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  1. Agreed. Something happened in 2010. She was like a completely different person in the FF era
  2. I love Britney but that's just horrible judgement on her part and reeks of desperation. You could tell she was desperate for love and a family so she probably didn't care. Obviously K-trash was the one in a relationship (with a PREGNANT woman) but still. Didn't she date her married back up dancer too?
  3. Flop single? It's a hit and it's a bop. If the tables were turned and it was Britney who made the song, you would have had no problem with it. Stay mad
  4. I truly wonder why and when everything went so wrong. I don't understand how you can behave like this towards your own daughter
  5. Yeah because sitting in a car with the opposite *** = cheating!
  6. I was watching a persian television show with my parents and they started talking about Britney going to the premiere, they showed this video, and my father said ''he looks SO into himself, like he thinks he is someone important'' which killed me lmao. But yeah I can't really tell if that's what he is saying, his lips are moving so fast, but maybe.
  7. I don't really take them seriously, because of the age difference. I see him as someone who she can spend time with, I doubt that he is step-daddy material. However, I do think that her sudden interest in losing weight and her body is because of him, we all know Britney has a tendency to turn into the person she is dating, which is sad.
  8. I love this tour, probably more than the average fan, cause I think it's the only time she has truly been ALIVE on stage since the breakdown, but yall better put some RESPECTTTT on The Dream Within a Dream Tour and Onyx. No way in hell is this tour better, unless all you care about is a big flashy production.
  9. was her style this trashy back in 2001? I feel like Kevin really brought the trailer park out of her.
  10. If Britney sang CMAR Britards would suck it up and be like YES QUEEN ROAST THAT ******* LIKE YOU SHOULD. But when Justin does it it's a problem that was an interesting impression though.
  11. That doesn't surprise me. Growing up with a alcoholic dad means that she has seen and heard stuff that kids obviously shouldn't be a witness to in their childhood, so no wonder why she grew up feeling much more closer to her mom than her dad (I've noticed that she always gives credit to her mom in interviews from her prime when asked about family, never her dad, so that's telling). And she called him an ******* in FTR, lol..
  12. I really don't understand this. Britney does not give a flying ***** about her appearance and she suddenly makes instagram stories and posts about THIS? Who, what, how, HUH?
  13. I (obviously) thought Justin meant Justin Timberlake and came running in here like
  14. lmao I'm not trying to be shady, but if my mama had instagram and posted some of the stuff that she does (silly faces + fashion shows) I'd DIE but good on 'her' for mentioning therapy! so great when people are up front about stuff that has to do with mental health, esp celebrities.
  15. I'm sorry but, you say that ''doesn't mean she isnt allowed to meet people''. I'm not saying that she can't meet other people, but what do you think about the way she meets them? Didn't Iggy say that her team raided her house for drugs and fun stuff the first time Britney was supposed to come over? How do you think that makes her feel? I'm sure there is nothing natural about the way she meets new people, and thats a part of what is wrong with her team.
  16. Now that I look back on the mess that was the femme fatale era, I would definitely say meds! But every year after: lack of passion. We have seen how our girl kills it in rehearsal. THIS right here is primeney: When you see her not hitting the choreo or looking bored at times during the Circus tour or the residency, it's not because of meds, or her knee, it's because she is lazy and doesn't give a *****. IN my opinion!
  17. The change in her attitude from 2001 to 2003 was so huge. Lol
  18. Yess this is so true. It's an underrated BOP with a cleverly delivered message. The music video also gave us this flawless look!
  19. I'd rather say that everything changed after her breakup with JT in 2002, then the kiss in 2003.
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