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  2. LMFAO! The delusion this man has. The only person who has done hard to Britney the brand, let's not even talk about Britney the person, is Jamie and the conservatorship! #FreeBritney #JailJamie!
  3. Wasn't it Barbra Streisand that was number 1 the week Glory peaked at number 2?
  4. This song was the first one I’ve heard from her but this track is honestly iconic.
  5. I was just thinking this! This is definitely reminiscent of those days! So excited to hear some new tunes from these artists!
  6. Some of y’all talking about Aguilera not being that talented when I’ve heard some of you’re faves. You should consider taking several seats
  7. I obviously had to vote for Beyoncé. But wow the Christina shade in this thread
  8. I also think Britney is basically happy with her current life. At least under the terms of guardianship. Probably her best time since guardianship began. Britney will also likely know that Britney's bizarre videos on Instagram are not necessarily useful in the battle for guardianship. The fact that this video ends abruptly leaves much room for speculation that she actually had more to say than you wanted to post. What I would be interested in is whether Britney is still on medication or whether she is slowly and completely detoxing from the crap she always got. If she says she is doing very well, of course it is also an advantage for her father and will give him some breathing space. But even a court must differentiate between the circumstances that are going well and illegal guardianship.
  9. I think she doesn’t want to do these videos simply because it looks like she doesn’t want to. I’m not going into conspiracies or Easter eggs or whatever it’s that simple. She doesn’t look she wants to do these videos, and she said in court that she does appreciate her fans support at this time, not that she is ‘tired of it all’. And for the interview part, please refer to the Jonathon Ross interview which ended up being heavily censored by Team B. They don’t trust her to speak candidly. Also I know you’re referencing the fan base as a whole, but anytime she does one of these videos I comment saying I’ll believe her when she goes on Live and addresses things. I don’t believe this video was genuine or the one she made while inside the hospital they put her in. No hate, but maybe we can just agree to disagree?
  10. As much as britney filmed this and looks comfortable, it could have been filmed the day after the Red refrigerator was posted and put in storage until it was needed. As long as Jamie spears says anything about social media in court, I'm hesitant to accept anything on the socials.
  11. I choose Christina cause I like her albums and voice more and I connect with her on a personal level. Beyoncé DEFINITELY worked harder for her brand. She kept on touring and music was always her main focus while my queen was stuck on an horrendous TV show that did absolutely nothing for her other than easy money. If she releases these two albums she says she’s working on, I’ll stop “punishing” her for that
  12. Ok, is Britney doing this q&a videos after some major news or it just me? Like, the sb724 passed and she is on video saying she's OK. Was last weird q&a was after hearing too? May be not, probably I'm reaching here. Anyway, I'm happy she's OK. But so funny how she had to think why she takes a break, like we don't know. 😁
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  14. Also, not. I prefer Speed S's version. Also, it comes with a nice visualiser.
  15. Her saying she's okay is not the same as saying that the conservatorship as a system is. I'll take her word for it but again that doesn't mean that questions about the conservatorship shouldn't be raised. I'm glad she's doing well. Also, this
  16. "Some" womens clothes are not cut for a mens body, neither for a women's body! just because a woman is a woman, does not mean that they all have the same body. "Usually" women's clothes are tighter at the waist, and some, leave space for the breast, yet, this particular outfit, a straight skirt and two shells as bra, has nothing to do with women's clothing patrons. This clothes are awful and look cheap. Nothing to do with being "for women"
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