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  1. Not to be that person, but I think we can all agree that Britney's happiness will only come when this man is unable to further proceed with his ongoing clownery, in other words, when he's either dead or legally unable to.
  2. What a WEEK to be a Britney Spears stan boys...ngl hadn't logged in here since last year but it was too much, this is HUUUUUGE
  3. BUT SHE IS! No diff between her father caging her and abusing her sons x Sam Lufti and all that trash, except the first is supported by law, and makes her lose much more money. Drugs? Alcohol and (who knows what) before, sedative medication now, which she doesn't need. Pathetic.
  4. It's in court docs that it's a volunteered cship, that she does not have real mental issues...but you guys keep addressing it as if it was the true. And which WORSE place could she be? She's caged and unable to spend her own money; for what we know some of the money could have LITERALLY gone to gay demon exorcism and religious institutions she clearly doesn't approve of. Is this her big victory? Is this what you call being 'safe', and in a better place? Pathetic.
  5. The kind of people that Jordan counts with to keep it all respectful...
  6. Supporting her brand, her father and what her label is doing at this point is purely inhumane. After all evidence and shady facts spilled out during the #FreeBritney era, if you still feel it's ok to go out there and support all of this, you deserve to AT LEAST be severely judged. But then as it has been said, countless threads have stated these FACTS.
  7. Am I the only one who likes it? Swimming in the stars sounds like any generic 2016 discard, Matches sounds fun at least.
  8. I can't believe this mess. Britney is in serious danger. Brenda Penny has let me down, I wonder if some sort of corruption already achieved her...I fear it, actually.
  9. I could be plain wrong, but the way I see it (unlike many fans), is that he simply played along and didn't ask many questions throughout the years. It was not 'till Jan 2019 events - and then its outcomes (including, specially, the #FreeBritney movement) that Britney started to really fight the cship, that she got Lynne involved, that she cancelled Domination (which we all know wasn't because the Colon thing - IF it is actually real). I think about that time, or a bit later on, Britney finally took a stand and decided to figure out if he was able to play alongside her, sit down with him, and finally express her wishes. I could be wrong, but I think it's more along these lines than him being frightened or scared of anything that could happen to him. Remember that although we never consider it, the cship brought Britney many advantages - including the fact herself is kind of immune to certain lawsuits and other responsibilities, so I don't think he'd ask her 'Hey Britney good evening! How about dissolving this cship today?', specially because it kind of guarantied his job. The fact he is 'working' now, for me, only shows he's doing his job, which he is paid for, and nothing else.
  10. The mess, I love how Jordan didn't even bother with sticking the yellow 'keep the comments respectful' banner, he knows it's all too messy to respect this woman.
  11. I think she will in right time. First things first is reestablishing Britney's rights to sue and to speak her mind. Then she will serve the tea.
  12. Owning all previous LDR albums (except Born To Die) and being a big fan, I'd rather have her delay it and put out a decent record. What we already have from Chemtrails is not that good tbh, and it'd be nice if she discarded it and started over again.
  13. I don't think she is capable of doing this. At all. And we don't want it either. Britney is not a vocalist, she's a pop performer. It's cute when she does something like You Oughta Know or Something To Talk About. But what keeps the game going for her is the overall excitement for what she'll do in her special performance on award show x, what costumes she'll bring in in a new tour, how well she'll surprise us with choreo (like she did A LOT during POM, in many occasions), her music videos and overall performance gimmicks. She finds herself in a comfort zone now, in which she can playback freely and the public will still applaud her anyways, they don't come to hear her, but to watch her. I highly doubt she'd risk leaving it, and trying an acoustic (even though I'd love it) just to 'clean' any image of hers. It's not a Britney's thing to do, because honestly, she doesn't give a crap about her image in anyway, lmao.
  14. Woaah some girls in this thread are really really hurt...I wonder who their faves are, other than Britney...
  15. Well some stars will only post a black and white picture in a mask, others will actually go up there and speak in behalf of what they believe. I cannot with Gaga out there fighting your president for your rights, and y'all trying to diminish this fact.
  16. 3/4 Exhale will disagree but I don't think Beyoncé is really successful ever since BEYONCÉ (2014), and I really really wish she'd go back and deliver mainstream pop bops. I remember 'Drunk In Love' being a smash hit around here, and it simply didn't happen anymore after her 'activist' era, ever since Lemonade. She's successful other ways nowadays and It doesn't really fit this thread but I really wished Rihanna to come back to music. I miss her a lot!
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