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  1. This is absolutely vile. How dare you even comment such a thing? Disgusting.
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  2. We're people really texting back then? Like what would it even be like "U + me R ovr. Sry" Texting was not the same back then. Most phones had like a 30 character limit and it would take literally 5 times longer to text out a single word
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  3. Britney’s been fangirling over Brad Pitt before Sam was even born
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  4. I said it in the other thread i started. I miscarried many times. I didn’t tell anyone I was pregnant with my daughter until I was 7 months out because of how traumatic the whole experience was. It’s one of the absolute worst feelings in the world. I pray that Britney can overcome this. Getting pregnant over 40 can be a daunting and scary thing.
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  5. I can't wait for 10 of us to read her book and tell the rest of you what's in it
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  6. I'm starting to feel sorry for him, all of this coming out of a relationship from 20 years ago But then I remember him selling her out to the media And I'm like, who cares about jt
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  7. Not to go off topic, but… “The more you agree, and the more you say yes, trust me, that’s the right answer.” ”happy wife, happy life” Why do straight relationships always sound so miserable?
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  8. Who literally cares about Daily Fail comments
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  9. manifesting a versace campaign featuring britney please & thank you
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  10. I don't think Mario really knew all the ins and outs of her conservatorship and his comment of "she's got a lot of good people surrounding her" was likely based on the lies he was told over the past 13 years as well. People forget that literally the entire world believed Britney was doing "better" and needed the conservatorship or else something bad would happen to her. The narrative was so strong for so long. Brit always seemed to like Mario and I'm sure if she thought he had anything to do with her abuse, she would've told Sam to stay away from him
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  11. If you had told me the Freed Britney era would be 50% n*udes and 50% dogs I would not have believed you. But I am living for it
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  12. It's been deleted and she only reposted the first picture Get ready Spears family, Scam Ingham, Reva, Lou, Goblin and others The truth is coming And her cat on her wedding veil is so cute!!!
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  13. Her talking about her ice craving and we all know she was literally chewing ice while recording break the ice And these *****es said she had dementia? She remembers EVERYTHING.
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  14. This might be her most heartbreaking post. But also her most powerful. Gosh I love her. You were always gorgeous, Britney. 😢❤️
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  15. I cannot at the delusion let’s combine BOMT and OIDIA sales
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  16. I love her. I really do. But her ghost writer must be exhausted after speaking to her for two hours straight. After one instagram caption I need a nap. Jokes aside, I think this book is and will be healing for her. I think it's clear she's telling this lady things in order of when they happened hence her Instagram updates.
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  17. I love when she acknowledges anything from the past, its kind of surreal considering she was never really allowed to talk about it before
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  18. The Conjuring also get that promo BreatheHeavy
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  19. Rolling Stone shared an article by Tomás Mier regarding Britney's recent IG posts [Link to Article]
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  20. Rebel came to the premiere wearing a green dress which looks similar britney’s green crop top in the crazy video and says she made her movie ‘senior year’ for Britney and hopes she checks it out and hits her up in the dm’s.
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  21. Of course it’s attractive. Why I’ve slept with 3 of my professors when I was in college
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  22. You must be a new fan. Felicia did get way more attention. She even had fans over her house, and she had hundreds of fan clubs back then. She also exchanged numbers with some fans. And she did tons of interviews and participated in tons of documentaries. Stop being so immature. You’re always saying that Vicky and everyone close to Britney is using her and trying to pull something. Seriously, stop this obsessive behavior, you make it sound like you think you’re the only one that won’t try to pull something. Super creepy.
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  23. I know I'm gonna get dragged, but the ***** ain't it. It was cute the second/third time but it's beyond cringe and embarassing right now, seriously.
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  24. This forum has always been full of disgusting "fans" who make vile comments. In 2010 it used to be things like, "She needs to lose weight." In 2012 it used to be things like, "She needs Botox" or "She needs a facelift." In 2014 it used to be things like, "The conservatorship is necessary. It's none of our business. Now let me go buy some POM tickets." Then it morphed into comments about her panda makeup and choreography, when it seemed clear she was in some kind of distress. Some "fans" have always had trouble seeing her as an actual human being.
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  25. Omg Her love of Brad Pitt through time is so sweet! Cackled when she said, “The one and only!”
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  26. This is so insulting and disrespectful given the context. You're on a fan website and this is what you post? Empathy goes along way, get some.
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  27. A lot of physical activities are not advised when you're pregnant, but it's usually because most people don't know how to monitor them. I've seen women that are 7 months pregnant powerlifting and the baby was perfectly fine. It's down to how the individual handles it. The media needs to stop with the headline gaslighting to be honest. Jet skiing is honestly not any more dangerous than a pregnant woman driving. Jeez...
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  28. Wedding dress perhaps? Or shall we pretend it's new tour costumes
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  29. She's having 2 hour sessions with a 'lovely lady' to create drafts of her book
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  30. Once again Vicky goes out of her way to defend herself and Britney because she cares about her. all we can say is, Well said 👏 👑
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  32. Props to Britney for being brave enough for talking about it. There has always been some sort of stigma around pregnancies and birth - she also talked about her postpartum depression from the boys, yet another thing that is unnecessarily “taboo” to talk about. I’m sure her and Sam are doing as well as they can and aren’t going to let this stop them. This happens so often to so many women. She’ll have her miracle baby soon, and it will be the greatest gift of this period of her life. I’m hopeful that she continues to grow a strong circle of support and keeps doing what makes her happy.
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  33. the Hold on Tight promo, the Break the Ice memories, her love for huge pickles but also I felt really sad when she talked about the times around the pregnancy, the divorce, the Paris nights, it's like, I don't think we'd ever heard her perspective about what was happening in those days, and it feels really heartbreaking. I don't know, I got a really weird feeling as I was transcribing her post, I was like damn. It seems like so long ago, but I don't think she's never had the time to actually stop and reflect on everything she's gone through until now, but at least I'm glad to hear she feels it cleansing rather than just painful. I hope this new pregnancy is a whole different experience for her, one much more positive, and I'm sure it will. She deserves to live this stage of her life that she wanted for so long, and I can't wait for her book. I hope is a huge one, or it has like several volumes
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