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  1. Britney would still be in a mental health facility to this day. She would have come out as a different person. Maybe somehow you forgot. Did Lynne or Ingham get her out of there? No, they let it happen. Maybe you have gaps in your memory
  2. Lol that's probably because they lived in their little microcosm here in the forum. And that there were fans like her who are still on Ingham's side to this day. You should step aside and enjoy how guardianship is ended. And pick up your salary from Ingham. You just twist the facts
  3. We should not allow the Movement's successes to be stolen from us. Britney's mother only acted when it was about her existence. What did Lynne do when Britney was put under guardianship ... oh yeah, she's writing a book. My mother would have fought for me from day one. For years Lynne tried everything to be part of the guardianship. Your requests were always denied. Just like her father, it was always about money. Lynne didn't file an application to see Britney's medical record until 2019. It appears that Lynn was never interested in how Britney was doing.
  4. Lynne is officially not involved in guardianship at all. Lynne has no function. At least there are no court documents on this. No action was taken until allegations were made that the Britneys Trust had been changed and money withdrawn. At that time, she asked for some insight into the finances. Certainly not without reason. I am amazed that Lynne got access to the finances. So she must have been involved in some way. Lol Working through the guardianship will keep us busy for a long time. But it's safe to assume there won't be a $ 600 million transfer or Lynne would have taken care of it.
  5. In principle, the request is a slap in the face for Ingham. If he'd done everything, Britney's mother wouldn't have to interfere. Even your children should be represented by a lawyer. Because guardianship robs them of their inheritance. There are still many players in this guardianship
  6. I also think Britney is basically happy with her current life. At least under the terms of guardianship. Probably her best time since guardianship began. Britney will also likely know that Britney's bizarre videos on Instagram are not necessarily useful in the battle for guardianship. The fact that this video ends abruptly leaves much room for speculation that she actually had more to say than you wanted to post. What I would be interested in is whether Britney is still on medication or whether she is slowly and completely detoxing from the crap she always got. If she says she is doing very well, of course it is also an advantage for her father and will give him some breathing space. But even a court must differentiate between the circumstances that are going well and illegal guardianship.
  7. Even if we can't understand how a woman can get out of the house like that, it's typically Britney.
  8. Those ******* cryptic posts. Now we have to buy the damn book and read it first. ;-)
  9. But the movement is now being taken very seriously. You are trembling at the next revelation. You are being driven into failure. And the #Freebritney movement brought Britney back many fans from her youth and made the world think.
  10. I find it hard to believe until I see it. If Britney had all the master rights she would be the richest pop star in the world. We shouldn't have to worry about the ridiculous $ 60 million in your estate anymore. It would just be peanuts compared to the master rights to their music. Especially since she practically wrote no song herself. I basically don't believe everything that's published. But I like to learn. But the logical facts speak against it for me. Britney's music rights were never evaluated while under guardianship. And although they are the most valuable asset Britney possesses? I think she does not have the master rights. Most stars do not have the rights to their music. Even the Beatles didn't have all the mastery rights. They were in the possession of Michael Jackson's estate.
  11. She must be free. Sing live. And get the right songwriters under contract........and of course change their record label
  12. You want to put Britney's music above your life as a person. But then they do not expect any empathy for themselves and their fate.
  13. Taylor does not own the rights to any of the songs she wrote. It's completely different from Britney.
  14. I don't find it funny in any way. We're sick of all the lies about Britney. I hope there is no copycat.
  15. If you know better, it's your problem. But it's wrong. A guardian is obliged to hand over funds that he has received from the assets of the person under care during the exercise of the guardianship if he has not used them for the person under care as intended. The same applies to all contracts that he has signed on behalf of Britney as a guardian. At the end of the guardianship, Britney's father is required to submit a final report and accounts report to the Guardianship Court. Then he's out. That is exactly why he does not want to end the guardianship. He cannot just overwrite everything on himself and assume that everything belongs to him after the guardianship. Why do you think that. What article of the law are you referring to.
  16. If Britney played the female lead in the film, it would be perfect for a Britney acting comeback. Sorry Salma Hayek ;-)
  17. We're going through a Britney revival right now. And it's nice
  18. Britney's father owns nothing. He is only responsible for the period that Britney is under guardianship. During this time he only managed Britney's life and finances. As soon as Britney is fully functional again, all ownership will be returned to Britney. Your father then has no decision-making authority. He signed all contracts on Britney's behalf. As he is Britney's legal representative. After that, his name will be replaced by Britney's name. And everything goes back to Britney. He will not hold a position directly related to the guardianship that he negotiated on Britney's behalf. To Netflix; We will have to wait and see what position this documentation takes. But it had to be clear to everyone that the other side would also strike to justify their side of the version.
  19. Lol this really is the most incredible thing I've seen in a long time Do we know more about Evan Low. That speech should be on Evan Low's Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evan_Low
  20. Britney has a cold. Or is your body fighting the Corona vaccination
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