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  1. Being a legend is implement a recognized and unforgettable stamp that go from one generation to another, the talent and artistic growth that some use to diminish britney has nothing to do with build a Legend, be one is synonymous to be unforgettable over ther time, Marilyn artistic talent has been questioned by decades and tell me if she is not considered a legend, in addition britney is even recognized and seen as such by young artists who reign this generation. There are people who dont like call her musical legend for the stigma around britney and wherever, although her catalog is very familiar and some of her performances are unforgettable and representative of one Pop era and at least she is already a Legend of popular culture.... that fure sure.
  2. Errrr.. the other reality can also be that some of you confuse not to be delusional with takes your ''no delusional opinions'' to the limit that can be considered like bash (but this topic is called being realistic, right?) but anyway this is not going to change in this place.
  3. I recognize britney's current weaknesses as a dancer, me actual answer to this thread is neither because for me beyonce is not a dancer or the dancer that some of you say, I dont know if I'm out of the media bombardment or what but I see like she does the 'who run the world' moves for every single song and it's boring and repetitive too.
  4. Beyonce doesnt do choreographies except for singles ladies, she only do the same movements over and over again for every single song, beyonce doesnt dance and only alienated people by the media the last 5 years think beyonce is a dancer, anyway that video shows that at least once time her career britney did something truly remarkable to be considered a DANCER something that beyonce has never do.
  5. In case someone is forgot, when they both are 90 years old or whatever, britney's peak as a dancer will STILL will serve to be above, so....
  6. If you think constant bullying doesnt hurt people's self-esteem, good for you. You don't need threaten someone life to make them feel like **** or not worthy, if were like that suicides cases from bullying wouldn't increase. There is no one who dares to say that britney was not bullied or mocked at that time.
  7. Yes therea is a noticeable difference that person probably was bulled by her social circle what leaves sequel in your self-esteem and personal confidence, britney was bulled in a global scale mocked and humillated by many people due her stardom and even today she is.
  8. LOL i told you, with the exception single ladies her choreographies never ends is the same for every song.
  9. Beyonce does the same Routine/Choreography for every song except single ladies and the energy, passion or wherever ....
  10. Pop music golden era began in the 80's with Michael, Madonna, Prince etc etc and ended at the late 00's sadly.
  11. Those ******* dont want that Britney increase her streams and number of listener, they want to keep her brand in the middle term or flop, incredible! and the worst thing this is the least of the evils so far as they can go.
  12. Reliable? This site is handled by a beyonce stan that's put really far from the word reliable to me, besides he usually inflated her numbers and decreased other divas.
  13. That's because wikipedia count the cetifications and perry, rihanna, bruno, taylor and several of the Digital Era are constantly having certifications for their singles and streams in US this is the britney's problem ''the certifications'' also her ''diligent'' team and label doesnt do anything at respect or make a specification of her overall worlwide singles/albums sales, besides that many of her singles could not obtain certifications at that time because they didn't reached gold in US at her prime britney was very much an album artist and that's what's mattered for her label at the moment the success still was measure by albums sales. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q82D-l8RHpk
  14. I found this video. Bomt is inflated tbh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlD-Dmd5ans
  15. Good for Las Vegas airport appreciating a masterpiece and not annoying the passengers with basic ****.
  16. The legendary Miss Britney Spears is so iconic than even rappers emulate her.
  17. No. General public is basic at the best, they gonna eat what labels bombard mediatically them. GP likes the catchy sounds it does not matter if the lyrics repeat more than a thousand times the same sentence, you want a # 1 then pay the payola and you get your songs play every half hour and in streaming playlists, but the labels have priority when have to establishing newbies, at least if the artist do it with their own money.
  18. ********* is a narcissist, never trust someone obsessed with sell a perfect image, they are serial liars a nd can **** anyone life to keep their perfect image out and protect their interests, britney always has been kind and at that time many in the industry were envious of her.
  19. And the funny thing is that britney wasn't like madonna but he was the REAL wanna be of michael
  20. Because Britney is iconic by both. her musical catalog, iconic performances and videography are very familiar on popular culture and not forgotten although many people dont recognize that likes britney openly since she artistically always has been seen like a guilty pleasure and she is iconic by her persona, britneys persona is iconic by herself and more impactful on popular culture than ********* never will ever be.
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