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  1. Yeah sure, she hasn't ever commented on #FreeBritney, cship or anything important, but now she speaks to TMZ because she felt like she has to defend her criticizing on Framing BS
  2. I remember watching this so many years ago And watching this again in 2021 is so weird cause the perspective is such different. - when she's saying it's so cool to be independent and in control - when she's saying she wants to be with Justin for the rest of her life - when she's saying that Jamie Lynn is such a diva and that she's missing Jamie Lynn growing up cause she's on tour all the time. Obviously she was much closer with Bryan than Jamie Lynn. It was always like "oh my sweet little sister", not about any real, deep relationship between them. - her trying so hard to make her father have a great birthday
  3. I know but the knee surgery shouldn't affect her voice in any way, so when she had to sit through whole performance maybe it was a great opportunity to sing live (no dance excuse this time)
  4. She's sitting the whole performance and still the playback is louder than her mic I can't (of course it's her management's fault, not her)
  5. this is pure gold and for me the best pizza is hot pepperoni, gluten free since I'm on gluten free diet for 2 years
  6. This era had potential, wasted from the beginning (and I think the pandemic is not good excuse) Such disappointment
  7. I like so much her looks here, because it was so different from her other usual ones. Classy and simply beautiful I always thought she looks best on official appearances when she's more "covered" and is wearing something simple, not over the top. She's too beautiful to hide under weird costumes.
  8. Oh Jordan, I have zero hate towards you, I knew it's going to be some kind of clickbait But I wonder what made you think it's a good idea, you're no beginner in this industry and we're living in a cancel culture No need to be a detective to come to right conclusion obviously what you've done is not going to be well received
  9. I was always impressed how she was able to dance wearing these jeans without showing off her lady parts It's a mystery to me, were the jeans taped to her *** or something I would finish the song with the jeans slided on my knees Queen of low waisted jeans I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney JEANS
  10. Maybe she does, but definitely not made by Jamie anymore
  11. First of all I don't even like Justin Bieber. And I don't like this vibe not because of my personal views on religion, but he seems so fake to me. Being religious is not only about going to church every week and having a cross tatooed on your chest or elsewhere. But yeah he's a free person and he can do whatever he wants, I just don't buy it.
  12. I haven't seen him in a long time so I had no idea he looks like that now, I can't recognize him In my head this is Chris Crocker: And I don't want to be mean so I would say only that the song sounds... dated
  13. Sorry but I don't think he cares... Probably it is a coincidence, she just likes his music, despite he is her ex
  14. Yeah she has improved a lot Also had no idea she's gay
  15. If you don't want to lose any weight it's pretty simple - you can't be on a caloric deficit. You should eat a little bit more + weight lifting. Muscles need food to grow. What's the point of doing any cardio if you don't want to lose weight. If you like walking + hula hoop it's enough. Just buy some dumbbels or go to the gym, and start weight lifting. And eat (but not fast food etc. of course) There is one rule - you can't have a goal of losing weight and gaining muscles at the same time (effectively).
  16. I think she never listens to her old songs, and probably she doesn't care about singing anymore. After all these years of not having any control over her music and whole creative process, probably she stopped trying. She always seemed to be ashamed of that teenage vibe of her old songs ("Sometimes" for example) - like they told her to act like sweet, innocent girl but she wasn't feel that way. I believe she rather would have another child and get married than give us solid album and live singing performances. But of course I would be so happy if she would, not just for us, but for herself She deserves to be fulfilled creatively and do something on her own, it's the time when she doesn't have to care about charts anymore.
  17. She was so incredibly beautiful She's still beautiful, but back then she was something else, a goddess, like most beautiful woman in the world Her smile was everything
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