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  1. As FBS pointed out, she was also held prisoner by the paparazzi from very early on. Like both situations are awful but I can understand why she would say it, especially as at that point she was seeing her kids more. Her view of the “good parts” in her 20s is also probably very different from ours, in that the ones we remember could blur together for her (a comment on fame in general, not necessarily anything more sinister).
  2. I hope Britney is fine but also wow that caption is a bunch of condescending, ableist rubbish. Plenty of healthy people, including professional athletes, have had it and continue to have debilitating symptoms or didn’t survive it. It’s less “healthy lifestyle” and more luck and access to quality medical care 🙄
  3. Highly recommend Jessica’s other videos as well! She is very informative and it’s important to unlearn all types of ableism, not just those associated with Britney. Plus she does great videos about queer history!
  4. this is a pointless and useless conversation to be having. i know one of the things other celebrities and fans alike love about britney is that she is kind and humble, but that's not why she deserves to be free. she deserves to be free because it's a basic human right. jamie lynn might not be "nice" but that doesn't inherently make her a bad person who is morally bankrupt. though marrying a trump supporter might. as other people have mentioned, no one is nice all the time. i remember reading comments here about the 2008 rolling stone article where britney allegedly screamed at people, including fans, and i don't disbelieve that. again, the fact that britney hasn't always been "nice" doesn't justify a conservatorship, but in the same way trying to judge jamie lynn's behaviour and justify hate based on whether or not she's nice is just a pointless exercise.
  5. I honestly love Just Like Me's her vocals are flawless.
  6. - Toxic and BOMT are super overrated and I especially don't get why the latter is so popular - Blackout is one of my favourite albums but I prefer how most of the songs sounded in the Circus tour e.g. Get Naked and Radar - On that note Circus is my fave tour of hers because I prefer the music but also really enjoy the choreo. You could tell when she was feeling it and in some ways it meant more that she could enjoy it after everything that happened than when she was still being the perfect popstar pre-2004-2008. - POM Breathe on Me choreo >>> ITZ Breathe on Me choreo - ABC In the Zone special is overrated I said what I said - I honestly think Britney was trying during Femme Fatale era, she just wasn't up to it. That said I think her dancing then was better than in POM. - I hate the 1999 Rolling Stone cover/photo shoot with all of my heart. The original Make Me video also sucked and I prefer the other one (though it is also bad).
  7. I was thinking this too. At the time I was wondering if the boot was on before they'd gotten it properly diagnosed, but this seems to confirm otherwise. Still slightly odd that they spent a lot of last month talking about it, but I don't know.
  8. This is a good point actually. If her foot is healed than that would have taken about 6 weeks which means she would have broken it in January, but they brought a lot of attention to it only a few weeks ago? Or she just doesn't need a boot or anything anymore, which is entirely possible because I am not a medical professional, and am sick of everything sounding like a conspiracy theory. Either way, she looks better here than on Instagram which is a good thing, and I hope she had a nice time.
  9. Just to add to the conspiracy theory flames: the dice tattoo comment quite possibly IS shade at Kevin, but directed at Jayden. Someone in the other thread said that he unfollowed her account recently, possibly because of the posts with Sam which emphasised how much she loved him (or because he doesn't want that immediate association because of fans/it being too personal), but if he hadn't then he probably has now. It might be a new tactic to turn the kids against her - custody might be a less effective incentive seeing as Jamie completely screwed that up which is she's continued not working, so try it from a different angle. Not necessarily saying I believe that because it is extreme, but if Lou is in charge of her IG that is where my mind would go, other than just making Britney look unstable. If it is Britney posting, then the conservatorship has still failed because this is doing absolutely nothing for her public image, which is what the conservatorship is in part supposed to be protecting. And it's not like controlled social media is inherently a restriction of personal freedoms when a majority of celebrities have it. Edit: also if we're talking about astrology then this is peak Mercury Retrograde miscommunication and we've got a whole more week to go.
  10. I became a stan this year and for me it was way more 1. show me the uncut OIDIA video 2. tell me she wrote everytime and about the whole original doll thing 3. show me one of those "britney's best dance breaks" on youtube from watchmojo or whatever 4. show me the 2016 bbma performance Knowing about 2007 also helped, not to mention learning the **** she put up with in terms of the conservatorship. But also kudos to little me that I have always gone hard for Break the Ice.
  11. Thank you so much!!! I was always disappointed they didn't use these pre-recorded vocals again, especially toxic which honestly sounds better (imo) than the studio version, especially 14 years later. It's great to hear what they sound like by themselves. Did she not re-record breathe on me though?
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