an abuser will not set her free. I clearly meant to tag at the bottom the user that you quoted. @MyahJeanSpears he clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about but the reason he gave you is bs. Them incriminating Jamie will not help Britney get out of the cship. The real reason why Britney doesn’t file to terminate it is a mystery. I know being under the cship also gives her some benefits like she can’t get sued for many things that she could have been sued for. To me it seems she does not want to get out but instead get Jamie out. Congratulations on embarrassing yourself a second time on this thread @Pinky98
  3. What are you suggesting here...? Not judging, just curious as I have had that feeling too, but I want to believe what I think is a crazy far fetched theory that simply can’t be true...
  4. I don’t understand your point here... You can’t imagine him having bad intentions because he’s Iranian?
  5. He was proven to be working with her team covering up the fact she was locked up against her will last year. I can’t understand why some fans still give him the benefit of the doubt and act like this is a myth when it’s a fact. It literally happened. He was working with her dad and lou. Fact. He’s against Britney. That simple.
  6. No it isn’t. The evidence on Jamie will not help her get ouf of the cship in any way lmao where’s the correlation? Evidence against Jamie will get him permanently removed from thr cship but not help Britney get out, Jamie could be a serial killer, that doesn’t mean Britney doesn’t need the cship anymore. Only thing that will help Britney get out is medical reports and expert examinations and opinion to prove she can handle her life. Getting out of the cship is not a priority for Sam Ingham or Britney, clearly. Also @Pinky98 , that is why they don’t file for termination.
  7. This is so frustrating, Sam Ingham does not want the cship to end, he wants to keep getting paid by Britney to her “attorney” that she never even picked herself! These fees that he’s sooooo obssessed with have already been paid and are shrimp change to Britney, if he wants to keep obssessing over irrelevant fees and live in the past and become a museum at least do that once she’s free! To me it doesnt seem Britney even wants to get out of the cship, it seems Britney and Sam Ingham just wanna put Jamie in jail which I’m happy with ngl BUT what about her freedom? First get out THEN sue and go after them!!!!! Proving Jamie abused his power doesn’t mean she can leave the cship, they’ll just make Jodi permanent! I don’t get why they’re not filing to end the cship... it’s just wasting time and time, and we all know from the moment Britney and Sam Ingham file for termination of the cship it will take some time to terminate it so why delay it??? Does she wanna stay under the cship until she’s 50? Or forever? She obviously just wants to marry Sam Ashgari (and he ofc wants to marry her too for the money since it’s been proven he’s team cship) and Jamie doesn’t want to allow that because he knows Sam Ashgari is just another oportunist, Britney then just wants Jamie out so she can marry the **** toy yet remain being ruled around like a baby like she’s been since 2008. I’m starting to see why her sister doesn’t get involved... I’ve shouted for Britney’s freedom ever since she got forced into that mental health facility last year and even paid out of my pocket so that one of the petitions going around to free her got promoted for hundreds/thousands more people but that’s it. I stopped following this case today. One day if she files to terminate the cship (which I doubt, since she likes being treated like a child, just not by her father) I will then support the movement again. We keep shouting #FreeBritney when she doesn’t wanna be freed... it’s sad.
  8. I thought everyone and their mums had already listened to the hq version If someone is looking for the song dm me, i’ve had it in HQ for like a week lmao but don’t spread it on twitter cause we need those streams. its a BANGER
  9. Guys they messed mine too, I’m sooo sad from Amazon UK First they didnt tell me anything, then they said it would take two weeks, then someone else told me 48 hours and then someone else said 2 weeks again, all in the same day and it had to be me contacting then I ordered it so fast, it’s the second store that cancels my order
  10. He’s 100% lying, or worse, working with her team. Do not trust him, he has never proved anything or given us any tea, he could have said a month ago Britney had a surprise for fans coming this month, but nope. instead he got caught lying pretending Britney leaking songs to him said songs had been on the internet for years. 1. He’s her worst make up artist ever, he worked with her in 2012 when she was 30 and she was regularly looking 45 because of his make up. 2. He’s lying, he tried pretending she leaking him songs only to be debunked by her whole fanbase in seconds... the songs had been leaked for years...
  11. No it doesn’t depend. Anyways, Kim Petras has been featured on songs since she was a teenager and been seriously releasing music for about nearly 5 years now. Still no song or album charted. Also, Madonna never came out at 27, I don’t know where you pulled that one from, she came out at 24 and that was solo. If we count the groups she was previously in, then it was even earlier. In conclusion, Kim Petras’ ‘career’ is embarrassing, just like I previously said.
  12. It’s not an insult, I think 30 is young too. But to be 30 and have never charted is a little cringe, especially when someone says it will benefit Britney lmao that’s all
  13. Gurl I am still not reading any of your fumes. You will live with the fact Kim Petras is a twitter meme among 5 twitter gays (hence why she has never charted on any main chart). The 30 year old non charting flop is not getting a Britney Spears collab since it would only be beneficial for Kim Petras and her 3 fans, period. The Legendary Ms Britney Spears said NO to charity Instead we will get a collab with a legendary band known by everyone on the planet who have actual stans and can chart. I’m so happy, you’re so angry and I’m extra happy you’re angry, ugh it gives me that buzz
  14. It’s fine, I don’t know her either. Nobody outside stan twitter knows. Her albums have never charted in the billboard 200 charts, now THAT is tragic. Her two fans are fuming on my mentions and I’m so happy this collab was just a rumor from some bored twitter gay
  15. I didn’t read it again but Britney didn’t collab with 30 year old non charting flop hag and you’re using my mentions to vent about it. Well keep fuming Britney is NOT doing charity
  16. Now say it without crying Anyways ofc I didn’t read any of that but Kim Petras remains a 30 year old non-charting flop hag and of course she would never get a Britney Spears collab, why did I even stress about it in the first place? Silly me, ofc Britney would never stomp that low. I’m so happy its not happening Loving seeing you fume tho
  17. A BSB collab is not an embarrassing collab, they are legendary and this collab will be important. It’s like saying a Madonna and MJ collab (if he was alive) in 2020 would not be welcome because they’re “flops” now. Kim Petras is a non iconic 30 year old flop, please dont group her with the BSB.
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