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  2. Girl you wrote a damn book and released it two months after Britney was free from a conservatorship. She had zero legal rights for 13 years. Shut up you gas lighter!!
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  3. People can dislike JL and her actions as much as they wish, but harassing her family like this (whether they choose to respond or not) really isn't a good look for the fanbase. People need to grow up.
    88 points
  4. All the best. See you back here when she releases her next anything.
    88 points
  5. Celebrities denying their procedures like their lives depend on it and Britney practically live streaming hers 😂
    79 points
  6. Why no mention of the time Jamie Lynn had a knife and threatened somebody?! And the time she ki kiid all those cats?!? That is such irresponsible behavior. She was also probably speaking to Britney rudely and disgustingly like her father does, and Britney was defending herself. This is totally ridiculous. There’s two sides to every story and I’m sure Britney was way past the fed up point with her rude little sister.
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  7. Disgusting :( I feel bad for making fun of the FFT. The poor girl was on stage doped up on lithium and still did the best she could.
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  8. "I’m sorry Jamie Lynn, I wasn’t strong enough to do what should have been done … slapped you and Mamma right across your ******* faces !!!!!"
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  9. This makes me sick to my stomach. Having personally dealt with a narcissist and seen first hand how other people can be blinded/fooled .... JL seems pretty darn textbook narc with her husband being her little flying monkey. Disgusting behavior.
    70 points
  10. Run down of her book: she was born britney britney britney zoey101 Britney teen pregnancy oh no so hard what did I do to deserve this help ms lou ms lou britney daughter accident for 20 pages britney britney Not involved with conservatorship lol britney bye
    66 points
  11. Just call her and handle this privately like sisters should. You still choose to do everything on a public platform. This is embarrassing and has to stop.
    65 points
  12. You can tell there is so much bitterness and jealously on how she views her sister. “What about me?” She says that a lot in different variations. She never cared about Britney’s well being because she was so busy being a victim herself.
    64 points
  13. Queen of ignoring her sister by solving scientific mysteries instead
    61 points
  14. I’m saying this again… I don’t believe for a second she is going to retire
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  15. Britney attacked her and she still stands with her. I think it says something about everything.
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  16. please PLEASE stop contacting this man. we already know what he thinks about Britney, we already know he's awful. Juno Lynn even mentions in her book that they are harassed and this isn't a good look.
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  17. So the security guy who was in the Controlling Britney Spears doc did a live Q&A on Instagram (freebritneyla account) and provided more details about what he witnessed during his years working for Britney. Here are some takeaways: - He's talking in general about the book and just how contradictory he found it and that JL is lacking self-reflection. - He said that JL overlooked the privilege she had of being able to choose who she had around her from family to management, Britney didn't for 13 years. - He said Britney was always treated like a "thing" whilst he worked for her. - He said Edan would get his wife to talk to him and other Blackbox employees, she was a psychotherapist. - He said Edan had a head of security for her house, the one that planted the bug, and he also said that Robin was collecting dirt on Britney for years to use against her if she ever "got out of line" and that he the head of security kept the recordings and was collecting information on other clients not just Britney. He kept passwords, home layouts, internal files on not just Britney but other clients too. - He thinks that Jamie Lynn was at one point enabled with some information for the book. - When he was working there it depended on what benefited Robin and co at the moment in time, Britney was either a genius or erratic. - He's seen how she writes and he believes it's her on social media. - She wasn't previously allowed to download apps on her phone without Jamie's permission. - He gave files to Rosengart and he was afraid to do the documentary and even after. He said he was and still does he looks for surveillance and can only sympathise with Britney for how she must have felt. - He said that being in the documentary has ****ed up his life but he doesn't regret it. - Everybody was carefully chosen who worked for her - they were either silent and kept their heads down. Trash, truly have no words... Imagine how traumatized Britney is. Robin remains an ugly goblin ****
    57 points
  18. Why is she doing this to herself, people only hate her more and more Stream ''(You Drive Me) Crazy'' by Britney Spears
    57 points
  19. Wow she really is being the bigger person. It's clear despite all the ****, she still loves her sister at the end of the day. This is Brit laying her heart on the line and being honest - so proud of her.
    56 points
  20. I like this girl. She gives me good vibes.
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  21. If these pictures were posted by a man, we'd all be thirsting and joking about how they need to remove the emojis. Let's not get things twisted here just because she's a woman. If she feels confident, liberated and comfortable enough in her skin to post things like this because she knows damn well just how great she looks, more power to her! We love you, B!
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  22. You know what, I love this, Britney has always held her tongue and been so poised and polite. Some people don’t deserve that respect, her narcissistic family being a prime example.
    54 points
  23. But JL trashing Britney and sharing all the family dirt helps break the cycle somehow? This lunatic needs to stop acting like she's doing some big brave thing for her children by sharing all the family tea with the world.
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  24. I hate that fandoms harass everyone around a celeb via their social media private messaging. Like who raised y’all
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  25. That explains the sudden change in personality, and her demeanor during the femme fatale tour. They’ve hurt this woman so much. I hope they get everything that’s coming to them.
