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  1. i feel weird about perez and billy, but i love that lisa is there - she's a goddess. let's wait and see what roles perez and billy fill. i have a good feeling.
  2. yeah i see your point too, i think i was seeing it from our point of view rather than hers. im sure she's had so many iconic moments and conversations that she doesnt even remember, but there are moments we the fans treasure like crazy. there's a saying that fits that scenario - i think it refers to parents watching their kids grow its something like: you probably wont remember the things i wont forget.
  3. i read somewhere that our perception of time is related to how eventful or non eventful one's live is. so basically if all your days look the same, you feel like time moves fast as when you look back there are no memories that stand out and the memories blend together making it seem like no time passed. (quick perception of time passing) but then when your life is very eventful you feel like time passes very slowly as most memories are "standouts" due to how different they all are. this makes me wonder how 20+ years in the business feel like to her... imagine all the things she has seen, felt, talked about, like SO many things. i feel like she probably thinks she's been doing this for like 75 years. lol what an eventful life she's had.
  4. i know right!! like does she even know about "cinderella"? i love that song and its weird to think that she could hear someone sing it and not even notice is her song.
  5. this is why she's often referred to as "manufactured" and not seen as talented by peers / not recognized by the Grammys, etc. cause she doesnt write her songs either.
  6. for real, me too - and that she's embarrassed / hates most of her most iconic moments, performances, and basically everything why we LOVE her she hates. there are indeed some sides to her that i don't love... like sometimes i feel she doesn't care about her career or delivering a good show anymore but then i think, is it because of the conservatorship? i don't know, i mean i love her to death but i sometimes feel like a being her fan. i dont mean this in a bad way, but my mind goes there from time to time. do you feel me?
  7. i agree, but i feel it was done artistically with like color corrections and stuff. they dont seem to have altered her looks a lot as it wasn't necessary.
  8. cherry picking on the whole thing I wrote I see.
  9. now do you imagine the day she's free? omg i think i'll die - all the headlines will read "britney is finally free" and basically the whole world will celebrate, it'll be like a worldwide holiday.
  10. funny that you mention it, cause I've been going crazy too. - it has definitely affected me at a personal level.
  11. yeah i saw. i mean i love that "she" uses her platform for awareness, but i think its weird when celebrities touch on controversial subjects. i mean i get it that they can generate change and influence people but it almost never works or only generates drama that doesn't really further the agenda of said movements as people focus more on the gossip than the actual movement. same with politics and stuff. but i guess it's fine, i just think that it's weird when they do. one thing i don't like of this message is how it compares the "two", i think we should just accept black lives matter rather than compare them to "other lives" or make such "triggering" claims as i think it takes away from the message. i think its more powerful when you just show whats missing / wrong with the problem you're talking about rather than saying "x has it better than y". makes sense? i do like that "she" posted it now instead of when it was "cool" or "trendy" as it makes it feel more genuine and honest. i don't know; maybe it's a stupid way of seeing things. what do you all think?
  12. did he made a different video but now directed at Britney that said to leave the stage alone? meaning she was not good on stage and should quit. edit: found it
  13. some people? I said all of that, you could’ve tagged me LOL. anyways yes, I chose words poorly and I’m sorry for that but the facts remain. happy for this step but still skeptical AF. As we should all be. XOXO
  14. Intelligence has entered the thread. Thank you. I am happy about this, but extremely skeptical about her, as we all should be. Lest we forget all that has transpired in 13 years.
  15. nobody is mad at her doing this - I love that she did this; but again I cannot be happy with her mother as I think she should’ve done WAY more and WAY sooner. so yeah is more like thank you Lynne, and keep going but you’re still in BIG debt to her and do not think that this is enough. you better get her out ASAP and find a way to make up for all the time you lost. that’s it.
  16. Britney never left her kids be illegally entered into a conservatorship by their alcoholic father and sat down to witness abuse for 13 years and did nothing.
  17. I still don’t see how any of this is Ingham’s doing and no BESSEMER is not conservator or her estate as Ingham filed the forms incorrectly. And yes, strangers who do not know her have done so much more for her than her our family and her “mother”.
  18. she’s miserably failed her daughter - she could do more than this - like file for termination... OR investigate where $600MM went... but no here she is - knight in shining armor getting those $200k ... and AGAIN about money, not about her freedom, not about how she’s scared of her father... mhm it’s about cash again. which Vivian will give back and then bill them next week for something else LMFAO everyone here is so naive. and yes I am happy about this as I’ve said before because it’s what should happen - but it’s beyond ridiculous that this is what she’s objecting... not them locking her up in a care facility against her will... MONEY AGAIN.
  19. she’s watched her daughter bleed out for years under her father’s abuse and her “mother” just watched... oh but now she’s a national hero because she gave her a bandaid 13 years later.
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