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  1. I love Miley, she's also such a Britney stan and so supportive of her!!!
  2. Its true, its interestimg how she got a lot better when she broke up with Jason in 2013 too. I think alone time for her is good, but Brit doesnt seem to like it much. Oh well, maybe now things will get better, she seems to be getting better over the last year.
  3. If people watched FTR they would k ow there is nothing crazy about what Britney went throug.
  4. Yeah, in 2016 I think her confidence was really going up, she was being herself more, maybe because of all the positive things that were happening the last few years.
  5. Quoting Paris tho, when Paris have already supported FreeBritney, would be indicative of Britney supporting free Britney, she wants people to be for Free Britney, but she doesnt want everyone constiously prying on her personal life.
  6. I can understand why she might not want to have things remembered. In the Oprah interview, Meghan talked about how traumatizing it is for her to look at pics of the day she was contemplating suicide. We know the story, but we dont really know the emotions that Britney was going through when everything was going on. It can be hard for her to remember
  7. Does this mean she watched Framing Britney Spears? (If she wrote it). Considering she knew the paprazzi stated shes was ok with them following her.
  8. If anything the dementia claim is great for Britney. Think of all the choreography she had to learn, her choreographers for POM even said she gets choreography extremelly fast!!! It's so obvious she doesnt have dementia that just makes the cship even more bogus. If they had argued she had bipolar disorder or anything maybe it would be more believable, but its not the case.
  9. Tbh I like it when shes sassy like that, I hope its her. Bring attitudeney back!
  10. ******* DISGUTING, Britney is couldnt hurt a fly, this man needs to be in jail!!! How is his opinion relevant either way? Stupid BBC get some real experts or people that really know her to talk.
  11. The comparassion doesnt make much sense, Britney reached a level of super stardum that Reese never reached, but there is no need to attack her. Some fans need to chill lol
  12. Imo BJ was rushed in order to follow the Vegas residency announcement, therefore I dont consider it a flop, considering how sucessfull the Vegas residency was. Plus she was looking amazing in 2013
  13. Rememver in the 06 interview with that creepy guy where she says celebrities sometimes have it worse, when she mentioned the doctor being weird with her. This is just another example. I will never forgive humanity for how Britney was treated in 2006/2007.
  14. It's easy to understand Britney in 2007 now, being miss nice for so long and only getting backlash from the media, then her divorce and custody battle and the continuous harrassment from the paparazzi, the media and the GP. It's obvious she would want to rebel, she was only 26. It's disgusting theyre making her pay for it until now.
  15. GREAT, now we need to contact the members of California senate and house so they will hurry with the voting and approve this!
  16. Because lufti is the reason this whole thing started, so they mention his name to try to show Britney can easily fall under the influence of someone, even though its stupid to keep going to something that happened when she was 26, considering shes 40 now.
  17. So we know by now that conservatorships are meant for people who cant function properly, being barely able to eat without assistance, at the same time Britney had two world tours, a vegas residency, release four albums, was a judge on XFactor, did documentaries and so much more, her choreograhers have even praised her memory and a judge is not granting her more rights to do as she pleases? Imo it's obvious judge Penny doesnt want to end the conservarorship because shes afraid once its ended people will have access to all the files and find out all the corruption that went down. We need to find other ways to get Britney her freedom, be it in an appeal court our through the legislative!
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