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  26. I loved Katy’s concepts, they’re fun and make sense with her previous work. This is her aesthetic, campy and fun. She also looks gorgeous I don’t get why you’re so pressed Britney left her mark but there’s no need to compare every new Vegas show with hers
    53 points
  27. Omg. Britney posted a clip of her singing live. She also says there's a NEW SONG IN THE WORKS.
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  28. This is how she closes her book- ”Britney’s description about the way she has been managed and treated does nothing to break the cycle.” this is disgusting and speaks volumes for how little she thinks of her sister, she will never recover from this joke of a memoir and she deserves to never work again in the industry on any level, her constant “Ms Lou” made me cringe along with “paw paw” did she write this using notepad? anyway I thought we left the trash in 2021 I guess not
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  29. Y'all, I can't say I'm surprised but even I'm a little shocked at how overtly egotistical and into herself she is, and not just when talking about Britney. In the first chapter alone, she says: "I brought love and light into everyone’s life." "As it turned out, I was a delightful baby who brought her so much joy..." "...I was entertaining from toddlerhood onward." "In my early years, I was the princess." "Britney took on the responsibility of cleaning and dressing me, and she dedicated herself to making me look perfectly adorable every time." "I came into the world with a big personality and learned early how to get attention. Everyone’s response to my antics only made me want more attention and I did anything I could to hold on to the spotlight." Yikes. Does this nauseate anyone else? Also, this book sounds like it was written by a low-budget Blanche Devoreaux, I totally get wanting to share your story, especially as a writer myself. 100 % support it as a way to work through your trauma. But couldn't they have at least tried to make it sound like she put these sentences together? Lawd. EDIT: omg I'm onto chapter 2 and it has somehow gotten worse.... "Momma tells me she knew the minute I started talking that I was a natural-born performer...I always had an audience. There’s just something about getting a response from other people that I’ve always loved." "...I relished receiving accolades from everyone." "My sister’s voice was throaty and strong, while mine was fluid and controlled." "People said we were different but equally as talented." "I always sought out ways to get in front of an audience." "I shot national commercials for Clorox and Pepsi." Does she mean BRITNEY'S commercial?! "Touring with my sister provided a built-in audience for my own performances." "Everyone granted me their attention whenever I went into character or did an impersonation. They said, “Jamie Lynn, you’re a natural!” "...With my own growing fame, security had to be considered whenever I went out and about." Chapter 3: "After three seasons on the show I had become a fan favorite, and with rave reviews about my performance and comedic timing." This little low blow towards her former co-star: "Alexa, who was really into fame and connections, was excited that my sister wanted to 'speak' with her....her claims seemed designed to garner attention once her fame had waned." Chapter 4: "One of the greatest aspects of growing up as the youngest Spears child was having the warmth and attention of everyone in my family." "Britney always put me front and center—giving me the light." "He learned quickly that I was the boss." "She would dress me up and make sure I looked precious." (She literally already talked about this?) "My sister showered me with attention, love, and praise." "...she told me that I was talented and going to be an amazing performer." "...my sister continued to make me the nightly star on the tour bus." "I wasn’t quite a household name yet, but if we went anywhere together, cameras and lights went off at fantastical speeds." "I was wrapped up in being me—the tween television star..." Chapter 5/6: "I didn’t mean people would recognize me, the teen star..." "Acting came natural to me and she was convinced everything was fine." "I wasn’t “America’s sweetheart” or “a youth who could change the world” anymore." "I’m paying for all this! You sweep up the freaking floor. Realistically, what did I know about sweeping? I didn’t have any experience in how to keep a house." LOL WHAT?! "I was still trying to be that perfect girl people had come to adore..." "I loathed being the center of attention," HAHAHAH "Jamie picked us up in his Porsche, which I think he did to impress me. Sports cars weren’t my thing. They still aren’t. I much prefer a big, spacious truck." Chapter 8: "He recently told me that the first time he saw me, he thought I was the most beautiful girl he had seen and had immediately wondered, “Why would she ever want to be with me?” "Everyone agreed I had the talent..." "At the 2007 Kids’ Choice Awards everyone around me commented on how great I looked. My own team noticed my slim form and said, “Jamie Lynn, you’ve never looked better!” They gushed about my beauty and slimness. The compliments continued as I walked the “orange” carpet. People always combined the comment about my beauty with a comment about my tiny size." Chapter 12: "As a young performer, the girl who fulfilled a dream and became a star..." "Growing up as a versatile performer and athlete...." "I have written chart-topping hits for performers like Jana Kramer and received awards for my work." Aaaand that's all I got for right now because tbh, this book exhausted me.
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  30. 52 points
  31. Allegedly there's only 240 pages and 'Britney' is mentioned 197 times and 'Sister' 156.
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  32. I wouldve like the interviewer to ask, "Why did you allow Maddie to ride the ATV at an age that wasn't recommended, and do you wish you did things differently?" When she mentioned Britney with the knife, she could've asked "So when Britney thought to protect you by grabbing a knife and locking you two in a room, do you think that's the same instinct you had when you reached for knife in a restaurant when there was an argument happening in 2015?" And she paints herself as some big victim because of her thot ways get her pregnant and for WEEKS she was isolated and couldn't speak to anyone outside her parents and PR team. Uhmmm Britney was under that same, if not WORSE isolation for almost 14 YEARS! This is why I cant with this bítch. She acts like they went through the same things but the degree of severity of each are way off. She is delusional!
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