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  1. He's more than shady. I don't know that people on here know the true extent of this man's evil. He deserves to have his life ruined.
  2. I hate to be a debbie downer but I am actually quite disturbed that this man continues to think about the Spears on a daily basis and continues to insert himself into the narrative. Nothing this dude is cute or funny to me. The fact that fans continue to engage and egg him on to me is quite problematic. This guy quite possibly abused our girl in more ways than one. He needs to keep the entire Spears family name out his disgusting mouth.
  3. Britney didn't record it so I don't consider it hers. As far as Myah & Jamie Flop's catalogue, its some of their best work.
  4. Jamie Lynne tries so hard (and fails) to be relatable. She needs to shut the **** up. She and Jamie need to go schedule regular colonoscopies together because they're both full of ****.
  5. I'm not really a fan of my last name, personally. I don't feel connected to it. If anything I've been thinking of legally changing it on my own and then my hypothetical partner can then take my new last name. But I urge most of you to keep your last names if you're happy with it. I don't want to have to point you to the divorce rates in your individual countries.
  6. That's when Larry Rudolph was managing both Britney and was trying to manage Lindsay and get her career restarted. Britney was already in a conservatorship and I believe Lou allegedly was trying to snatch up a second Hollywood starlet to add to her ****ed up collection. This was probably a photo op to show "look how well they're doing and how cleaned up they are." If Britney can do it so can Lindsay. Or something of the sort. Positive PR. Thankfully Lindsay escaped their clutches. #DISGUSTINGLARRY #LOULOULOCKHERUP
  7. This is how I feel about this whole topic in general: This lawyers for Britney wank has gone on for four whole topics/threads each with over 10 pages. Can we just move on? I see people here dragging them and yet asking them to continue leaking docs in the same breath. lol I think we can agree that everyone involved is a messy *****. We should let LFB step down if that's what they want to do and stop talking about this. It's been two weeks into 2021 and this topic has been dragged out to death. FreeBritneyLA will continue to do their thing. Lisa & BJ will continue to do their thing. Slo4n will continue to do their thing. This "movement" will not die because one party (any party) decides to step down. The fact that 💩 is continuing to get flung around is sad. LFB thank you for your contributions to the movement. But at this point this just needs to die because all its doing is causing harm to an otherwise good cause. Britney's situation is bigger than any one person or account. Anyone that is just looking to grow their instagram accounts or greenlight a film (or looking for any financial gain) has got to take a step back. Unfortunately, that's most of the people that will continue to remain active in their "activist" roles...
  8. I understand (And that also occurred to me as I was writing that post), but I've become very dubious about the whole situation the past couple of weeks. **** like this: Has me looking at EVERYONE in "leadership" positions sideways. I believe it's become less about Britney to them and more about their own egos. I see a lot of narcissism and I am disappointed that this movement is getting used for clout. And I am not singling out one person on here. I am including EVERYONE who was involved in the messiness on NYE. I was on the LFB train but they stepped into 💩 so many times in the last two weeks that I honestly can't defend them anymore either, even though I still think they were "cancelled" in a horrendous and mean-spirited way. And the Gram Girls? The less said about them, the better. Nothing these girlies have done the last couple of weeks has benefited Britney. They've successfully manage to turn off this fan, and I am sure several others. In my opinion, you shouldn't expect anything in return for your activism. They have lost focus on their original goal. And who knows at this point if they were ever in it for the right reasons to begin with?
  9. I think it's not so much trademarking your identity so much as trademarking things with Britney's name on it that rubs me in the wrong way. Lawyers for Britney FreeBritneyLA Kind of sucks that she can't consent to them trademarking something obviously related to her.
  10. OMG lmao I really left out that iconic bop, didn't I? To be fair it was 6 AM when I wrote out that list. Of course it goes on Great (Never skip), tbh. She snapped with the song & video. How could it not be on the best list?
