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  1. I mean, sure, maybe But who's to say that 'Im Fine' video isn't from last year or something.
  2. And recently they've also made appearances on TV as female: They could make a cute girl if it wasn't for all those unnecessary fillers. Their wigs are amazing tho
  3. I have to agree, this phase of theirs was kinda hot: considering he started off like this: I'm not saying they aren't cute or anything like that, just saying they make a hot guy. Although I think now they might look off due to facial fillers (and maybe a bit of extra weight, but yeah, mostly fillers) No shade, just sayin
  4. Wait what? So they're still a "he"? I don't understand. And are they pregnant? How? Or just fat.
  5. Never have. Never will. But I do remember Jaden's IG live that one time... when he said his mom shouldn't retire because she makes BANK.
  6. Why can't I remember any of this? So he quit Britney when she showed signs of being over it all? But what about now, that the world knows knows she's a prisoner. Maybe he's stanning again?
  7. when he was a man again or a woman? if he did that being a woman then maybe he was salty cuz Britney is prettier and famous, or something
  8. Apparently. I'm confused. I remember the news about his new career in the gay adult industry. He was even muscular and stuff. Now he's back to a girl, or something in between, I'm not sure.
  9. *sigh she needs to look normal and well put so that Colon, Loucifer, Ingham and Jodi don't have any ammo against her. she needs to be free. and yes, those wigs are bomb. i want one.
  10. well she did need some sort of help back in the beginning. she wasn't better off with osama lutfi, alli sims and her disgusting paparazzi boyfriend Adgan Ghalib. It worked for a few months. We didn't know it was corrupt and that it was supposed to be made permanent. Britney went from this: To this, in like a month: So yeah, she did need an intervention. And help. Just not... a corrupt conservatorship.
  11. Are you kidding me? Her hair looked like crap 24/7 back in 2007/2008. It was greasy and dirty. When she felt better, that totally changed. You must be a new fan, sweetie
  12. 'Leave Britney Alone': The creator behind the 2007 viral video reflects on why people ignored them Chris Crocker, the creator of the "Leave Britney Alone" video, spoke to Insider about Free Britney. "I was defending her as a person, not a pop star," Crocker said of their Britney Spears video. Crocker said they believed homophobia and transphobia played a role in the video's reception. FULL STORY: Insider Aww they really were ahead of their time and the story about their mother is so sad. I hope they are finally happy and that they keep supporting the #FreeBritney movement. Btw they made $40.000 by selling the Leave Britney Alone video. Still not clear how that works since they used NFT, whatever that is.
  13. you're right, we're so dramatic. like, it's not like there's proof that her mental health tends to manifest itself on the appearance of her hair: http://www.judiciaryreport.com/images/britney-spears-10-9-07.jpg and it's not like she's in a corrupt conservatorship where they claim she cannot take care of herself, but ok. It's not like she's in the middle of a legal battle over her freedom. it's just us being overdramatic. k. take a seat, hunty.
  14. there are days when my hair looks awful and I simply do a simple ponytail and put on a hat. that's it. but... I just don't know, I'm worried. This is not helping. They'll probably use this as evidence against her.
  15. Love her and her outfit is cute, but what is going on with her hair? Yes, everyone can have a bad hair day and the answer is HATS, baseball hats or hoodies. Or a comb?! Anytime she has come out with her hair looking like that it's been suspected she's not doing OK: If I were in the middle of a legal battle over my freedom based on my psychiatric well being, I would not give ammo to my conservators by stepping out looking disheveled. https://www.self.com/story/katelyn-marie-todd-depression-hair No shade, just sayin' #FreeBritney #HelpBritney
  16. Oh look, another stalky "insider" who "cares about Britney a lot" and is not giving out creepy attention hungry vibes, at all. It's been years since we've had one of those...
  17. I'm sorry but this looks heavily photoshopped. It looks like a composite of two or more pictures. I think this is a pic of Britney's son posing with some other chick and someone photoshopped Britney's eyes the girl's face. The nose doesn't add up, the mouth doesn't add up, even the hair looks pasted on. Some hair strands appear out of nowhere and it looks veeery sloppy and blurred out. Like, bad. I vote: FAKE Unless someone facetuned the **** out of that pic, but still, looks very fishy.
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