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  1. Cell Block Tango- Chicago, Britney featuring Mariah, Rihanna, Selena, Miley, Kesha, and Missy E
  2. We all know Britney is a very private person. I have been way too judgmental and gunna stfu We should be making her smile and laugh not cry.
  3. This made my day and made me cry. You are an amazing person Britney. Purple green Red Pink
  4. You are too funny. You are gonna have a hard time getting those new bills and rights changed with them slow blinks. And before Cali can do jack you gotta get the Supreme Court to change the federal laws and have a Senate vote.
  5. The problem is you’re part-time rights theory is busted. Using a Conservatorship as a form of punishment is abuse. You have rights or you don’t. I think the focus should be about restoring her freedoms not inventing new cages to put her in.
  6. Hypothetically... You can’t just waive her rights guys that is the point. What they, hypothetically, did was, hypothetically, very wrong and very, hypothetically, illegal. That is why it is such a big deal. Unfortunately there is no formula to help someone. I have always held great respect for the Spears family. I am just expressing my hypothetical opinion on what was done in a hypothetical public court ruling against someone I care about. From my knowledge of the laws and rights in this country I have come to the conclusion that this Conservatorship is unlawful and unjust, hypothetically. I believe it is unconstitutional to temporarily or permanently waive your rights. I do not think a Doctor or a Judge has that power or authority. My receipt is The US Constitution and Bill of Rights. I believe the judicial system in California, attorneys, nationwide have been abusing the judicial system, hypothetically. Sorry if you don’t like my hypothetical opinion or find it too energetic and critical. I ain’t mad, just jotting down my hypothetical interpretations of the law. Also I personally hypothetically think Britney saved herself, I think she is that self aware and that capable and that intuitive. Help comes in many forms. From what knowledge I remember of the events at this time and with what public records show, I personally do not think ‘they’ exhausted all other options before her rights were, hypothetically, illegally removed. She seems to be not a big fan of the hypothetical loss of rights as well. Again these are just my simple hypothetical opinions on basic public information. I wish we all could have known better but we cannot change what happened. We can correct it though. The only source of help should not have been to hypothetically abused the judicial system and hypothetically break the law to strip Britney Spears of her God Given Rights as a human and a citizen of The States of America. Hypothetically I hope she sues the F A W K E N Shh IT outta those hypothetical attorneys etc Hypothetically Of Course
  7. You are going to have to find the answers to your own questions. If you can read my responses you can do some digging online.
  8. You can not legally strip people of their rights then just give them back. It is the last resort option for dying people. It is not like being punished or going to jail, you are denying a human of what our country has determined God Given Rights
  9. The California Constitution, Article I, Section 7, provides: "A person may not be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law
  10. I know a lot of fans are not from the states and it can get confusing but the information is online and many other fans have done a lot of hard work and can explain it much better than myself.
  11. Neglect https://definitions.uslegal.com/n/neglect/ Abuse https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/abuse Conservatorship Abuse https://www.robinsonandhenry.com/colorado/probate/conservator-abusing-power/ The Surprise Witness on IG really explains a lot so wonderfully, and her humor is great. But yes they broke the law by denying Ms Spears Due Process for example. But there are so many things wrong with this case. Their documentation is laughable and so unprofessional yet Brit pays thousands and top dollar prices.
  12. How about y’all learn up on your rights, the laws such as Due Process etc. example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Due_process
  13. Britney is like Elvis or MJ. There will never be another her but people will be inspired by her. Like she was inspired by Janet, Madonna, Stevie, Cher, MJ. Britney is Britney. Let people be individuals. Britney carved her own trail and space and kept moving. Her music is usually five years ahead of the industry.
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