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  1. Britney fans might want to consider making a donation to them since they just gave up some money from JL to stand up for Britney.
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  2. “Lord have mercy on my family’s souls if I ever do an interview”
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  3. What in the Wrong Turn is going on ? I need a translator. Also I see where Jamie Lynn got her genes from.
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  4. im heartbroken, you can really feel her emotions. I love her so much
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  5. If only she saved all that time she spends on Insta to actually work and have a career.
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  6. Jamie Lynn previously announced she was donating a portion of the money she earns from her book to This Is My Brave. This is My Brave just announced on their Instagram that they will not accept her donation. “We heard you. We’re taking action,” they wrote on Instagram. “We are deeply sorry to anyone we offended. We are declining the donation from Jamie Lynn Spears’ upcoming book.”
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  7. I always felt a bit nervous about the dragging of JL, but the more and more she (and her husband) posts the more I think she deserves (at least some) of the criticism. She really does see herself as the victim and it is coming across as very narcissistic as a result in my opinion. Does she really expect Britney to carry on in an abusive situation because it is convenient for Jamie Lynn? Does she not have the ability to see this from Britney's perspective? It is called empathy!
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  8. Or maybe Britney is angry that her beloved young sister who she helped to find roles on nickelodeon payed her by stealing money from her Children Trust and send that money to Loucifer Taylor offshore accounts????? Maybe Britney is angry that her beloved sister stayed quite and complicit for years while she was been drugged, and trafficked? Maybe she is angry that her own little sister sided with her stalker and the mastermind behind all this cship mess, her beloved Miss Lou? Britney has supported Juno Lou since the day she was born. She was definitely paying her diapers and supporting her whole family with her Mickey Mouse Club checks. Who else gonna do it? Jailme Spears and his many failed businesses? Nah
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  9. Ok, a few things. How ******* sad that she feels the pressure of having to be perfect when making mistakes is the most natural human instinct that there is. It’s how we learn and grow. Britney, just live your life the best than you can and protect and guard your soul aggressively. Two - Britney… LEAVE THE COUNTRY. Leave the US for good. This country did nothing to protect you and an entire court system took advantage of you and imprisoned you for 13 years. You have the money to go anywhere in the world. Please go to London or Italy or anywhere and buy a beautiful home away from the pap vultures and your sociopathic family. Three - Do the tell all, Britney. Expose them for what they did to you. They need to be held accountable. Four - I love that she’s doing what brings her joy. Enjoy the christmas tree. I hope you’re spinning around topless in your living room listening to All I Want For Christmas Is You by Queen Mariah Last but not least, if you retire from the music industry, I don’t blame you and I hope you find your happiness. 💓 Maybe one day you’ll get inspired again and return but I think you having a peace of mind is much more important.
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  10. Britney after saying she's taking a social media break:
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  12. I think it speaks volumes that the men in his family are very pro Jamie and the woman are pro Britney
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  13. Most likely an interview tbh. You can tell she’s dying to spill tea but can’t until court is over.
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  14. This is interestingly self referential. She’s never directly addressed her being imitated in cry me a river before. Interesting Britney!!!
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  15. This caption is literally so real and if any of you say that this isn’t her please leave this thread. Her family is currently shaking
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  16. Y’all are gagging over the Justin reference and I’m laser focused on the part about her brother and remembering the account of someone saying Jamie said “I’M BRITNEY SPEARS “
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  17. I still need him to talk to us about Britney Jean... We still need answers almost a decade later Even if it was her team that allegedly wanted the "other vocals", he as the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER should've said "No. I will walk away from this project if this is the product you want me to put out." We need answers, Wilhelmina.
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  18. I was just talking my husband how sad it is that she will never truly be free because you just know the media is going to wait for her down fall so they can say seeee her dad did save her. She will never be allowed to be human ever again. I completely understand her being scared I am scared for her BUT she knows what she is capable of and so do her fans. She will get through this and even though this is just the beginning and a lot of healing has to be done she has already gotten through the worst part. And if she so happens to be here reading this just know we believe you and we believe IN you! You are a queen and a woman and a human! We don't expect or want you to be perfect because we love you just the way you are. ❤
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  19. It's Beyonce posting. All this time. The mystery of Britney's Instagram solved.
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  20. Jesus christ, how did we get such perfection as Britney from such a white trash family? Thank God she's nothing like them, definitely picks up after Lynn's folks
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  21. I don't take it as I'm scared of the paps, but scared of being portrayed as doing something wrong now that she's freed from the conservatorship (or almost freed) Let's be honest, a lot of people, will keep questioning everything she does from now on, it's like she will have to be constantly proving herself that she's ok, that she's sane, that she doesn't need and never needed a conservatorship. People are already leaving comments like "lock her up again" on her IG posts. They're all wrong though, and nobody should be questioning her anything. But it's to some extent normal if she feels that pressure, because after 13 years this is all new to her.
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  22. Sam confirmed tonight in his IG stories that they won’t crop their new puppy’s ears. The tail was cropped when they got her but he wouldn’t have cropped it either, had he known what it means. I like that he admits he was informed by PETA and gives them a shoutout as well. I think he adds that he likes the “Batman look” because he doesn’t want to offend Porsha’s breeder who probably had their dogs ears clipped (since they clipped Porsha’s tail as well).
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  24. I didn't know Juno Lou was the voice of Alexa - I thought her only job was promoting Baby Bottle Pop
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  25. I can't wait for the day she does that interview, I'm calling out of work and I'm turning off my phone. I'm posting a do not disturb sign on my house door and setting my emails to automatic reply. I wanna hear each and every single detail that's coming out this woman mouth.
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  26. Omg stop with the money. Not everyone speaking out in support of Britney is doing it for cash or to make themselves rich. When Jamie was suspended, he lost the ability to use a near endless estate to abuse others with NDAs and Cease and Desists. If anything, she's speaking out because Jamie can't do anything against her now, nor can the men in her family because the eyes of the world are on Jamie. It's so insulting to see people believe people on Britney's side just want money.
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  27. Boom Boom, baby. Pick u up in my mercedes ....
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