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  1. What in the Wrong Turn is going on ? I need a translator. Also I see where Jamie Lynn got her genes from.
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  2. Porsha being trained to attack Robin, Lou and Jamie cardboard cutouts.
    66 points
  3. Oh, that's the message you get when you browse and you're not registered. Hi, Kevin's brother.
    63 points
  4. “Lord have mercy on my family’s souls if I ever do an interview”
    60 points
  5. Given the way she spoke during her testimony, which was a pretty typical (albeit angry) Britney voice, I believe the way she speaks in IG videos is just her being silly or trying to have a “cutesy” voice in her videos. The signature Britney laugh was even there when she giggled after she said “because I know I might need a little therapy.”
    55 points
  6. So Kevin’s brother was lurking here and got the standard message to register and now wants to expose Jordan. Today is weird.
    54 points
  7. I've always sensed some s*xual tension between Sam Lutfi and Lynne
    52 points
  8. Like this post if you think I should be on Britney's future team. 😌
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  9. Or maybe Britney is angry that her beloved young sister who she helped to find roles on nickelodeon payed her by stealing money from her Children Trust and send that money to Loucifer Taylor offshore accounts????? Maybe Britney is angry that her beloved sister stayed quite and complicit for years while she was been drugged, and trafficked? Maybe she is angry that her own little sister sided with her stalker and the mastermind behind all this cship mess, her beloved Miss Lou? Britney has supported Juno Lou since the day she was born. She was definitely paying her diapers and supporting her whole family with her Mickey Mouse Club checks. Who else gonna do it? Jailme Spears and his many failed businesses? Nah
    48 points
  10. Rosengart interviewing Jamie and Robin LMAOOOO THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD
    47 points
  11. Things you should have said: 1. Goodbye, Jamie 2. Goodbye, Lou 3. No, I will not be the trustee of Britney’s trust 4. I’m sorry 5. FREE BRITNEY
    45 points
  12. Trailer for the biopic is also finished
    44 points
  13. Expose what? His *****? I'm here for it.
    44 points
  14. Here she is, the alleged undisputed princess of fraud, JUNO LOU
    43 points
  15. Imagine being so out of touch you defend Jamie & call Britney SPOILED... wow
    43 points
  16. 43 points
  17. im heartbroken, you can really feel her emotions. I love her so much
    42 points
  18. Cade offering his services as a thank you I see, it's nothing we didn't offer Mr Rosengart ourselves on this site
    42 points
  19. The sad thing about this whole thing is if Britney had control of her money and wasn’t in this conservatorship, I believe she would be supporting her family in some ways. (Paying off mortgages, university, travel, etc) but this family clearly got too greedy and became evil. The court system in my opinion is equally responsible for allowing this to even happen. The state of California should be sued and she should be rewarded at least $100 million back that they unfortunately allowed to be embezzled from Britney. Allegedly.
    42 points
  20. Britney's attorney, Mathew Rosengart, reportedly plans on requesting subpoenas and taking depositions from Jamie Spears and Tri Star Sports & Entertainment employee, Robin Greenhill. They'll have to answer for their alleged wrongdoings under oath. According to one of Britney's former security employees, Alex Vlasov, via the New York Times, Britney was secretly surveilled in her home/bedroom, including private conversations with her sons. Her text messages were also monitored from a separate device that was simultaneously logged into her iCloud account. There are also big accounting questions that need addressing. Britney's net worth is reportedly $60 million. A staggering figure, but far lower than most believe it should be considering her insurmountable success in the last decade+ with several tours, a Las Vegas residency, multiple album releases, merchandise and a billion dollar fragrance line under her belt. Rosengart wants answers. He'll press Jamie and Robin for the alleged "financial mismanagement and dissipation of funds" and "the monitoring and recording of her phone and placing a listening device under her bed," a source tells the Daily Mail. It's worth reminding you Jamie's lawyer initially responded to the claims saying all the actions were "well within the parameters of the authority conferred upon him by the court." They later backpedalled and said the claims were "not true." The depositions could go down in the next 30 days. The next court hearing, which could be the last day of the conservatorship, is scheduled for November 12th. Reporting by @Jordan Miller
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  21. This is interestingly self referential. She’s never directly addressed her being imitated in cry me a river before. Interesting Britney!!!
    41 points
  22. I think it speaks volumes that the men in his family are very pro Jamie and the woman are pro Britney
    40 points
  23. I still need him to talk to us about Britney Jean... We still need answers almost a decade later Even if it was her team that allegedly wanted the "other vocals", he as the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER should've said "No. I will walk away from this project if this is the product you want me to put out." We need answers, Wilhelmina.
    40 points
  24. He legit could have put her name on any phone number, that screenshot is pointless.🤦🏻‍♀️
    40 points
  25. Y’all are gagging over the Justin reference and I’m laser focused on the part about her brother and remembering the account of someone saying Jamie said “I’M BRITNEY SPEARS “
    39 points
  26. It's Beyonce posting. All this time. The mystery of Britney's Instagram solved.
    39 points
  27. Jesus christ, how did we get such perfection as Britney from such a white trash family? Thank God she's nothing like them, definitely picks up after Lynn's folks
    39 points
  28. For the love of god, it ain’t about the pot, the problem fans have is that Kevin can obviously smoke and it doesn’t affect his time with the boys whereas Britney has to fear even being in the presence of pot being smoked cuz it will affect her time with them. Kevin gets treated one way, she gets treated another, THAT is the problem.
    39 points
  29. Sam confirmed tonight in his IG stories that they won’t crop their new puppy’s ears. The tail was cropped when they got her but he wouldn’t have cropped it either, had he known what it means. I like that he admits he was informed by PETA and gives them a shoutout as well. I think he adds that he likes the “Batman look” because he doesn’t want to offend Porsha’s breeder who probably had their dogs ears clipped (since they clipped Porsha’s tail as well).
    38 points
  30. Blackout 2?! While the media and fans are speculating if and how Britney should return to music, Britney could very well have already started working on something. There's buzz she's been writing new music for the past several years. A supposed industry insider tells Hollywood Life the writing is dark and cut from the same cloth as 2007's Blackout. “Despite what is being put out there, Britney is not retired. It is actually quite the opposite. She has been writing music over the past couple of years because it would be impossible for her not to. Music is her passion and it is in her blood,” the insider said. “Those close to Britney are all aware of this and she has been getting offers from some of the top producers in the industry. Everyone is dying to work with her." They add: “The songs she has been writing are dark, for the most part. She is comparing her new music to her [2007 album] Blackout, which everyone absolutely loved.” “Britney wants all of this behind her because she wants to be able to be the sole person behind any music she creates if she chooses to do so. She loves music but she felt way too controlled to do it. She would love to go back to music and she has been writing.” It comes off like fan fiction, but my heart wants to believe this. The art of making music could be very therapeutic for Britney. And my God does she have a lot to get off her chest. Reporting by @Jordan Miller
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  31. Boom Boom, baby. Pick u up in my mercedes ....
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  32. Someone’s mad the conservatorship is ending
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  33. 36 points
  34. EVERYONE who ever tried something was removed from Britney's life. If he, in fact, got Britney in contact with Mathew Rosengart considering all the obstacles put by Britney's conservatorship, he did more than anyone here. Felicia also witnessed abuse for +10 years and we're not here saying she was complicit, she did what she could to be around Britney.
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