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  2. I like her albums the way they are, well except for Britney Jean. I don't like the whole re-recording an old album gimmick though, so I'd rather just leave things be.
  3. That's like the opposite of what she's been doing, though - all of her recent singles have been perfectly catered to the GP and radio. Positions might have been underwhelming compared to some of her other albums, but it still generally followed the same formula that she's been using for years, except with some new producers. To me she's a one-trick pony in terms of songwriting. The fact that she's still successful despite being so creatively bankrupt is honestly surprising to me.
  4. I find it strange that Lutfi's first instinct is to keep the conservatorship going vs. filing to terminate...Especially considering his first attempt back in February 2008 with Jon Eardley was supposedly to "free" her. And further, to offer Lynne money to keep it going vs. filing to terminate? Strange. If he's working on his own...What's in it for him? And why does he think Lynne would actually accept his presence in her life? I think you're right that there's definitely something going on that we don't know about...and Lutfi seems to be in on that. If that's the case...Why is he in on it? It's all so bizarre.
  5. https://pagesix.com/2021/04/16/britney-spears-resurfaces-for-malibu-shopping-spree/
  6. They're trying way too hard to push this crossdresser agenda with straight male celebrities. Like, how does this break societal norms or whatever woke excuse they've been trying to use to explain these stunts? It's just straight men promoting themselves and looking messy while doing it (except Cudi who can get this D anytime he wants).
  7. Could you give me the Link to preston‘s account? 

  8. Samantha Mumba was gonna make a comeback around 2008 and she did this song ‘Personalities’ with Timbaland I think? Anyway it’s an absolute banger and would have changed her career if she had just released it. Still love it now! Definitely listen to it
  9. Thank you for taking the time to go over the details and read between the lines! Sometimes what is not said tells more of a story than what is said...Hopefully one day Britney has a chance to tell her story in her own words so we no longer have to guess.
  10. Not a fan of his, but I hope he is ok. Hope this makes him a little more of a humble human being, and not such a materialistic narcissist. Life is short, and all the money and expensive **** will stay here when you’re gone
  11. Little Mix ft Saweetie - Confetti (Remix) coming next Friday w/ the music video
  12. Im not personally a huge Ari fan, but this opinion is WILD to me. She was the #3 most streamed artists on Spotify last year. I think she makes music that speaks to her heart rather than the mainstream/top 40... especially as of lately.
  13. This beat right here is LIT and it gives me high California vibes where you can party all night with ya favorite friends, on a quiet beach and sharing a bl**t. Pinch me y’all!
  14. Sorry but I'm suspicious. He's been getting exposed for a lot of stuff lately and with the fallouts with David Debrek (however you spell his name) and James Charles, people were saying Jeffree was next. I know that sounds effed up but he's been manipulating the public through social media for years. Well if it's real, glad they're alive.
  15. This is by far the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on this stupid forum. You win the day for sure!!!
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