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  1. This is LITERALLY not a big ******* deal. You would think she posted a picture making out with the skull or something. She enjoyed a creepy picture and posted it, oh noooo! Like, what?! Even if it’s not her posting, there are MUCH weirder posts on Instagram. It’s not that serious for everyone to be in a tizzy and even TMZ report on it. Heaven forbid she posts a ghost, people will literally explode 🙄
  2. It’s creepy and it’s cool. Britney likes creepy things, she loves Halloween! It’s Britney witch! It’s vintage, it’s a skull and It’s Scary ya I think I need some hypnotherapy ya!
  3. Lil Nas X - CMBYN The Wicked Vampire Remix ft. Britney Spears Also, did y’all see her reference project pink?!?!
  4. Red could mean nothing just like Rihanna saying she’s releasing new music means nothing
  5. You’ve seen how quickly they’re willing to abandon ship. They have no side, just the side the is seemingly winning
  6. I feel that the power moves are coming. The right for termination being bold and underline is a big tell. They’re making a statement. After asking for hearings and such to be open to the public too. They’re still taking baby steps but I think we are seeing the beginning of the power plays that are gonna come in this case
  7. Great!! Can she also get a new choreographer cause YARG
  8. So happy to see them together!!! And, I don’t wanna be THAT guy but do Britney’s legs looks bruised up or is that just shading?
  9. No. It's the BRITNEY forum for BRITNEY fans. It should be all Britney all the time sooooo if what Britney has going on is more legal work then I would expect the forum to follow suite. Once all of this is over and she is free the forum can change to support whatever she is doing at the time
  10. It’s the caption for me! She knows she doesn’t have to lift a finger to fight! She got us!!
  11. This!! This is what I was saying! This is bringing eyes! Scrutiny! Let’s get him in! Show evidence of Lou’s wrong doings! But use only facts only! This is the publicity we need! Keep pushing!!
  12. All jokes aside though... I’ve said this before. This is bigger than the conservatorship. How do you think Jamie got the power to manipulate the court system? Lou M Taylor isn’t just a regular person y’all! The Industry is heavily involved in a lot of the on going. Britney’s freedom would be a hit to Jamie, Lou Taylor and the Industry as a whole! ESPECIALLY if she quits! Like the Michael Jackson situation. Things are so much more grandiose than we can imagine. Some truths are buried so deeply in lies that we may not even scratch the surface! Even when we, one day, “figure it out” and when we “win” (cause we will) we won’t really KNOW! We’ll never ACTUALLY figure it out. Britney brings in billions in revenue from fragrances alone! This is Billion Dollar Empire Wars! This isn’t a millionaire in a conservatorship. Celebrities are the American version of royalty. This is a battle for Kingdom Supremacy.
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