  11. Clumsy is definitely a grower. When Glory first came out I think that one, Liar, and Hard to Forget Ya would be the tracks I'd skip the most. I still don't get the love for Liar. I like her voice in the song, but I don't like the "country" aspect. Hard to Forget Ya is ironically the most forgettable song on the whole damn album. But Clumsy definitely earns the most improved track for me over time. It sounded dated even when it came out (LMFAO vibes) but Britney's vocals are great in it. Definitely the sort of song you have to be in the mood for. My Glory ranking: Great: (Never Skip) Invitation, Make Me, Man on the Moon, Better, Just Luv Me, Love Me Down, Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes), and Slumber Party. Good: (Occasionally skip) Coupure Electrique, Mood Ring, What You Need, Clumsy (Barely made it here but might switch it to Okay depending on the day.) Okay: (Probably skip) If I'm Dancing, Do You Wanna Come Over, Liar, Just Like Me (I know some people will fight me on the last 3 selected for this lol) Forgettable: (Definitely skip) Hard to Forget Ya For me it's kind of hard to integrate Swimming in the Stars and Matches as part of Glory since I still don't know how Britney feels about those two being added to the project for profit after the fact. But if I had to place them then I am undecided on whether Snatches would go in Okay or Forgettable. Swimming with the Stars I think is a solid good for now but might be a grower. The background singer screaming in the end I think is what's making it not go into the great category for me. I'm ready for Exhale to come for me.
  12. Yoooo. These people are in this for the wrong reasons. I can't. So disillusioned. How does it manage to keep getting more embarrassing as the days go by?
  13. To be honest LFB is getting pretty hard to defend, even though I don't entirely disagree with what they're saying. They started to win back some favor in the fandom after it was obvious that BG & co. were being messy bottoms. Unfortunately, instead of sitting there and eating their food they decided to continue to stick their foot in some MESS. For grown *** men and women this is just getting to be a bit too much for me. LFB should have kept their head down and let their work speak for itself. I have personally unfollowed ALL of the talking heads in this bowel "movement" except for Lisa and ThatSurpriseWitness. But even so I think at this point I am completely checked out until there are some major updates. I feel like everyone has an agenda, and I don't appreciate it. #FreeBritney but damn, the world is in some ****. Ain't got time for additional drama from these "activists."
  14. "Don't tell me they're letting my audience stand around out there like that." "I thought they were gonna ******* vamp!" It's nice to hear her so passionate and advocating for us. She wasn't having it! She was there to SERVE. I don't know if she is still like this but one thing that I noticed at least Circus and Femme Fatale (idk about PoM) she was always on time and sometimes even earlier than when the show was supposed to start. She never pulled that arriving an hour or two later than start time. So I still think she lowkey cares about at least being considerate to the stans. Apart from the last couple of meet and greets but we don't talk about that. How many of y'all have heard this before? Some of the newer fans may not have.
  15. Girl for a second I read the thread title and thought you were announcing your Only Fans.
  16. He may have deleted it. It was working just a few moments ago. I feel you though. Let's not act like on the low he doesn't brag about his "celebrity" connections.
  17. And that's why I am saying 35 year old men should not be following these teenagers on snapchat and instagram. But what a colorful vocabulary this young man has. The K-Fed jumped out. This whole situation is embarrassing. Leave this child alone. He probably has enough trauma from his personal life to begin with. Can you imagine if your dad left your mom for someone else and then you're constantly getting badgered about her 20 years later by randoms? Y'all need to stop.
  18. Oh no, honey. See this is manipulative behavior 101 from you. You're trying to deflect from the fact that you came into this interaction with a condescending attitude and resorted to name-calling. I will now sit in this thread until you take accountability for your actions and your creeper tendencies. If it doesn't warrant further comment, you have no need to respond! But I always get the last word.
  19. I'm asking you on an open forum to stop interacting with me. I am not interested in conversation with you. It is not an unreasonable request. If someone told me to stop engaging with them I would do it no problem. The truth of the matter is that you give off a very strange vibe to me, and your attempts at interaction are beginning to make me feel uncomfortable. I am responding to you in a very calm and straightforward tone. And you'll notice, I haven't resorted to name calling like you did in your previous response. That's all I have to say, really. You'll notice I never DO engage with you. Yet you seem to quote me multiple times a day and seek me out via PM. It's starting to seem a little desperate. I have been posting here for a year and I'm willing to shoot the **** with most people. Time will tell whether you begin to creep other people out as well.
  20. I have very little interest in engaging with you at this point. And you don't need to slide into my inbox crying like a couple of days ago randomly asking if I have a problem with your posts. When you pop out of the bushes like a wild pokemon with a condescending *** tone, then yes, I have a problem. Your last response to me in some other thread a couple of days ago was long & incoherent. (Which you ended up apologizing for because you were blazing.) You might want to put down the joint and try to make conversation with people who enjoy engaging with you. But it ain't me, sis. Miss me on these Exhale streets.
  21. Girl, honestly, you're telling me I am projecting and then you go on to write a novel basically doing the same damn thing. Please do me a favor and stop quoting me.
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