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  1. she’s wearing a $500 dress to hangout at home; she’s fine boo.
    88 points
  2. I love her ability to find so many different topics to drag her family
    75 points
  3. We need to stop messaging these people on their social medias. This is almost as cringe as when fans bombarded Cassies Instagram. Whatever they're hiding, Rosengart and Brit will take care of it.
    67 points
  4. meanwhile lynne disguised herself to be a part of thanksgiving dinner
    56 points
  5. Serving BOMT school uniform with an Oops twist
    48 points
  6. Hey Exhale, no matter where you are in the world... happy Thanksgiving! I wanted to take this moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of this community. Exhale totally transformed into something else this year, and it's been a beautiful thing to witness. I am very grateful for you! And I'm also very grateful Britney regained her freedom. No matter what happens in your life, I hope you know Exhale is somewhere you can go for support. Here's to stopping and smelling the roses. Love you all!
    47 points
  7. This whole feud has really opened my eyes to the fact Xtina still has fans. Not being shady I was just really surprised at that.
    44 points
  8. Let's save some time and I'll write an "article" for the next holiday: "Britney Spears will reportedly celebrate Christmas this year. The 'Gimme More' songstress will be planning to do more with less this holiday with her guest list. "Britney wants to spend more time with her personal trainer-turned-actor fiancé, Sam Asghari, and her two sons," said an inside source. "She's really focused on continuing to relish in her freedom with the people she loves during the holidays." Spears has posted several Instagram videos featuring her dancing in front of a Christmas tree. It is reported that Spears will buy gifts and they will be placed under the tree. On Christmas day, Spears plans on opening the gifts. But at a different time than usual. "Britney wants to sleep in this year and open gifts at 8 a.m. instead of 6 a.m.," said another source concerned about the "Baby One More Time" performer. "She isn't opening gifts at exactly the time I would have Britney open her gifts, so I'm definitely concerned."
    44 points
  9. because she was under a conservatorship for 13 years and just got out of it like a week ago? maybe she has other priorities other than throwing off all of her clothes to buy designer dresses instead
    43 points
  10. Queen of obscure comedy that nobody really understands but we love it anyway
    41 points
  11. 41 points
  12. Let me laugh. Looks like someone is trying to save their *** after Britney dissed Xtina
    41 points
  13. meryl streep was found SHAKING and CRYING
    40 points
  14. If they were as passionate trying to make Xtina successful and relevant as they are trying to sabotage and criticize Britney maybe their fav wouldn’t be called Xtincta/Floptina lol.
    39 points
  15. Shopping for a Welcome to Jail gift card for Lou, Jamie, and the whole crew
    39 points
  16. I like how she sang it in her real voice instead of trying to imitate Britney like you see lots of celebrities do.
    38 points
  17. I don’t get it, I wanna stan actingney buy it doesn’t make any sense.
    37 points
  18. Didn't feel like defending Britney so much as name dropping her to make his point about himself. Cause you never know with him. He flip flops his words so much.
    36 points
  19. I love that The Weeknd has put a picture up that says 'the idol' and tags HBO and it's all mysterious and teasing meanwhile Britney just puts a picture of a cat up and doesn't give a flying **** about her caption and just writes what she wants. I love her so much 😂.
    36 points
  20. 35 points
  21. In June, everyone was on her side -- the general public, celebrities, and even the world. When she became free, everyone was thankful. Now, it is like people forgot she was a prisoner and abused for more than a decade and they are waiting for her to make a mistake; in a way, it is as if people are forgetting 2007 happened. People are acting like freedom is a privilege instead of a humanistic right. It's wild. You would think people would have more compassion but it almost seems evaporated when it comes to Britney. Why do you guys think this is?
    35 points
  22. She’s recovering from witnessing a conservatorship coming to an end.
    34 points
  23. Old? No that booty is brand new. Lol.
    32 points
  24. Hold tight girlies! Update from @Jordan Miller. I interviewed Mr. Kahn in 2015 and we talked about the original "Perfume" video. Here's how that went:
    31 points
  25. so I love buying cds. every time I go to the big city i buy one (the city is 400 km from my city). so i went there by mistake because i had work it the city next to it. so i went to my favorite mall in the city and in the mall there is a small music store, and i was like lets go in just to look. i went and bought the last copy of folklore. then i just hanged there for a few hours and then my friend called me and me being board i went again to the store and just by curiosity looked for britney. and then i saw it: OOPS... ! I DID IT AGAIN D E L U X E edition! the version with heart, gitm and you got it all! i was shocked. not only it was the last copy but ive searched for it for so long ! and it was super cheap 12.5 usd! so I bought it. (this is the version i have)
    31 points
  26. "It’s also been Lynne’s attorney, the ONLY one NOT being paid by Britney’s money, that’s backed Britney 100% in court." aged like milk
    31 points
  27. Your turn Xtina. That’s the only apology we’ll accept - you performing Britney and doing choreography. Good luck and don’t F it up
    31 points
  28. Can we automatically lock threads of people who want to dictate what exactly Britney should think, feel, do? We don't know the full story as much time as we spend stanning her online. Just let it go and move on with it.
    31 points
  29. johnny co-signed cry me a river & told janet in april of this year via instagram she should forgive justin also, he tried to sue britney back in 2007 & defended her father during a podcast so he can keep riding justin’s di.ck lol what does he mean he knows what britney needs? he hasn’t spoken to her in almost 20 years. he managed janet during the lowest point of her career & jt is a flop these days funny how he claims to have britney’s best intentions at heart when he was a part of the smear campaign jt propelled besides, britney hasn’t even really spoken about where she wants her career to go, so maybe he should stay out of her business & refrain from speaking unless spoken to rather than viewing her trauma as a business opportunity
    30 points
  30. No lies detected Rolling Stone did a podcast about Britney to celebrate their 500 greatest albums of all time list. Danja gushed. You can listen to the new podcast about Blackout here. Related:
    30 points
  31. When was the last time we saw Britney shopping like this? Go on and shop, Queen! We love you!
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  32. 30 points
  33. How does the price of a dress that somebody else is wearing affect you
    30 points
  34. Whenever she posts something on Instagram half of y'all criticize her. No wonder she doesn't want to talk to us directly.
    30 points
  35. KEEP IT Randee(r) makes me question my ******* eyesight. Her work is trash Bring back Ellen Von Unwerth!
    29 points
  36. They are afraid she will be the number one female in pop and take their spot. So they don't want to give her any bit of attention.
    28 points
  37. 27 points
  38. You're streching. Our girl loves clothes - not expensive fashion. She's not a fashionista. She's ALWAYS been like this.
    27 points
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